Israeli 24-hour news channel launches, with eyes on the world

By: Ruth Eglash
The Washington Post
July 19, 2013

TEL AVIV – Israel’s growing rift with the European Union, peace talks with the Palestinians and the turmoil in Egypt were just a few of the stories to make headlines Wednesday on i24, the world’s newest 24-hour TV news channel — and Israel’s first.

Israel is one of the most news-centric countries in the world, with a robust domestic media landscape and a small army of foreign correspondents. But until Wednesday it did not have a 24-hour television news channel broadcasting from its shores.

The new channel aims at news junkies worldwide who are interested in the Middle East. It will broadcast simultaneously in English, French and Arabic, according to i24 founder and CEO Frank Melloul.

There are no plans to broadcast in Hebrew, reflecting the channel’s focus on an international audience, rather than the domestic one. Melloul said the goal is to show a different side of Israel, especially to people who may have a negative view of the country.

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