Egyptian Protesters Blame Obama For Morsi Dictatorship

By: Paul Joseph Watson
July 3, 2013

US media ignores anti-Obama fervor

Images seldom broadcast on mainstream media networks reveal a wave of anti-Obama fervor has gripped Egypt as demonstrators blame the White House for helping to install Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood leader who could be toppled later today.

Anti Morsi demonstrator

The protests in Egypt have largely been characterized by the media as representing an even split between pro-government Muslim Brotherhood advocates and the anti-Morsi opposition movement, despite the fact that the anti-Morsi demonstrations have been far larger.

However, one aspect of the demonstrations that has been almost completely ignored is the fact that Egyptians firmly lay the blame for Morsi’s calamitous year in office at the feet of the White House.

As the photos below illustrate, Egyptians are fully cognizant of the fact that the Obama administration played a key role in contriving the revolution that toppled former President Mubarak. Signs held by protesters include, “Wake up America, Obama backs a fascist regime in Egypt,” “Obama Supports Terrorism,” and “Obama Your Bitch is Our Dictator.” The signs also condemn the role of Anne Patterson, the US Ambassador to Egypt.

As we previously highlighted, the 2011 revolution in Egypt was far from a grass roots uprising given that its organization was aided by establishment NGOs like Freedom House (linked to the CIA) and National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Despite supporting Mubarak for decades, the US abandoned him and threw its support behind the Muslim Brotherhood when Mubarak rejected US attempts to establish military bases inside the country and seize control of Egypt’s communications networks.

Mohamed Morsi has overseen the implementation of a dictatorship in Egypt that rivals that crafted by his autocratic predecessor. After enshrining Shariah law in the newly drafted constitution, Morsi granted himself sweeping powers to introduce any law and made himself immune from judicial oversight.

“So, is he Egypt’s dictator? At the moment, yes, on paper the most powerful Egyptian leader since the pharaoh,” Eric Trager, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, told CBC News.

Unlike in Syria, where a militant-led insurrection was hyped as a democratic uprising, the largest mass protest in human history over the last few days in Egypt has been met with deafening silence from the White House.

As Bridget Johnson highlights, all we have heard is “crickets from the Obama administration,” with the only reference to Egypt coming from Secretary of State John Kerry, whose statement failed to address what was actually happening and instead centered on the weather conditions in Tahrir Square.

Egypt’s state-run Al-Ahram newspaper reported today that Morsi will “either step down or be removed from office” by the army within hours as a deadline for a political settlement expires.

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