Warning! The Days of no secretes are with us: But we be gentle as a dove but as wise as a serpent!

Dear Brethren of the Philadelphia dispersion, More warnings.

I wrote this on a social site, where some brethren go and meet.

Things you already know and much more about *ac* b**k. If anyone uses the excuse, “I have nothing to hide”, they really mean, “I don’t exist”! And they have missed the whole point of it all! If anyone thinks that, then they do not understand that their brain (big or small) in their head, that they think doesn’t exist, has already been thoroughly scanned and the information profile etc data based, by the Star Ship Enterprise code named fb, among others. God’s Elect saints, need to understand who the real enemy and his cohorts are and how they operate(lies, deceit, camouflage, fake facades, propaganda, half lies, half truth, by proxies etc), and be as gentle as a dove, but as wise as a serpent in dealing with these realities of life in this world soon to pass away, and thus endure to the end with God’s help, and enter the KOG at Christ’s soon return. Brethren need to get real about this world and who they are dealing with; if God took his hands off His people and His creation for a minute, say GOODNIGHT ALL, for the lights would go out, if you perceive what I am saying; and I know God’s Elect do! I myself abhor fb, and only came on to fellow with God’s Elect and discuss the things of GOD. maybe not the wisest decision, but do we shrink back/down in fear and cower under, not so! Is there a wiser course to take, and if so why don’t we? One reason is, there is no human leader/head etc and no organization/corporate organism to guide the body into a unified soul so to speak. And so each one thinks (I am speaking generically here ) they are uniquely used by God to serve Him, and believe that thoughts that come to their mind and micro events that enter their circle of life are from the spirit, but all the while differences and clashes abound among God’s people. I see this often! So, the question to which we know the answer is, Is Christ divide? is the spirit confused? Who is of the Apostle Paul, or Peter, or Apollo or James? Does anyone know what I am saying? Do I have the answers? Of course I do! But so does Peter, Paul, James, Mary, Andrew, Rebecka etc, except Christ, the Lord Our GOD! Does anyone know what I am saying? Or trying to say! I will finish off with just this: there is only one Spirit, one Faith, one baptism, one Body, one Doctrine, one Word and above all ONE GOD! All Glory, power, wisdom, understanding, riches, kingdoms and All creation belongs to GOD MOST HIGH, and HIM ONLY, and HE will soon crush Satan and all that’s his under our feet! May God’s grace and Love overshadow His people in these dark and sinister last days, as he prepares to take those prepared to the POS. But, beware brethren, as Satan is throttling/reving up his insane plans for the destruction of God’s Blessed Elect! Formerly of the WWCOG under His end time Apostle Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong.

The author of the article below has some insight behind these issues.


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