Season Greetings Brethren, Beloved of The Faithful God

To the dispersion of the Philadelphians; Grace, peace and love from GOD our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Update 01/10/2022

Greetings Dear beloved of GOD, scattered abroad to the four winds due to a lack of Apostleship, yet Christ our Lord is ever with His Bride, working to prepare Her for what is coming and His return. Hope all have a truly profitable Atonement and FOT just days away. This is just a short greetings brethren as the world has taken on a new heightened dimension on the world’s political and military stage. Those big events and soon wars I mentioned have begun with the destruction of the gas pipelines and the joining of East Ukraine to Russia following Mr. Putin’s speech, informative and revealing to listen to. The destruction of the gas pipelines under the baltic sea is a game changer or events raiser together with the other events. Europe is in an uproar and will start to convulse and begin to break up and divide, and through it will morph and rise up will be the WILD BEAST of Revelation; angry and desperate, and hate for the modern House of Israel will rise to the surface as it is known who is responsible and for what motives were involved for the destruction of the pipelines and the powerful negative economic and financial effects it will have on Europe and especially Germany. The so-called Cabal of the West are desperate to reclaim their power and control over  Europe and the Anglo world their power house, which is being sleeping away from from as they loose control. At the same time God is bringing about the prophesied punishment and eventual inevitable very soon coming war and captivity of the Modern house of Israel as per Ezek ch 5,6 and 7. The blessing of the birthright have being removed and the curses of Deut 28 and elsewhere are in place. When the time, which is soon, comes these events will happen quickly.

Brethren, events will now escalate, watch and prepare, the so-called hordes are forced into a position of aggression, as they are continuously provoked by powers unseen behind the western cabal, and will strike and put fear into Europe as it faces two fronts of threats, from the hordes and the Anglo world. The Wild Beast is being forced into rising up out of the Abyss(with the help of the Devil and the Vatican and Catholic revival under a powerful Pope) as the conservative right christian nationalist begin to grab power as the people of many countries in Europe seeing what the liberal Cabal have done to them turn to the conservative nationals for salvation. The Beast will rise in anger supported by its people, certain Ten nations or groups of nations will be forced to join the beast and give it their authority and military to act on its behalf in desperation as national survival is the motives of these nations. The Beast will have to move down to the ME to secure energy resources (The Abomination of Desolation of Daniel 12 and Luke 21: 20), Manasseh in its weakened chaotic state will try to intervene to gain control, Judah will react to appose the Beast, but to no avail, as the Beast wild and desperate will be triumphant, and the GT will formally begin.

Brethren, these are the times of sorrows which will rapidly escalate to the final prophetic last days, WATCH and be sober therefore as Christ Jesus our Lord Commanded us and prepare, peaches and cream time is over as Mr Herbert W Armstrong once said being ahead of his time 40 years but warning accurately for what was coming.

Take care dear brethren, you are always in our prayers, and look to and trust in our God and His Word to see us through into the KOG and trust not in human world leaders who babel and babel but no truth comes out whatsoever but lies and deceit, and beware of false teachers and prophets as we have being warned time and time again that will spring up more and more in the coming last days.      

Until next time,
May God’s Grace, peace, love, Law and truths be firmly intrenched in our minds and hearts as we face these last days with our Faith and trust in GOD unshaken no matter what befalls this Babylonian world of Satan and what perils are ahead.

warmest regards brethren,


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