Video: This Is What A Police State Looks Like
April 21, 2013

Senator Lindsey Graham is victorious. He says suspected terrorists don’t deserve to be protected by the Fifth Amendment.

If we are to use what happened in Watertown as an example, innocent Americans no longer deserve the protection once afforded by the Fourth Amendment, either.

All it takes is a teenager the government says is a terrorist for you to lose your god-given natural rights. If the government says there’s a terrorist in your neighborhood – or on the loose in your city – it can deny the freedom to travel (travel is now, like it was in the Soviet Union, a privilege granted by the state). It can shut off all commerce and force business to incur losses in the millions of dollars. It can deny access to hospitals and food.

Let’s take inventory. After 9/11 the Fourth Amendment was nullified by the Patriot Act. Both the Fifth and Sixth Amendments were dismantled by the Military Commission Act of 2006 and the 2012 NDAA resolution. The First Amendment is restricted to government controlled zones. Congress and the chief teleprompter reader for the bankers are colluding to destroy the Second Amendment. Americans can now be kidnapped – what they call disappeared in third world military dictatorships – or targeted for assassination.

In the video below we see what a police state looks like. Cops looking for a 19-year old supposed terrorist raid a house and force citizens out at gunpoint with their hands over the heads. If not for the distinctly American houses in the video, this could be Iraq or Afghanistan.

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