Catherine Austin Fitts: There Is No Fiscal Cliff In January 2013 Unless You Want It
October 26, 2012

Catherine Austin Fitts recently commented QE to Infinity and the Lie of the January Financial Cliff. She describes what the bankers are doing to us a Slow Burn. She believes that all assets are being taken away from us day in and day out and being given to the Global Elite offshore. She says there will be no January Fiscal Cliff unless we agree to let the bankers get away with it. Some say that we will not have enough money to pay our federal bills even with all those new taxes on those of us who still have jobs paying more than the minimum wage. She says all we have to do is to put back on the budget all of our stolen assets. The bankers are replacing what used to be our assets with liabilities (Treasury bonds) payable to them from us. That means they stole tens of trillions from us, charged us for the fraud they have committed and demanded we pay them again plus the interest on the money they created out of nothing to pay for the bonds we never needed to buy.

With respect to QE to Infinity Catherine says the purchase of Mortgage Backed Securities Bernanke recently announced is just a continuation of the undoing of the fraud perpetrated by Wall Street. We gave Wall Street 27 trillion dollars in subsidies to undo their mortgage fraud and to keep bankers out of jail while paying them billions in bonuses. It should be noted that the Federal Reserve has a Discount Window at which banks can sell collateral which includes toxic assets or more precisely Mortgage Backed Securities. This means after the collapse if anyone is left alive that Fed can sell those mortgages back to the banks at a discounted price. Of course the mega banks will demand you pay 100 cents on the dollar for a mortgage the taxpayers already paid for at least two or three times. But it is time you learned that bankers believe you must have less so they can have more.

Catherine was a managing partner at Dillon Read and Housing Commissioner under Bush I so she should be listened to when she speculates on where the Global Elite have been doing with the tens of trillions of dollars they have stolen from us. Obviously part of it went offshore to buy real assets in their name while saddling those of us us Left Behind in the USA with all those debts.

The following is her take on their long term strategy. She knew before the passage of the North American Free Trade Act that jobs would be shipped overseas. (12 million jobs and 56,000 manufacturing plants to be exact.) Her take was that the manufacturing jobs were being sent overseas to make money in Round One. In Round Two those jobs would be eliminated by robotics. A contact of hers in the Navy said America needs to produce 400,000 robotics engineers in 10 years. That means those Asian jobs will be going away too. America has a competitive advantage in that her natural gas is abundant and several orders of magnitude cheaper than in China and Europe. The combination  of cheap energy and robotics will reduce American productions costs in 2020 to be far less than Asia’s.

The fly in the ointment is this: American taxes will have to be huge to pay off all those programs Americans paid for. That is where the Fiscal Cliff, Monsanto, vaccines and the Secret Pentagon-NASA budget comes in. Catherine does not watch TV but did see a documentary on the Phoenix Lights, a UFO seen by tens of thousands over Phoenix. Her take was that if it were real then Lockheed Martin was paid 4 trillion dollars in stolen money to build it. She thinks a lot of our money was taken from us to build advanced weapons systems because those who steal money are few and those who were robbed are many.

Catherine moved to a remote rural area in 1999 for security reasons. She has noticed a steady decline in energy levels and in the health of people she has observed over the past 13 years. She has also remarked that when she speaks overseas she notices the audiences appear to be more energetic and healthier than Americans. She attributes the decline in American health to Monsanto and Genetically Modified food. I would add vaccines and fluoride in the water to that. American hospitals never use a clean needle when there is a dirty needle available.

Catherine says that the world’s need for oil and that pricing oil in dollars has allowed the US to print dollars to buy things from overseas for free. As long as the US Navy patrolled the seas attacking anyone who sells oil in currencies other than dollars, the value of the dollar was maintained. When that day ends, she said a dollar might be worth ten cents. The bankers knew that they could not keep a lid on cheap energy forever so they had to prepare for the destruction of the Petrodollar and for a new commodity backed currency. The bankers could control that would allow them to maintain power over the masses seeking revenge. In the short term there is a possibility of a gold standard. The bankers stole all the gold from Fort Knox and leased gold from other governments which they sold five times. The Next Big Swindle is a fractional reserve gold exchange standard. The bankers sell us back at a huge markup the gold they stole from us. As soon as our national debts are doubled to pay for the return of the stolen gold, they will release free energy so we can desalinate the oceans to grow food producing gold as a by product of desalination for $50 an ounce.

Catherine says that the bankers will try to maintain control over us by limiting our food choices to Genetically Modified Organisms from Monsanto. That plus owning our mortgages and the National Security State will – the bankers hope- keep us in line. The Department of Homeland Security is licensing us to work so in the future people who do not say nice things about Wall Street will be lucky to find a job cleaning the bathrooms at McDonalds.

Another possibility is that if the people revolt the bankers use those advanced bio-weapons to eliminate 7 billion people they do not need. Alex Jones says that he thinks the bankers had the taxpayers pay for  those 30,000 drones so  they can spray us with ebola if we get uppity. America has 3,000 counties so that is 10 drones per county.

Catherine says we are given a choice in November between a Goldman Sachs Monsanto man of the Left and a Goldman Sachs Monsanto man of the Right. What we need to do is to have an alternative press tell them No to the Fiscal Cliff. Return the stolen money. I have written of a plan to get control of the broadcast media designed for times like these. It is listed in the Notes below.

I have said we are going into Martial Law soon after the elections no matter who is elected in November. I also said that we need the military which does have access to those secret weapons to side with us. I have also said it would be a lot easier for the US military to invade Lichtenstein and the Cayman Islands to make sure that stolen money is returned than to launch WW III in the Persian Gulf to keep the price of oil high.

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