Demonic Doctrines of Life after death Easily disproved Through the Holy Scriptures

Ignorance, lack of knowledge and a lack of a real desire for truth among the bulk of the masses worldwide is used by religions, politicians, industrialist, bankers etc (i.e. the Elite ruling class under Satan) to manipulate human kind on virtually all aspects of life and reality. For ruler-ship, money, power and lordship due to their deceived mindset of offerings promised by their god Satan, who still poses as Lucifer the shinning light and dawn of Knowledge and beauty. Their personal and collective visions of power and glory, and visions of grandeur and ruler ship so that their Will be done, based on an eternal scale, blinds and enslaves them under Satan’s luring false promises.

These pitiful individuals are already dead and they do not know it. They actually need our pity, sympathy and our empathy, (for they are truly in a symbiotic state with Satan and his demons) the walking dead. All so-called research and individual illusions/visions/delusions of life after death when their body is in a state of dying is in reality just one aspect of the lie that is called the World. One cannot love the World and also love the One True GOD, as the two are incompatible and completely opposite, diametrically apposing in all aspects of the reality of the cosmological truth; that GOD alone is Truth! And all others are lairs who and wherever they contradict GOD, the only Creator and Ruler of the entire Cosmos, from whom comes all knowledge and truth of reality, for He GOD alone poses such mysteries.

The scriptures speak and reveal of GOD having giving up HIS SON to save “humanity” who is made in HIS image and likeness, NOT the World, which is Satan’s fabrication and construct. Therefore, if one wants TRUTH, the scriptures are the ONLY source! Yes, the scriptures call death a sleep, even after the soul decays to dust; the soul in scripture refers to flesh and blood, and also is applied to animal life of all sorts. The reason been that GOD is able to resurrect that dead soul back to physical life; whether one recently died and still not buried or if one died a year or a thousand years earlier. But, unless GOD resurrects one he stays dead, knowing nothing and unaware of anything where time has stood still. How does GOD resurrect one back to how he/she was? By the spirit in man that contains all that is that man, memories and all. Man in the scriptures refers to women and men when used in a generic context.

The Holy scriptures also refer to at least three resurrection; the first one to Spirit for HIS Church, second back to flesh for the Great White Throne Judgment for salvation for those who have not known Christ, and the third back to flesh for those destined for the lack of fire. The Holy Scriptures also speak of two deaths; the first a physical death, from which one can be resurrected for the Great White Throne Judgment, and the second the eternal death (dust/ashes/nonexistence, not in the lake of fire to be tormented forever) for those who are destined for the lake of fire (where consequently Satan is forever imprisoned and tormented by his failure to destroy man and dwarf GOD”S plan for His Creation). These individuals comprise the incorrigibly wicked and foul beings who are corrupt of mind and so base in character they cannot repent of their evil mindset, and those who commit the unpardonable sin (those who reject the Holy Spirit after it has been given to them, and deny Christ). Now, the scriptures clearly tell, the dead know nothing!! And for them time does not exist.

And  individuals, on the point of dying seeing visions etc, are actually hallucinating in a dream like state(or worse influenced by demons in a twilight like state) where passage of time is unrelated to the outside world, just like when people are sleeping and dreaming what seems to be long dreams, which is in reality is only minutes long (as shown by research, for those so inclined to hear). GOD(and Scripture) = Truth, World = Lie. If one wants to know the truth about this topic, the scriptures are the only source of truth on the matter.

It is not the purpose of the author to provide the relevant scriptures to the answers of this topic, and don’t just believe me, but I leave it to the reader to search it out, if one is truly serious and willing to know the TRUTH. However, beware of false teachers, prophets and seers that are many, peddling and selling goods (e.g. Gold) for own wealth gathering, through religious christian enlightenment of the most bazaar non-scriptural demonic doctrines (demons marrying women, inter-dimensional beings, except Christ now or suffer for eternity etc  ), but originate from depraved minds and from an assumed god revealed enlightenment, but who inwardly are self important, puffed up with vanity by reason of intelligence, and worldly clever, knowing they can merchandise the christian man for gain, knowing that this man is truly gullible, being ignorant of Scripture and relying on others to interpret meanings and signs etc. Seek, go to GOD on your knees, prostrate on your face and humbly and sincerely ask! And if you are truly called of GOD, HE will answer you.

In humility serving GOD Most HIGH, Glory in the Highest, and a slave of Christ our only Savior and GOD seating by the right hand of GOD our Father.


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