Greetings Dear Beloved Brethren: Prophesy is pushing aside all barriers to burst through to the last days and end of this age.

Dear Brethren, God’s own Elect.
Greetings beloved of the scattered Philadelphian remnant and all of God’s true Elect, 

Onward and forward, prophesy breaking through and marches boldly to fulfil God’s Word for our time of the end of this age. Where do I start, as the world plunges deeper into the submerged chaos from which will rise for the last time, as Satan knows his time is short, the end of days Beast  of Revelation 17 with its final seventh and last king of the North, to rise and lead the Ten kings who will give their power to the authority of the Beast, to the thunder of powerful destroying jets and terrorising noise of cannon fire, and the raw of missiles covering the sun, as this terrifying Beast marches to perditions end; to invade the ME on the grounds of peace and to broker a seven year covenant  between the two ME alliances now forming, and soon to do battle for supremacy and for Jerusalem, spurred on by Manasseh’s declaration of the status of Jerusalem and the continual unrest and distrust of nations one to another, while all along arming up for war and to battle for national survival. 
Brethren, the four horsemen who have been riding since 70AD are coming to the climax of their fury in these last days, to begin the great Affliction to befall humanity and see the destruction of Modern Israel(Ephraim who is Britain and Manasseh who is the USofA) and martyrdom of the saints of God(whom Satan cannot deceive), fulfilling the Word of God against modern Israel for all their abominable sins and rebellion against HIM! The sword is already deeply plunged into the heart and soul of Ephraim(Britain) and Manasseh(US) as they loose their identity and their history of the last four hundred years. Who have gone, starting from 1800AD, from a position of number one in the world of a single Nation, and Commonwealth of Nations(Manasseh and Ephraim who is the House of Israel) in terms of financial and economic/industrial power and wealth, freedoms, justice and charity, which also was admired, honoured and respected by all the world, where peoples everywhere wanted to migrate to and become proud citizens of. From this position, as promised by God, to a fast crumbling Anglo-Saxon empire, hated and abhorred by all across the globe. The moral degradation and degeneration of National and individual character began in earnest after the first world war (though it actually began in the late 1900s), and picked up in pace after the second world war, and galloping from the 60s onwards, where in less than 40 years to date they have lost virtually all of the birthright promises that God had unconditionally gave to the Patriarch Abraham for his faith and obedience to our Lord God who created the Heavens and the Earth and all that is in them.
In the beginning of the 1800s and following 100 years of unprecedented growth in national power and wealth the House of Israel acknowledged these blessings as been from GOD and based their faith and laws of justice and righteousness on the Holy Scriptures. But then selfishness, pride,  lust, vanity, greed and arrogance began to set in, and that generation began to forget GOD, and therefore ignorance of GOD began to set in, being replaced with Academia and Scholarly doctrines of who, why and what is man, together with decadence and immorality being taught as one owns decision and right; Satanic doctrines that took hold and set the stage for what came next from 1900AD onwards. We have now entered into a totally dark and evil world led by the House of Israel, where God does not exist, and if HE does, HE has no place in the hearts and souls of the men of Israel, even less with gentiles. For Babylon now rules supreme and unhindered, as the ‘last stand’ in a colony of Ephraim collapses against the abominable acts of men’s lust for men, rather than a desire for a women for marriage and family. This unnatural act of perversion and abomination is made legal and acceptable in a world so infused with such things (most prevalent among the lost tribes of Israel on the west coast of western Europe).
The leaders and shepherds of Israel have become so despotic they attack and destroy any and all who speak against such Satanic Abominations, and have now for many generations hid the knowledge of God from His people Israel; and so God says, “ My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”, but also, “WOE unto those who cause my little on to stumble” (this has a spiritually and physically connotation). 
Therefore my brethren and beloved of God, the true church of God should be so thankful and grateful for the wonderful and awesome knowledge, truth and doctrines and keys to the understanding of prophesy that God has revealed to His Messenger(Herbert W Armstrong, God’s end time Apostle) of the Church of the Philadelphians, and consequently revealed and taught to us His chosen Elect whom He called and granted repentance to salvation in and through Christ our Lord and Saviour! These keys to end time prophesy are fundamental and a must for God’s Elect of this time, and are all still available to us in God’s late Apostle’s sermons, booklets, books and writings, which are our most precious pearls and not to be thrown before swine to be trampled under foot. For their are dogs and swine, (and it seems more and more are revealing themselves), that continue to cunningly(as wolves in sheep’s clothing) attack and blaspheme God’s revealed Word to us, trampling our precious pearls to the ground at every opportunity they have, and attacking and abusing the name and character of God’s late Apostle; forgetting what God says will happen to those who say they are Jews and are not: For God says, “I  will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan and say they are Jews, but are no, I will make them and come and bow before you and know that I have loved you”. They shall become dust under the feet of HIS servants.
And now in these fast approaching last days;
My beloved Brethren of the Church of GOD, may God’s blessing and protection be on all those who struggle to keep the faith once delivered, contending against the powers of darkness in high places and empowering those in the flesh, and there are many,  who would take our faith and crown of life away from us.
Brethren, God’s grace, mercy and love is ever-present and He will not leave us nor forsake us as He is perfecting His people, finishing the work He began in us in spite of all the trials and sufferings that our people are going through at this time, many as they are. For He who began a good work in us will also finish it, God promised it! If we remain faithful and endure to the end, in spite of all the dark forces around us, the evil that has consumed men and the spirit of wickedness that prevails in the flesh of carnal individuals with all their violence and hatred toward one another, with all the wars and destruction going on at this very moment, with all their filthiness and abominations infused in their hearts and mind. 

Brethren, our Hope, Glory and Salvation Jesus Christ said, that the church of God would endure till HIS second coming, and the gates of hell would not prevail against it, though it would be small and persecuted in this world; we should never forget that as our salvation depends on it.  Our Lord Jesus Christ also said that He would never leave nor forsake His people, His Chosen, His Bride, and that He would be with His Bride till the end of this age, and that He and the Father would live in His Elect through the Holy Spirit, giving us the strength and faith needed to endure and overcome till the end. Therefore, our LORD expects us to seek His kingdom and His righteousness before and above everything else, loving the Most High God and Ancient of Days with all our heart and mind.
Dear Brethren, we are never to give up nor loose hope in these critical times, but through faith, hope and trust relying on God and Christ to help us be the followers of “the way”, which as Jesus said, “He is the way and the life and  salvation”, to the end and into the kingdom of God. For we are to carry the cross that Jesus Christ carried, that was offered to us and that we accepted on that day of our baptism when we made a covenant with God our Father and our Lord Jesus the Christ the Lamb of God our Father for eternity. 
Therefore brethren, let me ask, as the Apostle Paul asked, “ Is Christ divided?”, certainly not! Then why these hundreds of so-called church of God groups claiming they are the ones, and with somewhat different belief systems? Because Satan has chased, deceived and routed those who did not build their house upon the ROCK, had not internalised God’s calling and truth as revealed according to the Faith once delivered; James, the Apostle Peter and Paul and Jude clearly exposes these wild spiritual anarchist who like wild animals seek to devour the true Church of God remnant, believing they are doing God a favour! Why do I say this brethren? Because I see attacks against the true Church of God and HIS end time Apostle increasing and accelerating, even 30 years after the martyr of God’s beloved Apostle. Since his death so many new (actually they are not new at all, but old and very old recycled heretical and blasphemies teachings from the babylonian mystery religion, which invaded and took over and became the main stream Christianity of the world, and where God’s true Elect fled into the wilderness)  demonic doctrines have surface from those who were among us(but not all, some been recent intruders), and now claim to be enlightened and God now working through them to fix HIS early mistakes that HE made in the Philadelphia era of the Church under Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. These are growing brethren and present a clear and present danger to many of God’s little ones who are weak in faith and vulnerable to Satan’s attacks, as his servants truly come dressed in humble sheep’s clothing, saying ‘thus says the Lord’, when HE has not sent them.   
Brethren, I repeat the above because of the times and perils we have entered in since Gog challenged the West and fired the first shot to dare, and said, “Thus far and no more!”, as the hordes support Gog and now challenge and confront the West and the House of decadent Israel. At the same time old Europe is challenged with a massive invasion from the old Islamic enemy of over 1200 years; through the pretence of mass migration from war, political and economic  zones from Africa, Eurasia and the ME. Europe is threatened and in danger! Therefore nationalism is on the rise among many politicians and all citizens of many European nations. Yet, the House of Israel is helping itself to drown in a sea of pagan religions and nurture monsters to rise against them, as they revel in sin and debauchery, a recipe for God’s wrath to be unleashed on them first, and then Babylon. 

I have been warning, the EU and NATO(the present EU leaders have failed because they are self serving and for themselves and masters above, and not for the people of Europe as they endeavour to destroy the European heritage, which will be their undoing and give rise to the HRE)  will have to collapse and re-morph to meet this challenge and rise out of the abyss, this submerged chaos, with rage and fury and go forth and destroy and annihilate, for not only its rule and power to dominate but also for its very survival as Satan empowers the revival of the last head of the beast of Rev 17:10; and soon after is joined by Ten kings or kingdoms of Europe as they see the threat to their existence rising and become of one mind with the Beast. Remember, the Beast is the Beast empowered by Satan and will be joined by the Ten kings to face their common threat, and by his side will be the Beast with two horns like a lamb, also resurrected by Satan with power and miracles to support the beast of fury and cause the world to stand in awe and wonder after the Beast once again, as men seek physical salvation from their longtime enemy! 
The current beast with two horns will fall, and rise with a fierce and powerful countenance to cause all who follow and serve Babylon to wonder after the Beast. Dear Brethren, these things are coming, take note, the beast and the false prophet will seem like saviours of the West and the world against the Barbarians of pagan roots, holding at bay Gog of Magog, protecting the Christian(Babylon) world; but Gog and the hordes will not buy into it. 
The dynamics of these present end of days will demand these events to occur and take place just as God has determined. And unless one is watching and praying brethren, that one will be caught unawares and be like the foolish and stupid five virgins in Matth 25.  

As for Ephraim and Manasseh the sun has set, the routing has started and demise begun as the brothers implode due to various nation wide internal ills as God’s punishment begins to take its toll and its inhabitants have no idea why, giving rise to destruction and invasion on a cataclysmic scale by the Beast who is now awakening and being empowered. 

The invasion of the ME is soon to be upon us brethren, as we begin to clearly see the outcome of all these events leading to God’s end time prophetic Word. The Beast Must, MUST RISE! And rise out of the Submerged Chaos (bottomless pit) it will, Rev 17:8-10, and this last head will emerge with power, Rev 17: ! So says the WORD of GOD.  

And again brethren, seeing the times we have entered and were expecting, I want to encourage us that we have our fellowship in and with Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour and to stir up the fire in the belly for our common Faith and regain our first love, and that all to be alert and aware, watching and praying for one another. Again I remind us, be aware, today this world is full of the world’s false christian preachers; The Sabbath and God’s Holy days, His truth and doctrines are our sign and link that we are God’s people, His called out Elect,  converted and repentant for salvation to serve in His Kingdom, as God’s Holy days reveal. And that the Lord is our God and Creator of all things.
It is now past one minute to mid-night and the wars and rumours of wars  are in full swing, the Hordes and the shadow of the Beast have already engaged in war to some degree; In Ukraine, Yemen, north Africa, Eurasia, its all soon to explode toward end time events, coupled with the multitudes pushing into the EU and tribes of Israel, causing so much instability and danger throughout to cause chaos and destruction and give the cause and affect for the rising of the powers of the beast and at the same time the demise of Israel; governing authorities in Israel have already begun the attack on christians in favour of pagans. All roads thus will eventually be lead to the ME and the House of Judah.

Again I repeat, all roads lead to Rome as the architect of these events! There is a convergence happening, a convergence of events, faiths and ideologies; the Scarlet Women, mystery Babylon riding the Beast, the Beast beginning to growl, wars, Abominations, Israel’s punishment, the ME, Gog and the hordes, earthquakes rising, famines rising, social unrest rising, anti-GOD/anti-christian fever building up, diseases ready to explode and break out, financial/economic collapse, breakdown of law and order because of fear and uncertainty of the future etc, all will lead to the world seeking answers and solution to the worlds ills; thus RISE the BEAST of Rev. It’s now a few months after the FOT and into 2018 and we see more clearly of things to come and its pace. Brethren, we will see the rise of a powerful man of sin and he will open his mouth and speak and do wonders and will guide the Beast of power. Watch the ME brethren, for it is the focus of all arrows as the horsemen ride into oblivion and the dark world of Satan’s wrath. Watch! For quickly and speedily the Word of prophesy shall find root in Europe and the ME, as thunder and lightning and of Earth shaking events will rise, to cause the Earth to real back and forth, to cause men’s hearts to melt with fear and trembling, and call out for deliverance to dark powers behind the scenes; and by the end of the year 2018 the Beast shall be, and in early 2019 shall bring two enemies together in the ME with a covenant of peace for seven years. And because of the times and season incased in darkness and chains, and the dungeons filled with men, only the wise will understand these times, i.e. the true children of God who have not departed from the faith once delivered.

Remember brethren, Russia will not directly attack Manasseh, but the kingdom of the beast when the time is right. As the Hordes shadow threatens, the Beast will turns on the House of Israel. Major political and military dynamics and upheavals are about to occur to bring this about. The dark prince and princes of Manasseh and his princesses have no small part to play in all this. As previously mentioned, the dark prince past will not give up its power, it will be transferred. For rebellion, sin and abominations together with witchcraft by Israel is behind the demise of Israel as in the days of old. God’s Word WILL Stand brethren.
Dear Brethren, as I mentioned before, I can no longer speak in specifics and clear language of things that are, but I know you all understand. Nevertheless brethren, keep watching and praying for one another in the faith once delivered and the love of GOD and HIS Christ. Brethren, as always I express my love for you God’s people, as our supreme loving God expects us to love and show that love in prayers and thanksgiving for one another. If you do not hear from me again brethren, see you at the place of safety, for we do not know what tomorrow brings! 

Time is truly short brethren, pray and watch, as events in the world are rapidly unfolding day by day. 
It wont be long now brethren. I will not attach articles and links as events and news are many to be easily found on European issues of the EU and Nato and the morphing beginning, and events in the ME etc. 

Until next time brethren.   
May God’s Grace continue to overshadow and encourage our people to grow in faith and be filled with the spirit and knowledge of our God in these last days as we endure to the end. 
Warm regards and blessings from God to all with brotherly love, from your brethren in Christ 

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