Waking Up!

There are many many brethren who have left wwcog after it went apostate and who may or may not now be part of or attending any number of cog breakaway groups, but who are still looking and desiring to keep the faith once delivered according to their original calling. These brethren are also very desirous of continuing to grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many cog groups have become stale and stagnate and lack the fire in their bellies to move forward and examine the current world around them and what is actually happening and applying that to our understanding of prophetic end time events. They have become timid because 1 + 1 did not add up to 2 as they had expected for them (they wanted it easy, a smooth ride with no bumps on the way), but the reality is it has added up to 2 according to the Word of God. Some cog groups have become just plain mean and abusive and dictatorial and simply living and maintaining their life style from fearful and timid brethren (the cowardly will not be in the KOG Rev 21:8 , neither the abusers, rebellious ones and many others Rev 22:15).

Events and circumstances have become much more difficult and a great deal more complicated then what we had anticipated. However, basic end time prophetic events as we the called out ones understand them are still very much intact. Therefore, our job has become the task of discerning and interpreting world and national events and happenings of significance to those prophesies with eyes wide open and not place our heads in the sand when things become too difficult to except. And as time is truly short the wise will understand, but also if it were possible even the elect could be deceived unless we pray and watch (if we are to escape all these things about to come on the whole world) as commanded by Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and the Rock of our Salvation.

We must come out of the paradigm; ‘we (Israel and all of the tribes) are the good guys and the rest of the world is the bad guys wishing to destroy us because we have everything and are nice people, and they are just evil and uncivilized’.

Therefore, this web site is about freeing brethren (not meaning to physically leave their cog group) scattered and beyond and who maybe part of a cog group or not to spiritually move forward. All called out ones of the faith are welcomed, who are sincere and of a quite and contrite spirit, but who are zealous and full of fire in their bellies and have a genuine deep love for the brethren. Welcomed to come together and constructively in a loving and caring attitude build one another up, and objectively and without bias look at world and local events and condition, and to courageously discuss without fear their relevance and importance to biblical end time prophetic understanding according to the Word of God. To so use the discernment given through the Holy Spirit no matter their implications, for the purpose of being spiritually aware and alert so as not to be caught unawares and suffer the GT. To be found worthy to escape the things to come. Luke 21:36; Matth 24, Mark 14 and Luke 21 are all worth re-reading as we are truly living at the onset of the GT.

Just another website?  Hopefully not!

This web site is dedicated to:

The Glory of the Great God who is the Most High, the Eternal, who is Almighty, All knowing, All Powerful, All Wise, the Giver of Life and Creator of the Heavens and Earth and all that is in it. He is forever, having always been and always will be and is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the fathers of our faith.

The Church Of The Most High God, and its Loyal and Faithful Enduring Members of the Philadelphia remnant who love their God; those who are still on fire and have not denied Christ Name and His Word, are enduring to the end patiently waiting for the Word to go Forth to Flee.

The End Time work of God through Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, God’s chosen end time Apostle and the Elijah who was to come (Mal 4:20).

The legacy of the man himself for his love, sincerity, dedication and submission to God, His way of Life and His work. It is also to say, “Thank you Mr. Armstrong”, we will not forget.

The reason for this site:

To make contact and bring together scattered brethren of God’s Church World Wide (who may or may not be in a cog group) for the purpose of fellowship and support through the Medium of the Internet through a forum of people of like mind with a Godly attitude of love, peace, unity and encouragement to endure to the end. To refresh one another about the things of God and His soon coming Kingdom and to help prepare the bride.

To build strong brotherly links and build empathy between the same brethren by and through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit the power of God. Trusting in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ who is the head of the Church, for Their guidance in all our interaction for the edifying of His people unto good works.

To make available on a simple user friendly platform the legacy (TWTT, sermons and written material in digital format) of God’s late Apostle Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, for use by God’s people to feed and help them keep the faith and grow in the Knowledge and Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and endure to the end Matth 24:13. This church material is not meant to be or intends to be an exhaustive resource but only a simple direct aid to our brethren. It is acknowledged with sincere gratefulness that there are many groups who have an excellent supply of Herbert W. Armstrong resource material and make them available to the brethren free of charge. This site therefore, does not claim any unique activity or generosity in this area nor to the same volume of material, but owes to them the opportunity to humbly contribute to the overall cause of keeping the faith alive in conjunction with them. We will however except any appropriate useful and profitable new church resource from brethren to add to this site if they so wish.

For robust discussion of world events and their prophetic significance in these end times. Not being fearful to face the reality of the world we live in that is sliding into darkness and chaos. Closely watching the ME, the EU and the northern and eastern hordes. Also watching the arrogant worldwide emergence of the Babylonian Mystery Religion, through the current ongoing resurrection of the HRE, by the evil system  of the so-called New World Order (NWO) currently being set up, for the purpose of world dominance by Satan the devil and his demons through their human servants who currently rule. And in all this understanding why Israel (Ephraim and Manasseh etc) is doomed to face the GT and how it is being brought about.

To give opportunity to true and faithful brethren to contribute: articles of interest, world news and events, links to profitable sites or anything else of interest and relevance in relation to the faith and prophetic events  to post on this site. This site will be a private brethren site giving all an opportunity to contribute and serve their brethren. There will also be a notice board for prayer request and other announcements in the forum.

Respect and love toward one another is expected at all times while using the principle of, “iron sharpens iron” .

What This Site is not for:

To directly criticize, attack and condemn others in cog groups or not.

To rehash old grievances and abuses and accuse others, or for wrong judgments and condemnation personal or otherwise. However, warnings and experiences from brethren for informed decision and enlightenment for awareness to help protect other brethren from falling into a pit will be allowed.

To corrupt the pure faith of Christ. Dissenters will not be tolerated, nor heretics or blasphemers.

To allow dissidents and wolfs in sheep clothing, who are not of the pure faith, to enter the forum and cause division, dissension and arguments with and among the people of God.

To tear down instead of building up.

To sermonize to others in a self righteous manner and puff themselves up.

Invitation To the Scattered Brethren of God’s Church

The Church of God, the true people of God, who have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, today find themselves scattered wherever they be, but in themselves founded on the rock of our salvation and resolute in enduring to the end in the faith once delivered. At the same time trying to grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and praying and watching for the signs and seasons of the times upon us. Hopefully therefore, we as God’s people are becoming wise through the Holy Spirit so as to escape the great tribulation by being taken to a place of safety by Jesus Christ as commanded.

Brethren, the reason for this web site is to help in fulfilling the above. This is a friendly web site promoting unity and Godly love and sends a friendly and warm invitation to sincere and faithful scattered brethren where ever they may be.

If you are interested and would like to know more please click contact in the drop down menu on the home page and email us.