Bilderberg Plan for Syria: Order Out of Chaos

By: Kurt Nimmo
Date: May 30, 2014

Overthrowing the government in Syria has thus far proved problematic

The Bilderberg Meetings website, established after and the alternative media began exposing the secret globalist confab, lists the Middle East as one of the key topics to be discussed this year in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Bilderberg Plan for Syria: Order Out of Chaos

An item on the website simply bulleted as “The new architecture of the Middle East” offers plenty of ambiguity and zero details on what in particular the global elite have in mind. Discussion during past meetings, however, provides a likely course of action.

During the 2012 Bilderberg conference held in Chantilly, Virginia, the head of the Syrian National Transitional Council, Bassma Kodmani, discussed the violent overthrow of the Bashar al-Assad regime and the installation of a government taking orders from the State Department, the European Union and NATO.

“Kodmani is the Head of Foreign Affairs with the SNC, a coalition of Syrian opposition groups based in Istanbul, Turkey,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote on June 2, 2012. “While at the Bilderberg meeting she will be in the company of the likes of former Secretary of State and accused war criminal Henry Kissinger, warhawk Richard Perle, and Thomas E. Donilon, National Security Advisor for the Obama White House.”

“Kodmani is a darling of the establishment, having written op-eds for the New York Times calling for the overthrow of Assad. In recent months her position has become increasingly hardline and pro-NATO intervention. In January she called for  ‘greater militarization of local resistance or foreign intervention.’ Kodmani has also called for Syria to form an alliance with Israel.”

Overthrowing the government in Syria has thus far proved problematic. In addition to significant military setbacks, the so-called rebels – in fact mercenaries funded and supported by the CIA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey – have lost their previous “moderate” descriptor and are now congealed into a more or less united front of radical Sunni jihadists set against not only al-Assad in Damascus, but the United States and the West as well.

It can be argued if this turn in the proxy war against al-Assad is a natural or artificial development. Regardless, the intense Salafi character of the so-called resistance in Syria works in favor of the order out of chaos agenda often used by the financial elite to undermine societal cohesion and balkanize vassals, as Rockefeller globalist Zbigniew Brzezinksi has designated people in Eurasia and the Middle East. Brzezinski and the global elite employed a similar strategy during the CIA’s proxy war in Afghanistan. Support for the Mujahideen resulted in the formation of the Taliban and al-Qaeda, both now regarded as key enemies in the war on terror.

During the Bilderberg meeting held in Watford, UK, in 2013 attendees further discussed Syria and the course of action required to remold the “architecture” of the Middle East. It was decided an effort would be made to prolong “the war in Syria by arming the rebels and overturning recent military victories by Assad’s forces,” reported.

This effort was not realized. In addition to infighting between the ISIS, the al-Qaeda pledged Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and other Islamic groups, a vigorous offensive by the Syrian Army and Hezbollah beginning in March of this year has turned back rebel gains. Subsequent military efforts by the CIA mercenaries, seriously weakened and distracted by factional infighting, were ineffectual and allowed the Syrian government to retake al Buraq near the town of Mashara in Quneitra without armed clashes. Other strategic areas were also retaken by the Syrian military.

Marching orders: Obama shifts attention from Afghanistan to Syria.

Earlier this week reported on a renewed effort by the Obama administration to heighten tension in Syria.

On Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal reported “Barack Obama will authorize US troops to train selected Syrian rebels, in order to counter the rising power of Al-Qaeda-linked extremists.”

“The current policy approach continues to be strengthening the moderate opposition, which offers an alternative to the brutal Assad regime and the more extremist elements within the opposition,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

This move may represent an effort to stem the mercenary losses in Syria. Moreover, as the causal observer of the proxy war in Syria knows, “moderate” rebel groups in Syria are now virtually irreverent and al-Nusra and other radical jihadists dominate the fighting despite setbacks on the battlefield.

Short of direct military involvement by NATO and its al-Qaeda proxy on par with the effort in Libya, the Turkish based mercenaries coordinated in part by the U.S. military in Jordan are likely to continue a failing effort to overthrow al-Assad and install a brutal Salafist regime in Damascus.

Short of an unlikely military victory the plan likely under discussion now in Copenhagen is to insert more jihadist mercenaries via Turkey to destabilize the country, engage in violent fratricide, and terrorize the Syrian people.

The effort to destroy Syria and eject the al-Assad family and the Ba’ath regime that has ruled the country since 1971 may take longer and will be ultimately more costly and bloody than the relatively short operation in Libya, thus pushing back any timeline devised at the Bilderberg conference this week in Copenhagen.

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