Welcome to Scattered Brethren!

Why This Website?

This message is primarily directed to the Scattered Brethren of the Philadelphia era Church of GOD (formerly Worldwide Church of GOD with MR. H. W. Armstrong as Pastor General). Brethren, the reason for this web site is to try and build bridges and bring together scattered brethren through communication, information, understanding, passion for the truth, compassion, tolerance. This can be achieved through one faith, one hope, one spirit and one baptism saturated with our common salvation and understanding of biblical prophesy; thus we can be all joined as one in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior by and through the love of the Eternal God our Father the most High God.

This web site is exclusively for the Church of God brethren who are holding fast to the faith once delivered and who have come out of the Worldwide Church of Church which now no longer is as we once new it, and for the few brethren who have been called since if any and can be verified.

This web site is not part of a corporate body, nor a cog official church group nor affiliated to any church group. This web site is only for individual members of the Church belonging to the Most High God and can only be accessed with a members account (free), which can be obtained through the registration page and once the request to join the fellowship is approved.

This is a web site of watching and informing, of brethren interacting together and contributing to one another as iron sharpens iron, all for the edification of God’s people and to have them prepared and alert and not to be caught unawares with the events in the world which are correlated to biblical prophesy, and be in tune with the signs of the time as Christ instructed.

This is a friendly web site promoting unity and Godly love and sends a friendly and warm invitation to sincere and faithful scattered brethren of the Philadelphia era Church of GOD (formerly Worldwide Church of GOD with MR. H. W. Armstrong as Pastor General), wherever they may be.

Please feel welcomed and apply to be part of the fellowship and serve your brethren. This is not a church; you are the church. To apply for an account click here.