To the “Church of GOD” in the Dispersion(Philadelphia Remnant), Watch! The Hour and the Day is fast Approaching!

Once again Greetings Brethren,

Hope all is going well for God’s Elect, and that you are all watching the events unfolding all across the world, as all things pertaining to our Faith, our calling and purpose for our Church, the spiritual temple of God, His Elect in whom dwells His Holy Spirit, through which we will soon be born anew into a spiritual body and meet Christ in the clouds, before the armies of God descend on the Mount of Olives, is starting to come to pass. I have been warning for the last so many years of major events to unfold in the ME, EU, Asiatic and in Israel that will change the political, military and economic landscape, and I believe they have started! And all according to the prophetic Word of the Almighty Creator GOD! As Jesus Christ said in Matth 24, “ Haven and Earth may fail, but MY WORDS WILL NOT!”

Brethren, these are truly eventful times as all sides in this world have each other by the throat as mentioned previously, and each have their own interest in mind, not anybodies else. Again I reiterate, many brethren thought these days were a longways away, or one day sometime in the future, or lost faith altogether, trusting in man who have basically abandoned our Faith according to our calling, and in men who have turned away after other gods and attacked to destroy the man and the work GOD used him to do in these end times. Woe to those who put off the Day of the Lord, and love this world, and woe to those who desire it for shear destruction, suffering and pain.

Brethren, watch carefully the events will now quickly be unfolding as there will be tremendous earthquakes shifting political and military landscapes (one being Edom betraying Israel). Judah shall move towards those whom she hates as Israel falters and is unable to help, as the Beast rises and threatens Judah (treacherous Judah) due to her new orientation(eventually to invade),  threatening the stability of the ME and the Beast’s supply of energy resources. The morphing of the Beast out of Europe has begun! And the Mark of the wild beast will again be enforced, Sunday worship together with the other pagan days of Easter and Christmas etc. We are now in the eye of the storm, but the storm has been energized seven fold as it passes and about to unleash the flames of punishment and vengeance upon Israel in the great affliction and upon the gentiles in the Day of the Lord!

Israel in vain will try to intervene in the ME but collapse due to her turmoil and chaos within, with the outcome of attack and invasion from without by the wild Beast, with the enemy having already a foothold on the vital organs of Israel’s vital life lines.

God’s coming (which actually has already begun since after WW2, as the Lord God of Israel has withdrawn HIS unconditional promised birthright blessings from modern Israel(not present Judah) which began around 1800; the birthright blessing which the Patriarch Jacob named Israel, passed on his name and birthright blessing to Joseph’s sons Ephraim(today is Britain) and Manasseh(today is the US). Ancient Israel failed to receive these blessings due to their rebellion against God’s Laws, ordinances and precepts as well as the Sabbath keeping, and rejection of the God of Israel for pagan worship; God withheld these birthright blessings from Israel until the time was right, and make possible the political and social  environment for the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to be preached unto the whole world as a witness unto all nations just before the end of this age of Man under Satan) judgment and corrective punishment on Israel and Judah by the soon to be observed Great Affliction(Tribulation) is now upon both houses, Israel and Judah, as we see political, social, economic, financial and military ailments compounding day by day. God having removed all the wise men and shepherds, removed men of character and valor, removed the Generals and the warriors of war to defend, removed soundness of mind and spirit, removed righteous judgment and judges with discernment from right and wrong, removed the heart of flesh and given men the heart of stone. Therefore we see a body that is sick and covered with boils from the tip of the head to the tip of the feet, and in all things decadent; spiritually with no knowledge, reverence and fear of GOD, and morally, ethically, politically and military corrupt through and through in body and soul, and where acts of dark violence and vulgarity are excused, and where sin and abominations are written in law as righteous and Righteousness is written as sin, where injustice and corruption is written in law as fair and equitable, and justice itself is buried deep in the written law and hidden from view.

Brethren, the world is upside down and inside out, and where left is right and right is left, where up is down and down is up; all things inverted and convoluted and where madness is sanity and sanity is madness. The list is endless brethren. Do not be beguiled by the world dear brethren of the Philadelphia dispersion and those of the Laodecean condition, do not be fooled by the walking dead where some are heading directly into Perditions End, for the days are perilous to the Elect of GOD, as murder, lies, deceit and treachery is now the normalized way, and the ‘WAY’ that Christ taught and showed by what HE breathed and preached, practiced and lived is demonized as evil and dark and sinister to be eradicated. This is Israel and Judah today(who have followed the ways of Babylon living in the wild Beast), but whose remnant GOD will return to the fold and restore once again to greatness under Christ’s rule at HIS RETURN!  Watch brethren! Again I say Watch, the spirit of Christ says Watch! For the that day is near at hand, fast approaching and the fig tree is sprouting and its blossom appearing, therefore summer is very near; and so is the end of the age!

Brethren, again I say, these days for us are for bringing an end to evil and all those responsible, and for judgment and justice to prevail by the only and Holy true Judge of the Earth and establish His Kingdom and restore His government on the whole Earth. God speed that day! The Spirit and the Church say God speed that day!

We continue to pray for you all brethren, please pray for us and for each other also, as Satan is on the prowl and brethren making themselves vulnerable by straying from the Faith once delivered.
Until next time brethren,
with deep brotherly love to all of God’s people, and may God’s Spirit, Grace and love be abundantly poured on His called out ones, who are the saints of GOD.

your brethren in Christ


Ps. Important article to help with watching. Read this carefully as it has some very insightful points.


Armageddon Approaches

By Paul Craig Roberts

July 23, 2016 “Information Clearing House” – The Western pubic doesn’t know it, but Washington and its European vassals are convincing Russia that they are preparing to attack. Eric Zuesse reports on a German newspaper leak of a Bundeswehr decision to declare Russia to be an enemy nation of Germany.

This is the interpretation that some Russian politicians themselves have put on the NATO military bases that Washington is establishing on Russia’s borders.

Washington might intend the military buildup as pressure on President Putin to reduce Russian opposition to Washington’s unilateralism. However, it reminds some outspoken Russians such as Vladimir Zhirinovsky of Hitler’s troops on Russia’s border in 1941.

Read full article here…

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