Signs of things to come: Global Government for a NWO; however, it will be destroyed, but not by human hands or effort.

For members of the church of the living God only.

Dear brethren, those called of God and acknowledge the apostleship of HWA and his commission that was fulfilled at the time of his death, and who was the Elijah who was to come before Christ return, the video documentaries below are very important to watch as they open your eyes to the evils unfolding and coming into being. They are also part of our instruction to watch, as Christ commanded us to do, so that we may not be caught unawares of end time prophesies and His return; as the five virgins found out the hard way and paid the penalty for it.

Below are two documentaries by Alex Jones; exposing the agendas of the global ruling elite before these last days of the fulfillment of end time prophetic events, before and at Christ return:

ENDGAME, blueprint for global enslavement.

The Obama Deception; the false messiah and puppet of the global ruling elite.

The Christ shall return and destroy the beast and the armies of the nations and the false prophet as they attempt to do battle with Him, and He shall then establish the kingdom of God on Earth, and Satan shall be cast into the bottomless pit for a thousand years. And mankind shall live under the ruler-ship of Jesus Christ who shall establish utopia on earth for a thousand years while Satan is banished. At the end of the thousand years Satan shall be released for a little while before he is banished again for ever. So says the Word of God!

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