Farage Attacks Bilderberg EU President As “Quiet Assassin” Of Nation States

By: Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Thursday, February 25, 2010
Source: http://www.prisonplanet.com/farage-attacks-bilderberg-eu-president-as-quiet-assassin-of-nation-states.html

UKIP leader savages global governance proponent in fiery EU Parliament speech

Courageous British MEP Nigel Farage savaged Bilderberg member and global governance proponent Herman van Rompuy during a speech in front of the EU parliament, labeling the EU President “the quiet assassin of European nation states,” while van Rompuy sat and squirmed.

UK Independence Party leader Farage took the opportunity of van Rompuy’s first appearance in Parliament to harangue the EU President for his open contempt for national sovereignty.

Van Rompuy announced 2009 as the “first year of global governance” when he was appointed to be President back in November, just days after he called for a Europe-wide tax that would be paid directly to Brussels at a Bilderberg Group dinner in Brussels on November 15th.

Van Rompuy, addressing the EU Parliament in French, repeated the call for global governance during his speech yesterday.

“It is thanks to the EU that the G20 was born; We took the initiative to create this embryo of world governance,” stated the unelected EU President.

Farage said van Rompuy had “the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low grade bank clerk” before outing him as the perfect figurehead for EU authoritarianism.

“The question that I want to ask and that we are all going to ask is: who are you? I had never heard of you; nobody in Europe had ever heard of you. I would like to ask you, Mr President: who voted for you? And what mechanism – I know democracy is not popular with you lot – what mechanism do the peoples of Europe have to remove you? Is this European democracy?” asked Farage.

“Sir, you have no legitimacy in this job at all, and I can say with confidence that I can speak on behalf of the majority of the British people in saying: we do not know you, we do not want you, and the sooner you are put out to grass, the better,” said Farage as he was heckled by other Parliament members.

Farage labeled van Rompuy “capable, competent, and dangerous,” before continuing, “I have no doubt that it is your intention to be the quiet assassin of European democracy and of the European nation states. You appear to have a loathing for the very concept of the existence of nation states; perhaps that is because you come from Belgium, which of course is pretty much a non-country.”

Farage now faces an official reprimand next week from Jerzy Buzek, the Parliament President, and Socialist leaders, furious that Farage has found an avenue through which to repeatedly highlight dictatorial nature of the EU, are calling for his resignation.

However, despite the corporate media attacking Farage for his “rude” personal attack on van Rompuy, similar rhetoric was not directed towards EU members who have called Farage a Nazi or a “monkey in a tree,” revealing a clear double standard where critics of the EU are made examples of while proponents are protected.

As we previously reported, shortly after the announcement of van Rompuy as EU President, Farage made headlines when he exposed the fact that the EU is an authoritarian dictatorship ruled by unelected bureaucrats to the detriment of national sovereignty.

Farage slammed the EU for its aggressive and dictatorial tactics, stating, “It’s taken you eight and a half years of bullying, of lying, of ignoring democratic referendums to get this treaty through (referring to the Lisbon Treaty)”.

During the same speech, Farage identified van Rompuy as little more than a puppet for the real EU power base headed by “post-industrial revolution” advocate and European Commission President, Manuel Barroso.

As we have highlighted in the past, despite accusations by EU Parliamentarians that Farage is “opening the door to fascism” by merely being critical of the EU, in actual fact Nazism and the EU have some very disturbing parallels. Indeed, the two are fundamentally intertwined and the origins of the EU can be traced directly back to the Nazis.

The fact that the EU was a brainchild of top Nazi economists and industrialists, formulated as a means of preserving dictatorial power and then implemented by a former Nazi working under the auspices of the Bilderberg Group in 1955, proves that the entire European Union system is poisoned with a legacy and a raison d’être of totalitarianism.

This is becoming increasingly obvious in the 21st century as popular social movements across Europe rise up to oppose the blatant power grab being undertaken by the EU via the Lisbon Treaty, which was forced through in Ireland last year despite the population having already rejected it in a previous national referendum.

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