Stay Awake Philadelphians! No time to sleep, or look away as the clock ticks closer to midnight!

Dear Brethren, God’s Elect and scattered saints,

Greetings beloved Brethren in the dispersion and God’s Elect. I am very pleased to send you my greetings and continue my fellowship with you as log as I am able.

For these are indeed days of perils as is evident all around us and world wide, as the demonic world scrambles to inflict as much evil and abominations and pain as they can before their time is up. Even here where we live in a small town just outside the city¬† whose suburbia is quickly reaching us, has become a place that is not safe and is almost unrecognizable in character as to what country one is in; it is becoming foreign in nature as the leaders/so called shepherds of Israel(many of which are foreigners now) betray its people and embrace foreign/pagan gods and cultures to the destruction of its own heritage and christian historical roots. This is because its leaders have become so corrupt in mind and body and soul, thirsting for security, power and money for themselves and their families in the times coming knowing the destruction ahead and thus making a pact with the devil through their Elite masters seating high above, who also control the dark prince of Manasseh, of whom I continue to predict that he doesn’t want to leave office, and nor do his masters want him to, as he is a faithful servant to spread evil and abominations and destruction everywhere with no conscious and empathy toward his fellow man whom he despises, for on his forehead is written,” Abominations and blasphemy live here along with death and destruction”. These are harsh words brethren, but the evidence is overwhelming, and to this very day he has not abated from attempting to destroy any morality and goodness that still remain anywhere in Israel or the worldwide.

Israel is posed to fall any moment Brethren! From any number of events that have been set in place, some of which are, Financial, economic and political turmoil, together with marshal law and war against the people he swore to serve in the highest office in the land. Manasseh has been and is being prepared and set up for destruction, for punishment by GOD Almighty for her sins (but there shall be a remnant that will be used to restore Israel greater than before), but, for the Elite under Satan it will be a sacrifice of Israel to the Baals, to the new world order, to give it its power to Beast. We do not know exactly how long before it all comes down brethren, but its soon. And as one minister said in a sermon some 36 years ago, “Be prepared(spiritually) as though Christ is coming tomorrow, but occupy(physically) as though he is not due for 100 years.

God has removed all the birthright blessing from Israel that made her great and above all nations in these last 200 years, because “ALL” of Israel has sinned every imaginal sin, not just her shepherds, and turned away from her God to foreign pagan babylonian gods that sacrifice their children to Molloch and commit temple prostitution with male and female abominable souls before they sacrifice. These are realities brethren! No wonder Israel has now incurred the curses promised for disobedience and rebellion against her maker and provider who has been so patient and long-suffering towards them for repentance, but alas, that has not happened, and since the death of God’s end time Apostle sin has multiplies by 70 times 7 in intensity and numeracy; this includes the world as well. Last phase of Israel’s demise brethren is, as we all know, after famine and disease takes hold is military invasion of brutal nature followed by enslavement of the remnant in the great tribulation(affliction). I say all this brethren with great sadness! This is reality brethren, we all know that and where it is all heading, for there is nothing positive to report, and we all know that something majour is about to occur in Manasseh that will start the ball rolling. Nothing positive! Yet there is! All this just reminds us just how close we are to Christ’s second coming and the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth to re-establish HIS government! And bind the devil and his demons for a 1000 years, and to restore Israel the apple of God’s eye. This is the great and wonderful and awesome event we are all praying and waiting for as we watch the approaching days ahead and to be taken to the place of safety and be spared from the perils ahead as promised, if we endure and stay faithful, and not deny the name of Christ to whom God our father called us into through His Apostle of the philadelphia era which fulfilled the end time commission of Matth 24:14.

But for now brethren hold fast, as we are witnessing sin flourish in these troubled perilous last days where only wars, destruction, suffering deceit, treachery, lies, betrayal, and where abominations, abominations and more abominations are thriving in a godless and lawlessness world engulfed in mystery Babylonian’s spirit of darkness and evil like crude black oil spilling and covering all in its path, together with the virgin daughter of babylon causing causing misery and destruction to all who get in the way in the path to infamy and perditions end, the flames that will engulf and purge the earth of sin. It is become more and more difficult brethren to discern the difference between the sewers of the trenches to the sewers of human evils and abomination, as the dark prince of Manasseh attempts to drag humanity into the pits of vileness, filth and destruction, brethren of sin and evil the children of Satan the devil, that serpent of old who beguiled Eve, and brought Adam to his knees before him, and who bore rulers like Nimrod and his wife under clouds of darkness to begin Satan’s rule and plan against humanity to appose God’s Will by walls of propaganda, lies, facades, double standards, duplicity and hypocrisy, disobedience and open rebellion against God’s goodness, hatred, abominations, wars, destruction and disease; first by night and now by day in plan sight! Can we see it brethren? Can we see the real world for what it is? Christ did not die for this world(not a correct translation from the Greek, for the world in its context is Babylon)), he died for humankind, the work of His hands, to save the repentant from the penalty of sin, whose power is in the law of which the Apostle Paul talked about.

Earthquake after earthquake, Volcanoes coming alive, wildlife death by the masses, weather upheavals, food shortages, water issues, political issues, threats and counter threats, laws put in place to subdue peoples under dictatorial conditions, people now routing in Europe, EU morphing, Beast materialising, hatred for Israel growing, sponsored terrorism rampant etc etc; the world preparing, rulers are preparing, all are now openly talking of nuclear war as though its inevitable, NATO is preparing and provoking, the hordes are responding and preparing, the whole world is beginning to accept the inevitability of nuclear war! All that is needed is for someone to light the match to begin the mindless wars and destruction by Insanity himself for power and control of all, all under the cover of peace! As insanity would have us believe this as truth; A false flag(there are strong rumours about the Electric grid to be taken down, and the banking collapse), a con, a farce for lies and war, is being prepared that will take us into the final days. There is so much more to say and more details to go into brethren as so much is going on in the world, but best not to, as I am sure many are as informed as I am; for it is enough that we know what we know and to watch and pray. But take heart dear beloved brethren for the time is truly near, when our Lord Jesus the Christ returns and says to each of us, “Well done my loyal and faithful servant, take heart and enter and inherit the promised Kingdom Of God prepared for you from the foundation of this world”.

Brethren, to reiterate, God’s Sabbath gift is here to remind us ALL of why we battle day and night to endure and finish the race in that narrow path with its difficult obstacles set before us to cause us to stumble and fail. But through God’s Holy Spirit and the cleansing blood of Christ we shall prevail and build God’s Holy Righteous character and develop Christ’s mind in us! These things we ought never to forget dear brethren due to the evil around us and the darkness that covers all the Earth, and therefore eagerly praying and anticipating the soon coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Take care dear brethren, and hope you had a truly peaceful and rewarding day in every way as we observe GOD’S Sabbath days rest.

Until next time brethren


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