Greetings Dear beloved Brethren of our Lord ; Warning!

Grace, peace and love from GOD, our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

First of brethren, may you all have a very meaningful and deep PO, NTBMO and DOUB season, as the times we are living in are dark and evil as our warfare against the dark powers in high places intensifies.

Urgent Warning to the dispersion of the Philadelphians, and to all of God’s people;  

Dear beloved of GOD, who are scattered to the four winds, Philadelphians and Laodiceans alike, greetings and a warm brotherly hello to all. I pray for all the faithful of God’s Elect scattered to the four winds, for God’s Grace, love and peace overshadowing His people wherever they be dwelling on God’s Earth, for these end times entering the last days are dark and perilous where no one is safe spiritually and physically; the tempo of world events has  escalated, this is a warning to all brethren, Watch! Events in the world have taken a huge step to cataclysmic times, the red horse is, riding since Christ’s time is about to gallop toward a sprint, arrows are about to fly, Europe is in chaos, Europe is falling into a submerged chaos. Assyria is reawakening, with Europe behind the scenes scheming for new agendas/cooperation/treaties etc amongst the strong, and rearming, EU morphing from a trading block to a military one, feeling vulnerable and betrayed by the Modern House of Israel and rightly so and awakening. The Beast of revelation 13 which recovered from its deadly would in 554AD will rise once again for the seventh and last time, the seventh head of Rev 17:

Rev 17:9  And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

Rev 17:10  And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is(Mussolini), and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

This seventh head is to resurrect the HRE/Beast out of Europe’s “Submerged Chaos” with the support of the “man of sin/false prophet/next Pope to rise with the power of Satan”.

Manasseh and Ephraim soon to be ousted from Europe, as Europe suffers from the House of Israel’s actions, as Europe foolishly commits self affliction by following the directives of Man/Eph, which is becoming evident week after week.  

Europeans will rise and oust the Cabal puppet politicians that currently rule as demi-gods, under the Cabal, forcing their will of decadency/filthiness/abominations/perversion etc on the Catholic/Orthodox peoples of Europe through implementation of law, and the staunch traditional Europeans will instal Right Nationalist conservative Christians, as the new Pope gains power(opposition to the current Pope is growing as he is dismantling the Catholic Church, he is also currently unwell).

The time is at hand, it has begun brethren! A sense of urgency is needed, Watch and Prepare! Prayer and Faith and Godward orientation is needed; gather  Food, Water, fuel if you have generators or other fuels ect(better to have them and not use them, to need them and not have them), for at least a few months.

The world is changing and has changed greatly already. Political, geographic, military, economic and financial architectures and strategies have changed and are continuing to change. The Modern House of Israel no longer has God’s blessing and protection as the birthright blessing of the Patriarch Jacob(renamed Israel) are removed due to their rebellion and rejection of GOD and all that is of GOD and from GOD.

Gog and Magog feel threatened, may strike very soon as events are unfolding and mad stricken Europe and the House of Israel ignore the warnings and continue to provoke and gloat for such an event for WW3 to begin believing foolishly and arrogantly that they would win. It may only be days, weeks or months away, as historic times are being written, and were written long ago by our Great Creator God. Satan is active, driven by the fact that his time is short. Brethren I believe that it has begun, race to final events, don’t be fooled thinking if it doesn’t occur in the next few day/weeks/months or even in a year or so, that it will not happen, for it surely will as God’s purpose stands as He is bringing things to a head to fulfil all that is written. It had to start sometime brethren as we have reached the 6000 years end, and it appears it has started! Take care dear brethren and always look to and trust our loving supreme God, and pray for one another. HWA and the Philadelphian Church left us our legacy to stick to the trunk of the tree, for all things foretold are about to be fulfilled. Watch and be astonished at how suddenly and quickly prophetic events unfold and this world becomes a very dangerous place for God’s people. The last dark prince on the white horse is about to ride as the 7th head of the Beast that shall be resurrected will also take his seat.     

Until next time,

May God’s Grace, peace and love overflow on all faithful brethren,  and His truths be firmly intrenched in our minds and hearts as we hold firmly to the trunk of the tree and face these last days with our Faith and trust in GOD unshaken no matter come what may. And whatever this Babylonian world of Satan with its evil agendas throws our way we will be always be looking Godwards, as ahead lies momentous events of cataclysmic proportions. But as we all know brethren, God Almighty triumphs, and therefore so do we if we hold fast to the End! 

All Glory and praises be to the Creator God, Our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

warmest regards dear brethren,