An Air of Danger

By: Rob Saint Laurent
Date: August 7, 2014

Why are we modifying our global breathing space?

The sky may not be falling, but a mysterious spraying has astute observers everywhere looking up and feeling the winds of change.

What they’re witnessing is the implementation of a large-scale aerosol intervention program to allegedly combat climate change by essentially acting as a sunblock. The practice was begun surreptiously in the 1960s by the National academy of Sciences and sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency under the euphemism of geoengineering.


The very existence of geoengineering remians controversial. Americans have been conditioned to label those who think outside the status quo on important issues “conspiracy theorists” and conveniently dismiss or discredit them from meaningful dialogue. Moreover, through plausible deniability policy the government has granted itself the authority to abdicate responsibility for covert activity that may be deemed illegal. Since climate change has been dubbed a national security issue, it falls under this policy.

As the number of foreigners pushing back continues to grow, with protests taking place in Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Brazil, New Zealand, and many other nations, the US by and large remains mum. Even as former British Columbian Premier Bill Vander Zalm has put Canadian politicians “on notice” in a personal quest for legislation prohibiting such spraying, his neighbor to the south lives blissfully unaware.


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