Inerviews With Historian Dr. Webster Griffith Tarpley, an author and historian from Washington, discussing world issues.

Date: 07/07/2012


Geneva Conference on Syria Ends in Stalemate as Russia Hangs Tough Against US Extortion; More Hysterical Outbursts by Hillary Clinton; US-NATO Endgame is MicroStates, MiniStates, Partition

Reports of Turkish and Saudi Troops Massing on Syrian Borders as NATO Presses for Regime Change at Geneva Conference; Right-Wing Hysteria Over Supreme Court Obamacare Decision Neglects 40 Million Americans with No Medical Insurance; Time to Defend People, Not Ideologies

Turkey’s Erdogan Continues Provocations Against Syria in Service of Gulf Monarchies; Advice to Turkish Government: “Vaziyeti Kurtaran Bahane” – Find a Face-Saving Way Out; Geneva Conference on Syria Saturday June 30

Russia Reportedly Preparing 2 Divisions, Spetsnaz Brigade for Deployment to Syria; Mini-Goebbels Ben Rhodes of Obama White House Runs Colossal Black Propaganda Op to Assist NATO Coup; Massacre of Alawites and Christians Looms; Cass Sunstein Destabilizes Vatican to Muzzle Protest