Warning signs are everywhere! But who is really watching? And is the END Truly at hand?

Dear brethren and scattered Philadelphians,

Ask yourself, who is actually running the Manasseh? To actually force their will on other nation, something God did not give them authority to do! When the leadership of Manasseh speaks, threatens, destroys etc, it does not speak on behalf of its people (whom they hate and hold in disdain), but they speak on behalf of their masters lurking in the shadows, but everyone knows who they are. As for the its peoples, they do nothing to stop them because the bulk are embroiled in their own sins. So, who is actually running this once blessed great machine?


Knowing what we know from the prophetic Word, which is the testimony of Jesus the spirit of prophesy, observing and watching world events, and from my own research into the goings on and who runs Israel and the world, and the agendas in place and actions of the dark(meaning mindset) prince of Manasseh, who does not want to relinquish power and the powers that be want him there, what is said in this article is quite accurate, and I believe there is a high probability that 2016 could be the year when the axe falls or begins to fall on Israel. If not 2016, then 98% probability it will be early 2017. And since we know who the rulers of Israel work for, the beast will have an open invitation to the land that once flowed with milk and honey, and be given the keys to the city to top it of. This is my view through the understanding and discernment God has given me. As I see it, everything I have been expecting to come into play has and is coming and even quicker than I expected, so I have no reason to doubt the events about to unfold. So brethren, be ready for some tumultuous time just ahead as biblical prophesy takes its course and this world explodes into extraordinary dark days of fiery winds that will consume the souls of men, as the Beast of Rev 13: 6-10, and Rev 17:8-11 begins to take the stage and tramples its enemies asunder. The people are not dreaming a nightmare brethren, they will wake up to one! As some have already done!


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