Third Reactor Explodes, Full Scale Nuclear Catastrophe Imminent

By: Kurt Nimmo
March 14, 2011

A third reactor has exploded at the number 2 reactor at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant. The blast follows an explosion Monday morning at the number 3 reactor and one on Saturday in the number 1 unit.
The Tokyo Electric Power Company had tried a last ditch effort to cool and reduce pressure in the over-heated reactors in units one and three by injecting seawater earlier today and over the weekend.

On Monday, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary Yukio Edano officially announced the cooling system on the third reactor had failed. The water level inside the reactor fell and exposed the fuel rods at its core for more than two hours despite efforts to pump seawater into the reactor, he said.
Government officials have finally admitted to the public that the fuel rods in all three separate reactors have started to melt despite repeated efforts to cool them with sea water. Safety officials are now saying they cannot rule out a full meltdown and the inevitability of a nuclear catastrophe of a magnitude never before experienced.