EU Leader To Dissenter: “How Dare You Say I Was Not Elected, I Was Elected By The Commission In Secret”

By: Steve Watson
Wednesday, Oct 20th, 2010

Farage attacks Barroso over politically explosive EU direct tax

201010BarrosoIn democratic politics there is a distinct difference between selection and election. However, according to European Commission President, José Barroso, the two are interchangeable.

Barroso tore into British member of European Parliament Nigel Farage today, after the UK Independence Party member accused Barroso of using illegitimate powers to implement a direct tax on all EU citizens.

“Well Mr Barroso, you’re certainly flexing your muscles, using the powers given to you by the Lisbon Treaty, which you pushed through using illegitimate means.” Farage said in a speech before the EC.

“You now do everything you can on the world stage and within the EU to acquire all the attributes of statehood.” he added.

“No where could that be more apparent than in your recent proposal for a direct tax to be levied by the European institutions on the peoples of this continent.”

As we highlighted yesterday, the EC has laid out no less than eight different forms of direct taxation that it wants to impose on citizens of all 27 member states, despite the fact that the majority of people in all of these countries would rather their governments cease all financial commitments to the EU entirely.

Not content with national governments from every member country already sending taxpayer money to the bloated, anti-democratic EU bureaucracy, globalists in Brussels are now desperate to sink their teeth in further, in an effort to increase their budget by 6 per cent even in the midst of a national debt crisis which affects the majority of European nations.

Fully aware of the fact that a direct EU tax will cause a huge backlash and potentially mass civil disobedience amongst those forced to pay it, EU bureaucrats….have advised officials to avoid using the word “tax” because it would be “politically explosive”, an RTE report notes.

“Of course in previous times there was a very successful independence movement that campaigned on the slogan of no taxation without representation.” Farage continued during his speech. “And you certainly sir are not a representative – we have not voted for you and we cannot remove you.” he charged.

A clearly infuriated Barroso then only made Farage’s case stronger by reminding him that he was not elected by the people, but rather chosen to head the EC in a “secret” parliament vote.

“I usually do not intervene, but there is a point of order that I want to make. It is not the first time that Mr Farage, addressing to myself says ‘you have not been elected’. certainly I have not been elected by you, but I have been elected by this parliament. I have been elected in a secret vote by this parliament, and you belong to this parliament.” Barroso said, attempting to validate his position, but only verifying Farage’s initial charge in the eyes of onlookers.

It seems that Barroso genuinely believes that being selected in secret by an elite few to head up a parliament constitutes being elected by the people of the countries he now wants to see directly taxed by the EU.

“I consider it, always saying that myself or the Commission have not been elected is a lack of respect to the Commission and to the parliament to which you belong.” Barroso snapped at Farage as if he was addressing a naughty school boy.

This shows a incredible level of arrogance in the face of the basic facts that the Lisbon Treaty was never put to a referendum in almost all EU countries and that those now using it to act in the manner of a federal state were not elected to their positions and cannot be held accountable by European citizens.

Farage further noted ” I do see a ray of hope”, referring to a proposal to revise the Lisbon Treaty, which could pave the way for a public referendum.

“The Deauville deal, between Merkel and Sarkozy, the thing that you’re all so terrified of today, I hope it happens. Lets have a new Treaty, and lets put it to a referendum.” Farage urged.

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