EU Dictators Plan Fresh Looting Of Tax Slaves

By: Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brussels bastards want to impose direct tax on already destitute Europeans laboring under draconian austerity measures

191010top2The sprawling, blood-sucking, dictatorial, EU is trying to fill its coffers at a time when everyone else is being told they must tighten their belts and accept draconian austerity measures, by preparing to impose a new direct tax on European citizens already financially destitute as a result of the economic collapse.

If you want a taste of how the global tax to fund the expansion of world government will be implemented, look no further than the European Commission, which has laid out no less than eight different forms of direct taxation that it wants to impose on citizens of all 27 member states, despite the fact that the majority of people in all of these countries would rather their governments cease all financial commitments to the EU entirely.

Not content with national governments from every member country already sending taxpayer money to the bloated, anti-democratic EU bureaucracy, globalists in Brussels are now desperate to sink their teeth in further, in an effort to increase their budget by 6 per cent even in the midst of a national debt crisis which affects the majority of European nations.

The unelected members in Brussels are set to once again display their “insatiable appetite for power and taxpayers’ money,” as MP Douglas Carswell warns, by flexing the muscles of their completely illegitimate and autocratic voting system to loot taxpayers of whatever meager amounts of disposable income they have left.

“Options expected to be proposed in an EU report today include levies on carbon emissions, air transport, financial transactions or bank profits. There could even be extra taxes on petrol,” reports the Express.

According to an RTE report, the EU could even push for its own European-wide VAT tax, on top of the 20 per cent plus VAT tax people in Europe pay already.

Fully aware of the fact that a direct EU tax will cause a huge backlash and potentially mass civil disobedience amongst those forced to pay it, EU bureaucrats….have advised officials to avoid using the word “tax” because it would be “politically explosive”.

As UK Independence Party Euro MP Marta Andreasen points out, however the tax is applied, it will ultimately impact individual citizens.

“If it is slapped on banks, they will pass the cost to the customer. The taxpayer will always be the loser. The Commission is outrageous and deceitful,” said Andreasen.

Is there no end to the ceaseless financial raping and pillaging globalists think they are entitled to conduct with wanton abandon and supreme arrogance?

European citizens are already being told they must endure the most severe and crippling austerity measures in modern history as pensions are seized, retirement ages hiked, public services cut and all manner of existing taxes raised – and now this – the corrupt, unrepresentative, and widely despised EU wants to get in on the feeding frenzy.

Europeans should follow the example of the French and organize mass resistance to any proposal for a direct EU tax. Once the globalists are allowed to get their hands in our pockets, the looting will know no bounds.

The elite are desperate to build a national sovereignty-crushing European federal superstate as part of the march towards world government and they’re going to make the victims of that process pay for the privilege.

EU President Herman Van Rompuy made it clear what the ultimate agenda was when he told fellow globalists that the European Union was committed to exploiting the financial crisis and the fraudulent global warming scare to ram through “the global management of our planet.” Globally managing a planetary dictatorship doesn’t come cheap, which is why the slaves are going to pay for it if the EU has its way.

Find out more about the origins of the fundamentally undemocratic, tyrannical, and autocratic European Union, which was started as a brainchild of the Nazis and later hijacked by Communists and Marxists from the former Soviet-controlled countries to be used as an engine for a global totalitarian takeover.

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