First the iron curtain comes down, and now Britain is to leave the EU; as revealed to God’s end time Apostle; EU morphing into the Beast/HRE/Babylon, as was expected, Biblical end of the era man of sin to emerge(rise of the last Pope) Ephraim and Manasseh to collapse.

Dear Brethren of the Philadelphian dispersion(ex-worldwide church of God members) of the Church of God,

Once again Greetings  and hope all is going well for God’s Elect, and that you had a profitable and meaningful Sabbath with meat in due season with regards to all things pertaining to our Faith in this past eventful week. Hoping everyone had a spiritually rewarding Sabbath, peaceful and restful, rejuvenated both physically and spiritually in the fellowship of our great God in heaven.

As these days come upon us, we pray to our Great God the Almighty and everlasting Father, who gives us our daily bread and the breath of life and keeps our hearts beating second by second, to bless His people with the fullness of His indwelling Holy Spirit  and with the fullness of God’s Grace through Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour for good works. May He bless us with the Faith of Christ in its fullness to see us through this coming times just ahead of us as the world comes  tumbling down as the events of Matthew 24 continue to pick up pace and we find ourselves becoming more isolated, as fundamental hard core evangelical  Christians (which will include God’s true Elect, Satan’s primary target victims) are attacked and accused of causing societies ills through the teachings of the scriptures;  as the Earth has become geologically active, and the sins of men are increasing exponentially, as they prepare for WAR, world war, as their only option to solve their sinful ways under Satan’s direction.

But we are not alone brethren, for Christ our redeemer said He will never leave nor forsake us, but will be with us even to the end; by our ‘patient endurance’, in waiting on our Lord Jesus Christ our saviour, He tells His Elect they will save their souls; brethren the place of safety is a real place just as our Church through Mr H. W. Armstrong taught. And seeing what is coming down, i.e. prophetic last days touching down on solid ground and beginning to take hold and the great affliction (tribulation) looming around the corner, I for one I’m extremely thankful for that place of safety.

Endure brethren, pray and watch for Christ is returning! The meanings and understanding that has been given to us as we observe God’s Commandments and the Commanded Holy days festivals,  must not be lost or confusion reigns among His people, as there are many who are attempting to do this, claiming greater or better understanding and revelations that our God had given to His chosen Apostle over the Philadelphia era; the issues of so-called new understandings, are too many to attempt to discuss here. I will only say that God is not mocked and He does not lie or cause errors or confusion to spread (this is Satan”s MO, as our Lord Jesus amply warned us about). And one must keep close to heart as well as mind the full and correct understanding of what the Gospel of Christ represents and not be fooled by those who say something different through another gospel, for there is no other gospel then the one Christ preached and continued to be preached by the Apostles, and continued by God’s late end time Apostle falling asleep 30 years ago, of whose warning about what would happen after his death have come to pass, as well as the current world events such as Britex, war for resources, the ME situation etc. Brethren, I reiterate the above and below as times are becoming critical. God’s people and truth of the Faith and prophetic last days is under three fold attacks; by those who were of the Faith and now hate God’s church, by those who claim to still be of the Faith but claim new revelations and truth, teaching something different from the Gospel we once received and rejoiced in, and lastly attack by the world’s hard core fundamental evangelical groups who loudly preach, claiming to know and understand the Gospel, the last days prophetic events, meaning and understanding of the book of Revelations (beast, mark and image of the beast, so-called rapture, Babylon, the seven trumpet, the bowls of wrath(calamities) etc), but are mainly in error and only serve to confuse and deceive the world’s Christians and many of God’s people. Brethren, self proclaimed and elected leaders of many cogs are now wondering if we are now actually truly entering the last days, and are beginning to rethink their strategies and agendas, and one from a major cog, and an apostate from the Tkatch era is now not only teaching heresy, Apostasy but what amounts to blasphemy about God, the Father’s and our Lord Jesus Christ’s Holy Spirit. I will not say any more than that, but warn to be on guard against false teaching’s and distractions in these crucial times of the end of this age. May God be merciful to them, for He is not mocked. God’s only end of era chosen servants were the Apostle and Elijah who was  to come (fulfilling Matth 24:14, and restore much lost truths), Mr. H. W. Armstrong, and the soon to be revealed two witnesses/prophets of Rev 11.

Brethren, everything I have been warning about the last eight years or so are now coming into play. As I mentioned previously, the discerning of the times seems to reveal that this may have been the last Pentecost before things irreversibly break down, and this was before Britex, and if events continue to escalate as they are we may not even be able to observe The FOT in our customary way, for pre-tribulation events are seen to escalating rapidly, and as I have been mentioning, bear with me to repeat again, I feel the major event that I have been eluding to the last few years  are coming to pass, and it will and is shaking the nations and helping to bring about the prophetic events of the last days. I do not exaggerate brethren, I’m confident about the things I believe and speak of these times we are in! This, cause we know it to be, it must happen as God’s WORD never fails, never! And it will soon be as told, as all the sign posts and markers are showing the way; the EU reeling and rolling, yet already in place is there for a so-called super state(the final awaited Beast of revelations, by God’s Elect, and will expel Manasseh and Ephraim from its shores, due to dangers of continued collusion with them)  to morph out of the ashes of the EU, as well as the present Pope who is bringing disrepute to Catholicism, will and in no doubt be soon removed (one way or another) to be replaced with a powerful charismatic individual who shall attempt to restore Mystery Babylon the Great with the Beast in support as well as her daughters. And it will be an individual after the order of Nimrod. Major world shaking events are now shaping into focus! War is inevitable and destruction of apocalyptic dimensions is soon to mushroom into view; but fear not if you are holding fast, for God’s promises are as sure as the rising of the sun! But be prepared spiritually, psychologically and emotionally to cope with what is about to occur. Thus the Armour of God is absolutely essential!

I besiege you brethren to be watching closely, carefully and intensely at worldwide events as well as in Israel and Judah, as the God of Israel is beginning to give powerful corrective punishment to His physical nations, since they have not responded to his merciful warnings to date (as has been mentioned many times before and why), read Ez 5-7 and many other prophets warnings. These present earthquakes are no coincidence, as major quakes are about to hit Manasseh, together with political, financial, economic and social mega quakes take hold and foreign troops invade and invoke Marshall law with the help of the dark prince of Manasseh. There are major sign of the times world over, mega events in the ME, Syria and Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, Britain, the US, the Scandinavian countries etc. Russia (the Medes, helped by the Hordes) is forced(Ezek 38:1-7) into a war footing by the emerging Beast, and war will come in two stages! The Beast will be given a beating in its homeland, which will cause it to turn on Israel; the house of Manasseh/Ephraim and Judah(abomination and desolation taking place in Judah and Jerusalem), blaming it for the defeat on its homeland. The Beast will form a temporary alliance(truce) with the Medes, and Ephraim and Manasseh ravaged by national internal turmoil and chaos will be destroyed as nations by the enraged Beast and the remnant who survive will be dispersed among the nations; this by the Will of God for their rebellion, sins and abominations. The Beast will then continue to menace its people to subjugate, and the ME for energy resources. Watch brethren, as we seem to be at that crucial point in time.

Again I repeat brethren, the unfolding world events are rapidly bringing about the Beast and false prophet to enforce the mark, and turning on Ephraim and Manasseh who are themselves causing the world to distrust, hate and detest them, as they see their self-serving actions by those who have taken charge and rule stupid, immorally decadent Israel, who are quick to follow into sin, idol worship and commit abominations. In their eyes (Israel’s lovers whom she pays, to play the harlot with her lovers whom she pays rather than her lovers pay her, whose money will soon be worthless) the way to peace will be the destruction of Israel and subjugation of Judah, starting with the abomination(false prophet/man of sin to set foot on the supposed holy place and the abomination (the savage Beast) that causes the desolation of Jerusalem.

Below brethren is a repeat of what was said in the last major greetings due to its importance and relevance to us all, to be reminded again and again, and the fact of what is happened day by day and week by week, which iss all orchestrated and a catalyst for last days prophetic events. As surveillance and spying of citizens encroaches into our very homes and more laws pass to restrict our thoughts and speech, and more restrictions on internet use takes hold, I don’t know how much longer we will be able to fellowship in this manner, as our talk of the things of God is considered anti-sate, and we as enemies of the state. Godly wisdom and discernment will be required to be exercised from now on.

–Watch and pray brethren, and may this past Pentecost have reignited the fire in the belly of the truth and reality of our Faith and calling, being the first fruits for a wondrous purpose, to be rulers as kings and priests and teachers in the world tomorrow in the kingdom and government of GOD Almighty, with and under Christ our Lord and God, becoming apart of the very direct family of GOD; where as all others will be citizens in the kingdom of GOD. What an awesome and wonderful opportunity we have that carries with it a great responsibility on our behalf to make sure we are ready and prepared to meet Christ in the clouds at His return as the wise virgins were. Beware of apostasies (doctrines and teachings contrary to God’s Apostles/Apostle) brethren, as well warned by the Apostles, Paul, Peter, James, John, as well as Jude and Christ Himself. The warnings of not letting any man take our crowns are louder today then ever, as well as the warnings of contending for the Faith once delivered, enduring and persevering to the end etc. What does this mean but to hold on to our calling according as God had led us to the truth, drawing us to Him by granting us repentance and by and through His Holy Spirit leading us to His church and end time Apostle, Mr. Herbert W Armstrong, through whom God revealed the knowledge of His purpose and plan for the Church and humanity as a whole to us, as well as the doctrines and understanding of Israel and the prophetic Word dealing with the last days. It was God who gave us the Faith to believe, to understand, to discern and  to walk in the fear of the Lord which was the beginning of the wisdom He gave us, which grew with time; and we were told to seek His kingdom and His righteousness before and above ALL else, and to grow in the knowledge and Grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, as well as in the fullness of the nature and stature of our Lord, until we obtain His mind and likeness unto perfection.

We are also told to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, and this is more pertinent today than ever before, as men who call themselves brothers; who certainly are not apostles through whom God is working with and revealing new and different so-called truths of various kings that differ to what God had revealed to us through our calling; God only reveals His revelations of truth, be it prophesy, doctrine etc, to His chosen Apostles, then this Apostle teaches or reveals it to the church, by and through His Holy Spirit or by sending directly one of His messengers, e.g. the prophet Daniel. Good intentions or not, these so-called brothers effectively are trying to add or take away from our faith according to their own perceived understanding of scripture, whether they actually perceive this or not, believing or thinking God is using them in some special way. God does not reveal divine truths to any and  every member of the church; it’s from top down and not from bottom up!

It is enough that we know what we know, what has been given to us, to arm ourselves with the Armour of God, to equip us to fight the fight, endure the race, confront what is coming ahead and being fully aware of the form of the battle we fight and prophetic expectations of end time events. And on top of all that we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit which is the guarantor of our salvation, and which strengthens us in Christ who can do all things in us. God began His work in us, and He will finish it brethren, as long as we hold fast the Faith once delivered according to our calling! And also remembering that we show our love to God and our faith in Him, by loving one another as Christ loves us. The two witnesses are the last prophesied prophets of God to be used in the last three and a half years prior to Christ’s return, and through them we will learn whatever God has for us to learn and do. Brethren of God’s one and only Church, I warn of these things because there are many with the body and outside the body who are a danger to many a brethren’s Faith by what seems sound doctrines and clever arguments and skill in scripture usage; and yet there is simplicity in Christ that destroys all arguments and false teachings, as the Word of God is a sharp two edge sword that cuts through marrow and bone of falsehoods. Our Lord the Christ thanked the Father that He revealed His truths of the kingdom and salvation to the babes and not to the mighty and wise of this world, and that unless we become like little children in our attitudes of heart and mind, and clothed with humility and meekness, we are in danger of not entering His kingdom.

Brethren, the day has been far spent and night has come when no man can work the work of God. The world is posed to enter the last days of the great affliction (tribulation), and the day of the Lord, which will come as a thief in the night. All of Jesus prophesies prior to the Great tribulation in Matth 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21, as well as Dan 11:41(first phase, main event is soon coming) are presently being fulfilled, and fast approaching is the Abomination of desolation. Majour events are unfolding worldwide in preparation for monumental catastrophic activities that will spiral into the last days according to the prophetic WORD. All signs are pointing to 2016 being the trigger event year, so I urge brethren to be watching, to be praying, praying for God’s kingdom and for one another.

Israel is falling due to God having withdrawn all blessing and replacing them with the curses of Duet 28, Ezek 5-7 and other prophesies of scriptures in Amos, Joel, Zechariah and others due to all their sins and rebellion against God and rejecting HIM for pagan gods. And for promoting, teaching and encouraging filthy abominable immoral decadent acts between men and men, and women with women, and the horrendous abuse of children, elderly, widows, orphans, the poor and needy and the fatherless. Babylon is rising for the last time to do her damage as the king of darkness empowers the princes of darkness to more and more evil works across the globe. So, I urge you brethren to be watching earnestly for suddenly will come the day to flee to the place of safety for the elect few found worthy to escape these things to come. So again, I say watch! Be ware of great signs and wonders by the false prophet and false shepherds and ministers of Satan, so as to deceive if possible, even the elect!–

We continue to pray for you all brethren, please pray for us and for each other also, as Satan is on the move towards GOD’s people, enraged with passion for their destruction.

Until next time brethren,

with deep brotherly love to all of God’s people, and may God’s Spirit, Grace and love be abundantly poured on His called out ones, who are the saints of GOD.

your brethren in Christ


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