The Times and Seasons of the Final Days and End of this age have Arrived! Forty years of trial, testing and purification of God’s Elect is almost up!

To the Church of God of the Scattered Philadelphians  in a spiritual wilderness (ex-Worldwide Church of God’s Elect).

Greetings beloved scattered brethren of the Philadelphia dispersion,

Greetings to all our brethren  and hope all is well with everyone and that everything is going well for all His people as we do His Will, for His Will, will be done.

It’s been a while since my last blog(for lack of a better word), but as always you are in our thoughts and prayers. We pray for all our brethren, for protection and healing( I receive email from certain cog groups, and infirmities seem to be many among the membership) and to be  reminded that we ARE THE FIRST FRUITS OF HIS CREATION, soon to be revealed. Again, sad to say but many have strayed and some betrayed this our precious calling and understanding.

Dear brethren, The world has moved much closer to the final days since I last wrote, as leaders of the world have for all intent and purposes have lost any sense of reality and acting rather insane and under powerful dark forces; insanity is now normalised.  Brethren, I pray for God’s blessing on His faithful people for endurance and stamina in the race to salvation (as the road ahead will become even more rocky than usual as the ground begins sways back and forth more violently) and  with the fullness of His Holy Spirit with the power to endure and overcome all that come our way,  and to grow in the Grace and in the knowledge
“==this scripture alone is grossly misunderstood by many a brethren, believing God means He reveals his truth/truths to every member in part or fully which maybe different to another brother, as God’s late apostle was in error here and there and made many mistakes etc etc; thus brethren we have the situation today, chaos and confusion and over 400 cogs. Lost is the understanding of God’s government of Top down structure and clear scriptural teaching of how He works with His chosen men/servants, nation and Church; God clearly works from the top down, and does not reveal and work through every Tom, Trish and Harry, He just does not, not even through the ministry does God reveal truths and doctrine, but only through those He specifically chooses and calls for that purpose; e.g. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob(Israel), Moses, the prophets and Apostles. It is as clear as the nose on our faces, but most brethren (of those I talk to, all) think otherwise and that it is an even playing field; one just recently said to me(a really intelligent fellow and nice man) he couldn’t understand why brethren can’t get alone within cogs and between cogs even with their differences, and why the animosity, as God is working with all and revealing to any and all new truths etc. Oh really, how about two can’t walk together unless they be agreed, and the Apostle Paul’s double curse on man or angle who would preach a different Gospel than that which they received from them, and so many other scriptures that deals with apostasies and who apostasies. A really sad state of affairs. So what does it mean? It’s really simple; to grow in Grace simply means to continue to overcome self, this world, Satan and sin and grow in Character and endure to the end as we seek God’s Kingdom and His Righteousness before and above all else, and to grow to love God more and more with all our heart and mind and soul, and love our neighbour as ourselves; To grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ also simply means to increase in the depth of understanding and grow in wisdom etc in the things that God Almighty has already revealed to us through His servant Apostles, and for us today the restored wonderful and precious truths, doctrines and revealed prophesies etc, not to add new ones from the machinations of man’s mind and heart because of pride and vanity! Brethren, I come across it so often, and as these people can’t seem to see what this mentality and train of thought has wrought upon God’s precious people==”

of our Lord and King Jesus who is the Christ, the Father’s only begotten son. Brethren, as we look at the world around us and across the globe, there has never been a time such as this, where ills and sorrow, war and destruction, famine and diseases, hopelessness and futility, pain and suffering are the course and norm of the day. No hope or relief or deliverance in sight for this world; and it’s only going to get worse brethren. Let no one think because things may seem to be looking OK around oneself where they happen to be, that the world is not that bad off as we are told(I have heard this said also) as it is only an illusion and temporary.

Brethren, I pray that our God bless us with the Faith of Christ in its fullness to see us through this coming next couple of year as the world continues embroiled in the events of Matth 24, Mark 13, Luk 21 and Dan11;40, with many other scriptures of prophesy racing toward their fulfilment; Brethren, more and more we should be on our knees beseeching God for His peoples protection from the coming days ahead. Never forgetting that we are not abandoned, for Christ our redeemer said He will never leave nor forsake us, even unto the end; patience and endurance brethren, come what may, is needed more than ever.

I have to reiterate brethren with additional comments:

Endure brethren, pray and watch for Christ is returning! The understanding of why we observe this Commanded Holiday season which will soon be among us must not be lost as confusion reigns among His people. And one must keep close to heart a full and correct understanding of what Pentecost represents and not be fooled by those who say something different through another gospel, for there is no other gospel then the one Christ preached and continued to be preached by the Apostles, and continued by God’s late end time Apostle Mr. Herbert W Armstrong, who fell asleep some 31 years ago now, of whose warning about what would happen after his death have literally come to pass. Brethren, if events continue as they are, I feel the major events that I have been eluding to which have already begun will continue to intensify, and it will shake the nations and bring about the prophetic events of the last days. I do not believe I’m sticking my neck out by saying this, but I also make no specific time prediction, but we know it must happen, and it will soon be as all the sign posts and markers are showing the way. Many brethren are trusting and believing in Mr Trump. This is one of the biggest mistakes any member can make. Prophesy is on the march and only Jesus Christ is our hope, trust and saviour.

And now brethren, I said that Japan would would never be the same again after the Fukushima nuclear incident in 2010, and its affect would be catastrophic(the Pacific ocean is all but contaminated with various dangerous long lasting radioactive isotopes spewing out of the destroyed nuclear site)  and so it is the case, as the situation worsens politically ecologically/environmentally, militarily(enter North Korea, the random element for use to make excuses for rearming etc) and economically in Japan which will create a dangerous and perilous star of affaires far and wide.
I have also said that things would have to change in Europe to cause division and confrontation with Ephraim and Manasseh and to invade the ME fulfilling God’s last days prophetic Word. The Euro world will have to morph from its current state before it begins the rise to the HRE mindset and confront the House Israel to secure its security and revival of the old Lady. The political, socioeconomic, financial, industrial and military situation is awakening in Europe as we speak, due to the series of dangerous events now confronting Europe from the ME and North Africa brought about by the foreign policy and actions of the House of Israel which are seen as self serving, domineering and bullying and control of nations, careless, reckless and a danger to the world which now hates the House of Israel as it is seen as the cause of all the wars and destruction that is been perpetrated world wide for their control of the political/military power, energy and resources of the world. It seems we have come to the point in time where the attitude has and is becoming one of, “ Enough is enough, thus far and no more!”. Europe is finally awakening to the shenanigans of the House of Israel and Judah who have become rogue states without law and order! Giving cause for the great Beast to rise from its former ashes and current chaos, the Beast with seven heads and ten horns, and be compelled to attack and invade Jacob due to his rogue obsessions for the lust of power, resources and control of all; the ruling elite being behind it all, with their end agenda to destroy Manasseh and Ephraim and rule from Satan’s thrown, Mystery Babylon the Great; utter madness and lunacy, yet so delusional are they as well as Satan their god.

And lo and behold, Germany now seems to be embracing the Medes to a walze or tango for economic reasons. This is exactly what our church said would happen with Germany just prior to the resurrection of the HRE, after which they fall apart as the Beast rises out of the submerged chaos; a repeat of history! Also that the whole conundrum of world dynamics is as our Church again said, based on the possession and control Energy and resources! A battle for control of vital routes, supply and control insuring power and dominance over the entire world. Such is the madness of the ruling elite, trying to use the power and influence of the House Israel and dark tenacity of the house of Judah as their tool for total world dominance and control.
For the people of the whole house of Jacob are but lost sheep who are willingly being led to the slaughter.

But our Great Almighty and all Wise and discerning God who knows the heart and the mind of All men, plays a much better chess game than all men and Satan, using all the chess pieces to bring about His last days events in giving out severe corrective punishment to Israel and Judah for their rebellion and great abominable sins which they commit against His WORD, and also in dealing with the gentile hordes as well as the Lady of Old which did cause to make the image of the Beast, as well as her husbandmen whom she rides, who’s great abominable sins God has not forgotten! Babylon the great harlot will fall!

I besiege you brethren to be watching closely, carefully and intensely at worldwide events as well as in Israel and Judah. Earthquakes will continue, a major sign of the times, as well as the events in the ME and Europe. The growing events and situation around the world is helping to bring about the beast and false prophet, as secrete negotiation in Europe are continuing and coming to fruition. The abomination to set foot on the holy place and the abomination that causes the desolation of Jerusalem(as spoken by Daniel the prophet) by Babylon will be the straw that breaks the Camel’s back and see the betrayal of the Medes and the hordes.

Watch and pray brethren, and may this coming feasts reignite the fire in the belly for the truth and reality of our Faith and calling, being the first fruits for a wondrous purpose of God; to be rulers as kings and priests and teachers in the world tomorrow in the kingdom and government of GOD Almighty, with and under Christ our Lord and God, be apart of the very direct Family of GOD; where as all others will be citizens in the kingdom of GOD. What an awesome and wonderful opportunity we have that carries with it a great responsibility on our behalf to make sure we are ready and prepared to meet Christ in the clouds at His return as the wise virgins were. We do not have that much time left to prepare our house and get it in order brethren.

Brethren I do not predict exact times, yet, recently I was awake at night and could not sleep, with thoughts on my mind on the things of God and the world in chaos and darkness as never before. It came to me that what we have been and are being going through is the 40 years of testing, refining and purifying the Elect and serving out the dross since God’s end time Apostle Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong fell asleep and God’s commission of Matth 24:14 was fulfilled, completing in around 2026. Note, verse 15 does not immediately follow  verse 14 as the end part of verse 14 implies a period of time is to elapse. This is also verified by Christ where He states that this generation shall not pass away till all these things be fulfilled, Matth 24:34, Mark 13:30.
This is analogous to 40 years of testing in the wilderness for ancient Israel until all 21 and older had died out, and 40 days in the wilderness of testing of Jesus Christ before He conquered Satan in that spiritual battle.  This is no coincidence dear brethren! If so brethren, we have only approximately two years before the 70th week begins, the 7 year covenant with many that the Governor(leader of the Beast power, symbol of and representing the Beast) oversees in the ME, and establishes his headquarters/base(as the Roman Empire had it’s fortress Antonia in Jerusalem near the Temple and kept control) in Jerusalem. This will allow the Jewish state to begin their ritual service on an Alter on what they will consider their sacred site as part of the conditions for peace; note, the dome of the rock is not on the original Temple site where the Temple of Jesus’ time stood, of that I am convinced, as all scripture and physical evidence denies this assumption. As God’s Apostle revealed to us, keep in mind the duality principle. Consider also that it was basically 40 years from 31AD to the final destruction of the Temple on the mount. Are all these coincidences? Since we know what the number 40 represents!

And as Daniel states in ch9:27, in the middle of the week he, the Governor, puts an end to this ritual service, as the abomination of desolation occurs(Dan12:10-12 takes place) and man of sin stands where he ought not to, Mark 13:14, Matth 24:15, Thes 2(a very powerful chapter witnessing against those who have rejected the Faith once delivered with its revealed truths through Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong) and Luke 21:20  and very soon after the great affliction(GT, and God’s people, His Elect will be taken to the place of safety) begins, Dan 12:1, lasting three and a half years, as it end with the Great Day of the Lord. Keep in mind also brethren that Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour said that, “Because of the Elect, these day will be shortened”.

Brethren, God tells us the wise will understand these end times. And who are the wise? Those who fear the Lord God and walk in His Commandments (Starting with God’s Apostle) and who have endured and persevered during these 40 years, not denying their Calling, and contended for the Faith once delivered and believed God, not rejecting God’s end time apostle. These are the wise of Daniel’s time of the End! I stand by this against anyone, even as imperfect as I am with all my faults. The signs are all around us brethren, the season has arrived and is close to end.

We continue to pray for you all brethren, please pray for us and for each other also, as Satan is making strong move towards GOD’s people, for their destruction, this also becoming evident. Be strong dear brethren, as these times require Faith, wisdom, courage and endurance, and as Christ said, “Trust in GOD, and trust also in ME!”.

Until next time brethren,
with deep brotherly love to all of God’s people, and may God’s Grace and love be over abundantly shed on His People.
your brother in Christ