Greetings and Warning Brethren

Dear brethren of God’s Elect, who are alert and under Warning. To the dispersion of the Philadelphians, and to all of God’s people; Grace, love and peace from GOD, our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ; God protect His people!

Are you watching brethren? Manasseh, Ephraim, whole of Europe and the ME, the game is a foot. Are we prepared dear brethren? We may not know exactly what’s coming around the corner, but we do know what is coming down the main road on the home stretch. The world is in shambles, chaotic and confused, as dark and foreseeable world events are very quickly unfolding, and therefore countries and peoples worldwide are living in fear and uncertainty. People world over are helpless to do anything to change the course of world events; how can they as they are lost sheep not knowing their right hand from their left, or wether they are Arthur or Martha. They are without God, without hope, without a future and without guaranties of current survival for them and their families, as this is a godless world of abominations and vile sinfulness where darkness reins from dark powers in high places as Satan’s servants of spirit and flesh do his bidding; and this makes the world a very very dangerous place for God’s people. And this today is just the forerunner to the Great Affliction(GT) to befall humanity, as Satan’s wrath reveals itself more and more. Remember dear brethren, this is Satan’s world, he is their god!  Satan the devil the prince of the power of the air hates humanity with a passion whose main goal is their destruction and therefore God’s Church the bride of Christ, who is our lord and saviour and God. Yet! God loves humanity whom HE made in His image and likeness, and as Mr. Herbert W Armstrong, God’s end time Apostle who fulfilled Matth 24:14, once said, “he read the end of the book(bible), and we win and humanity will be saved”. 

Dear beloved brethren holding fast, God’s promises for His Church today, the bride of Christ who is holding fast and are solid, who look and trust and believe Him, believe in our calling, holding on to the trunk of the tree and holding on and contending for the Faith Once delivered and enduring to the end.

Dear beloved of GOD, who are scattered to the four winds, Philadelphians and brethren in the Laodiceans state trying to throw off the shackles of lukewarmness, once again greetings and a warm brotherly hello to all, and at the same time a Warning!. 

We continue to pray for all the faithful of God’s Elect scattered to the four winds, for God’s Grace, protection,  love and peace overshadowing His people wherever they be dwelling on God’s Earth, for in these last days we have entered into a dangerous phase, into the dark and perilous last days unfolding, as the once unthinkable is now very much thinkable and on the table, nuclear warfare, where no one is safe physically (Glory and praises and thanksgiving be to God the Almighty for the promised place of safety for His chosen ones); events continue to unfold, as Satan the Devil devises the unthinkable to destroy humanity. This is a warning to all brethren, keep close to GOD, heed the warnings of our Lord Jesus Christ, don’t be caught unawares! Watch! with each event, our redeemer draws nearer, as nuclear war becomes a reality day by day. Cataclysmic events are very soon to turn this world upside down and inside out as we head towards the last days prophetic events, now coming upon us. At this moment, Manasseh’s armed forces were placed on the streets of the land of Manasseh! Why?
What are they going to do now, as dark spiritual madness is unleashed; keep watch and be prepared dear brethren, as many are still asleep. The war in Europe will not end but wars will continue and increase till the rise of the actual Beast of Rev 17, the seventh and last king(last resurrection of the HRE joined by 10 other kingdoms) and the final man of Sin performing powerful acts supporting this last seventh king. Brethren, do not look back as lots wife did, come out of her my people God warns, he who loves this world doesn’t love Me. Reject this world, do not want it to return to so-called normal, prey for and desire the KOG to come with all your heart, strength, soul and being!

Brethren, these are very perilous times, unpredictable and uncertain times, have cash in hand to last you a few weeks at least as access to banks through cyber take down can happen at anytime, war any time, marshal law at any time etc. Best to be prepared dear brethren, showing Faith in God, believing His Word for what is about to come and being wise and prudent discerning people of God, doing what we can for ourself for now, Yet knowing ultimately our hope is in God’s promise of salvation and also protection at His place of safety prepared for the truly Faithful.

Until next time brethren,
May God’s Grace, peace, protection and love overflow on all His faithful enduring people, in whom dwells the Holy Spirit,  and His truths firmly intrenched in our minds and hearts as we hold firmly to the trunk of the tree and face these last days with our Faith and trust in GOD unshaken no matter come what may. And whatever this Babylonian world of Satan with its evil agendas throws our way we will always be looking Godwards, as ahead lies momentous events of cataclysmic proportions. But as we all know brethren, God Almighty triumphs, and therefore so do we if we hold fast to the End! 

All Glory and praises be to the Creator God, Our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

warmest regards dear brethren in Christ,