Festive Season Greetings Dear Brethren of the Church of God

To the dispersion of the Philadelphians(ex- worldwide members, HWA); Grace, peace and love from GOD our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Greetings Dear beloved of GOD, scattered abroad to the four winds due to a lack of Apostleship, yet Christ our Lord is ever with His Bride, preparing  Her for what is coming and His return. I pray all of His faithful are safe and well under God’s Grace and love, as world events evolve into the last days, with the morphing of major European nations into a war like state, awakening the Beast as Assyria is reinventing herself due to current events continuing to develop and escalate as Satan and His demons with his human instrumentalities are working in overdrive to defeat God’s purpose and plan for humanity. Current world conditions on all fronts and events have put the coming of the Great Affliction (GT) and the day of The Lord on the fast track to its absolute certain prophetic conclusions. Events continue to evolve and escalate daily and as I have said before, they have passed the point of no return. Once again we are approaching God’s last three Holy season events, Day of Atonement-FOT-Last Great Day, Trumpets having already past on the 1st day of the seventh biblical month. I wish you all a safe, peaceful and profitable festival season that God has given us to remind us of His plan for the salvation of Humanity. May God’s Grace and peace be multiplied to His scattered flock in this end time dispersion, and may His Spirit fill and lead His people to grow in the knowledge and Grace of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ and the Love of God and all His ways. My wife and I are presently driving 2000 km to keep these days in Queensland, and attempting to finish my greetings on our first evening stop. Going early for FOT to spend some time with our daughter, and will soon be joined by our son and his family. Brethren, this may very well be the very last FOT as we know it due to deteriorating world events; I hope not, as observing these days is spiritually rejuvenating.   

Brethren, here we are finally in these last irrational, and insane days, where actions and talk by world leaders and where common sense and mutual respect has ceased to exist, and the threat of human existence to the point of total annihilation is a certain reality. Yet, we as God’s Elect follow the Holy Scriptural instructions, always looking Godward, seeking and besieging God for Faith, courage, strength and inner peace to hold on and endure in these truly perilous times, to the end of this era, always in full assurance and trust in the WORD of GOD,  remembering the promised place of safety to be fed spiritually and physically during the great affliction and Jacobs trouble for those who are faithful and enduring to the end, preparing and never in doubt.

Dear beloved brethren, there should be no doubt at all by God’s chosen Elect of the times we are living in, IF we are watching. I have being warning and predicting about today’s world events for many years now as I knew these days were coming because of the teaching of the Church by God through His end time Apostle Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, as the signs of the times foretold by the Holy Scriptures were starting to reveal themselves after the death of His Apostle and the finishing of his commission, the work of the Philadelphian era of the Church of GOD, fulfilling Matth 24:14, a commission given to God’s End time Apostles and to raise the Philadelphia era of the church of God to support him. I’m pleased to say that I now hear that some ministers in cogs are now starting to warn and to prepare; this is great news! And yet the Laodicean spirit predominantly prevails over most of God’s church today sad to say.
And now as we watch we are astounded, but not surprised at world events, and as these last few years are the beginning of sorrows of the end times brethren, what we have seen so far will pale into insignificance compared to the very soon escalating events, which is already happening as I write. I write to you brethren to continually warn God’s people, the church of God, to watch and prepare for what is very soon coming, as I have been for many years now, as events of the last seven years have confirmed. And now I write again dear brethren, as greater and disastrous events are soon to break out on the world stage, coming from Europe as it interacts with Russia, finally morphing to a military body, which will accelerate as the people rise up against the liberal lunacy self destructive current leaders,  and the conservative right traditional nationalist European leaders come to power with the catholic conservative support. This arising from God using Gog/Russia(feeling very threatened by the west) to begin the escalation in war, economic and financial apocalyptic events, that will force the last resurrection of the HRE/Beast as prophesied in Rev 17, which will include the Beast, Ten other conservative  powers in Europe and the revived RCC under a new powerful Pope who will support and act to reinforce the Mark of the Beast under and by the power of Satan. At the same time God will be dealing with the modern House of Israel and Judah as according to Ezek ch 5,6 and 7.


Events unfold worldwide as I write and travelling to keep the FOT in Queensland, and the ramifications/prophesies continue and are understood by God’s people who are watching and praying. I have followed up with some warnings and understanding  of events unfolding and how things will pan out to fulfil God’s prophetic last days according to our churches teachings and understanding and God’s revelations to the Philadelphian era of God’s church through HIS end time Apostle Mr Herbert W Armstrong who was called as an Apostle to fulfil Matth 24:14 through a commission to preach the gospel to the whole world as a witness and restore the truths and governmental structure of His church and prepare a bride for Christ Jesus our Lord. Forty years later end time/last days events are finally coming into a dark reality for humanity. 

Keep watching dear brethren as we snow ball into the great affliction and Jacobs trouble. Ephraim and Manasseh will collapse internally and be invaded and cities destroyed and remnant Israel scattered to the four winds , read Ezek ch5 to 7. God will bring this about and explains why. Germany is on the rise due to fear of becoming insignificant and her pride being rekindled will take the helm and form the Beast power as per Rev 17. AS World (In modern Israel, Judah coming down and the EU reinventing itself as a power) Events and dynamics are evolving, the world is changing, the prophetic winds are blowing; Psychologically, emotionally and with a dark spirit, the human psychic is morphing toward End time last days scenarios dear brethren, FAST, as war has started and will expand and grow as the fear of nuclear annihilation has disappeared, a form of madness and insanity having gripped the world, where anything evil and godless is now possible and acceptable as survival takes precedence. Famines and pestilence to come as being announced by experts due to man’s evil agendas under Satan, yet foretold in the Holy scriptures as God turns it back on them sevenfold, followed by death and destruction as per prophesies, Satan’s Cabal plans backfire on them as they attempt to hide underground to hide from the coming of the Holy One of Israel. Nuclear war is now unashamedly openly discussed. And brethren, this can and will happen in Ukraine as the West threatens Russias existence through their foolishness and total hypocritical and arrogant mindset of double standards. Brethren, it is crystal clear to where all this is finally heading; God’s prophetic last days and to the return of Jesus Christ! The world is not going back to the old Order, nor do we want it to, this is an entirely new world order of evil challenged by forces designed by God to do so and bring the world of Satan to an end.

Woes unto Israel and Judah are intensifying due to their rejection of the God of Israel and therefore having lost the blessings of the birthright because of all the godlessness and evils that have resulted; For the Abomination that causes desolation draws near to be followed by Jacobs trouble. We are much closer to the End dear brethren than we realise, believe it dear brethren, as prophesy is being fulfilled before our very eyes. Babylon, ie Beast power, who’s  geography is in the old HRE in Europe, is being set up for total destruction as per Jer 50 toward the End of the GT and other prophesies. Ezek 38: 1 to 7 is the current events with Russia/ Ukraine/Europe/China is been put into place for this destruction, and the rest of the chapter is for after Christ’s return. But first the Beast must rise from the submerged Chaos, ie events in the EU, and then the morphing of EU/NATO led by Assyria(Germany) into the unified economic but more military Beast power (as we see and hear talk to this end by certain EU leaders, and the fear of no energy and food scarcity comes with its consequences. The Church was right again! War will be about ENERGY(Oil, gas and food scarcity, and thus the ME scenario by the BEAST power, to secure gas and oil) as the beast will respond to Russia’s refusal to supply oil, gas and other commodities(due to current crisis) and also events in the Middle East endangering supply of fuels, causing large scale intervention by the Beast, bringing about the Abomination of desolation and destruction of Jerusalem. When this happens the GT(great affliction) starts, Matth 24:15 – 22. Watch! With the bulk of its(Beast) armed forces in the ME with headquarters in Jerusalem, the hordes will be stirred even more so, and the homeland of the Beast destroyed, will come down for the final battle in Megiddo just pryer to Christ’s return; again brethren, be prepared for the two witnesses to be given their commission by GOD to go forth with the testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophesy, and do battle with the Beast and the False prophet once the abomination of desolation takes place!

To repeat dear brethren; The Churches teaching and understanding continues to guide us. Beloved Elect of God, prepare for what is coming, food, water, energy etc for at least a few months. “A prudent man sees calamity coming and prepares, a wise man sees trouble coming and hides away; come out of her my people that ye be not partakers of her sins and incur the wrath of GOD”. Some ministers are now also warning to prepare food, water, energy etc at least for a few months; this is wise dear brethren! The most intense nightmare of the last days are almost upon us.

 Again dear brethren, our ‘ Faith’ once delivered is unshakable as we fight the fight and endure to the end of this marathon race. Yet sadly, as I have said before, many brethren have surrendered to Caesar through fear and lack of Faith in God to provide and protect His people, and fallen for demonic agendas. 

To repeat dear Brothers and Sisters, by now there should be no doubt as to where this world under Satan is heading and the times we have entered in. Warning! More plaques are on the way with more jabs(poisons) to be forced on humanity, the lull and pretence of return to so-called normality is coming to an end. Lies and deceit are out of control worldwide as the liars believe their own lies, Satan and his demons know they are about to be thrown into the bottomless pit at Christ’s very soon return!   

Until next time,
May God’s Grace, love, Law and truths be firmly intrenched in our minds and hearts as we face these last days with our Faith and trust in GOD unshaken no matter what befalls this Babylonian world of Satan and what perils are ahead.

warmest regards brethren,