Alex Jones Reaches Out To Military Being Trained To Target Americans As Domestic Terrorists

By: Paul Joseph Watson

Friday, April 30, 2010

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In this video, Alex explains how over a decade of law enforcement and military training to take on the American people is now coming to a head with recent revelations concerning how the Army in Kentucky has been running exercises focused around confronting Tea Party members who are described as terrorists, and taking them to concentration camps.

The controversy surrounding the MIAC report has now been outstripped with the news that middle class Americans protesting the out of control taxes and big government are now the number one target for Homeland Security and the U.S. Military.

Gun-owning veterans are also a primary target of drills that revolve around disarming and arresting mass numbers of peaceful Americans.

Alex also reaches out to military and law enforcement in light of the fact that he personally is being cited as the primary target of this new offensive to demonize and eventually incarcerate politically active Americans as domestic terrorists.

Alex goes firmly on the record to state that he is non-violent and will never commit violence against anyone, nor will he encourage anyone else to do so.

Alex points out that it’s completely illegal to have the military engaged in domestic law enforcement and spying on the American people, but that false flag domestic terror attacks which will be blamed on the American people are being prepared in order to justify de facto martial law.

Alex reaches out to military personnel by letting them know that they have a decision to make – whether to follow orders, break their oath and violate the U.S. Constitution by targeting the American people as terrorists, or whether they will stand with the Republic, the founding fathers, and all the veterans who defended liberty in the past but who are now being treated as dangerous extremists by the government.