Refused Comment on Article: “An Ice Age Is Near According to Hyperdimensional Physics” on the CSS show.

To Dave Hodges,

Greetings Dave,

Since you will not post my comments on your the css web site, I post my rebuke here on this site. for this particular article you posted on 15th of June. I do not mean to offend Dave, but Am concerned for you, as you seem deceived and confused and therefore babel at times.



I am beginning to wonder Dave, have you gone insane, have you not listened to anything that has been said to you by this authour from the Word of God? About cause and effect and the reasons of today’s evils etc, and GOD’s purpose and plan for HIS Creation. You give all this credence to men, as though they control the Cosmos and know all secretes and control events on Earth. You seek their answers and solutions and believe in their machinations and thoughts of their mind due to your belief in scholarly answers and solutions with your own admitted scholarly dependence.  Yet! The holy scriptures give us all the answers and solutions to men’s ills and the reasons for them in the first place, and also tells us that the whole WORLD is deceived by Satan and that he is their god, except for God’s one and only true Church composed by HIS Elect whom HE Chose, the first fruits.

Briefly; The surface of the Earth was recreated by GOD for the habitation of Man and all other creatures we know today approximately 6000 years ago. Pry to that it was totally engulfed in water ( and again approximately 1600 years after Adam was made, in so-called Noah’s flood, due to men becoming incorrigibly wicked) after the rebellion of Lucifer, who originally was given rulership over GOD’s kingdom on Earth at the time of Earth’s creation with 1/3 of the angels under him to administer GOD’s Government on Earth; whom GOD renamed Satan the devil, the adversary, and those angels who followed Lucifer became demons. Satan still remains sitting on that throne over the Earth until the Christ returns to unseat him and take over according to GOD’s master plan. That was the whole idea of Christ’s first coming, and to also pay the penalty of men’s sins upon total repentance and submission to GOD’s Commandments, laws etc, after HE calls them(draws them to Christ, first fruits), and after Christ’s second coming salvation to open freely to all men. Do you not believe all these things? They are all in the written Word of GOD!

Do you not believe that GOD Himself created, (by the power of HIS HOLY Spirit that pours forth out of and from within GOD, the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ who was and still is the WORD), by the spoken WORD who became Jesus the Christ and only begotten of the Father(do you understand this mystery?), all the heavens and the Earth, and HE GOD alone sustains all matter (the entire Universe), inert or living including man, that HE created by the power of HIS OWN WILL? How dare you elevate men to heights not deserving and who are demonically influenced at best but possessed at worse and all deceived. The most ignorant of men are the ones considered the most intellectual and scholarly of the world! This was a most disturbing article Dave! Do you not believe GOD nor trust HIS WORD!? Of course you don’t Dave; from things you say and certain persons you have on your show, it is obvious you have spiritual challenges ahead. For the Word of God plainly states:

“There is no one who is good in this world, not one! There is none that are righteous and seek good and righteous judgment! All seek after a lie and all seek a bride which the Lord hates! No one seeks after GOD!   Not One!

In all this world, evil(Satan) rules over men who worship evil, as the hearts of men are deceitful above all things, as men seek answers in men in all disciplines, who are ruled by evil, and deny the only GOD who Created ALL that IS, The GOD of Israel and all Creation, Who will soon seat in judgment over evil, when the hearts of men shall wax cold and there will be waling and gnashing of teeth and shouts of Lord Lord! And the Lords response will be, “Away with you, I do not know you wicked servant, for you did not obey My Laws and My Commandments and despised My Word”.”

Nothing is free Dave, nothing! And your illusionary article about so-called free energy and hyperdimensional( and what does that really mean Dave, besides the fact that quantum mechanics is a micro theory deals with energy levels/shells and probabilities of atomic and sub atomic particles in their different states, and Newtonian physics deals with the macro world of forces and motion etc; both fascinating subjects) physics is just that, an illusion by Satan. Even if this so-called free energy exists, do you really think it would be given free and wouldn’t be abused for destruction? Who would create and build the infrastructure and technology to extract this energy and make it available to the masses and give it freely? No one! It would come at a price to the pocket and the environment. Can you imagine if it was free, the wastage in resources, products and services etc. It would be manifold worse than today, for human nature would take over in an exponential greed curve. Because Dave, Human nature is the main issue we are truly dealing with, not Earth’s resource management.

Who are you really serving Dave? This seems to be on par with Nibiru, flat earth, hollow moon and hollow Sun nonsense! Put your feet on the ground and stick to what you do best, caring for your fellow man, reporting of real human events and conditions with your analysis (unless this is just a front, which I truly hope not), that at least would be more profitable with your time and for your readers.

As Jesus Christ our Lord once said, ” Even if you do not believe Me, at least believe the works which I have done before you”. The powers at God’s disposal are not and cannot be comprehended by mere mortal flesh and blood human beings. For God’s spiritual realm and infinite power is beyond man’s reach, for he is flesh with five physical senses designed for physical human existence, anything beyond this is Satan/demonic activities/interference.

Yet, God’s true Chosen Elect are empowered with His Holy Spirit to have a spiritual relationship with God the Father through our Lord God Jesus Christ, to understand and keep His way of Life, His Laws and Commandments, His purpose and plan for all humanity, and through the Faith of Christ believe and observe the seventh day Sabbath and the annual Holy day Sabbaths and festivals as Commanded, throughout the Holy Calendar that reveal God’s Master Plan for His Church and all of Humanity. During all this developing the mind of Christ and God’s Holy Righteous perfect Character, made possible by totally submitting to GOD with the power imparted by God’s Holy Spirit.

There is nothing in the Holy Scriptures, The Word of God, that reveals the secretes of God’s infinite power and glory and eternal existence, having always been and will be. Only what God has done in HIS infinite creative genius by HIS infinite power that is inherent within HIM. For God’s says there is nothing HE cannot do, as all things are possible with GOD, as nothing is impossible for HIM. For HE alone sustains all things in all eternity, and therefore eternity itself!

Question to be asked, ” Who is your god Dave? Is it men, Satan, this world, who? Who do you trust and believe? If the God of Israel who Created and sustains ALL things, then you better start to believe, trust and Obey His Word., if you are truly serious about your Christianity.  Enough said Dave.

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