You’ve just been Sandy Hooked – why everything from politics to health care is pure theater

By: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Thursday, January 24, 2013
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(NaturalNews) America, you’ve just been Sandy Hooked. You have played the part of an audience watching a gargantuan theatrical production complete with fake actors, fake news coverage and a fake narrative. I’m not saying nothing happened at Sandy Hook and that children weren’t killed; what I’m saying is that everything after the event was constructed as complete theater: the selective publicizing of only those parents the media wants you to see, the refusal to release actual video footage from inside the school, the rapid alteration of the official storyline to shift from handguns to the now-infamous “AR-15” that the media claims was used in the shooting, without a single shred of evidence that such a rifle even exists.

But it’s not just Sandy Hook. I’m using the term “Sandy Hooked” in a much larger sense to encompass the recent fake inauguration of a President with a fake alias and an obviously faked birth certificate. The band was faked; the “live” singing was faked; the speech was teleprompter-driven; the news coverage was an orgy of fairyland wishes that have virtually no chance of ever coming true.

The fakery started long before Obama

But it’s not even just Obama, you see. George Bush masterminded the faked war on terror and the fake justifications for the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, with all its fake authority but very real sexual molestation at the airports.

The federal government, whether under a Republican or a Democratic administration, operates with the arrogance of fake authority that was never granted to it under the Constitution. But you are suckered into it thanks to the help of the fake mainstream media news running fake stories based on faked evidence — such as the CDC ridiculously claiming flu shots are “62% effective.”

The FDA readily accepts faked medical studies as “scientific evidence.” The psychiatric industry invents thousands of fake diseases and then claims the sole authority to diagnose and “treat” those fictitious conditions. The junk food industry runs endless television ads creating false impressions about their products which are loaded with artificial (faked) ingredients.

Yep, the blueberries in your blueberry muffins are faked. The aroma of McDonald’s french fries is faked with chemicals. The fresh pink color of the sliced ham you bought is also faked (with sodium nitrite).

Mammograms generate 10 fake diagnoses of breast cancer for every real one. Chemotherapy is fake medicine (quackery) that actually causes cancer. In fact, the entire breast cancer industry is right now running a massive hoax by faking like it’s “searching for the cure for cancer” — an absurd idea, given that such a cure would instantly put the multi-billion-dollar cancer industry out of business.

At every turn, you’re being Sandy Hooked with lies, disinfo and distractions from the things that really matter.

Hooked like a fish on the line

The entire gun control argument we’re all hearing right now is a complete hoax. How will removing guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens magically cause criminals to turn them in? It won’t. The argument is a hoax based on nothing more than irrational emotional appeal.

The banking industry is a grand, global conspiracy of financial fakery, where they steal the value of your money by generating more free money for themselves. The Federal Reserve isn’t federal. And it has no reserves. It’s all been faked!

Elections are faked on a grand scale. One-third of the Facebook troll comments you read on alternative channels like Natural News or Info Wars are generated by faked accounts run by linguistic algorithms to make them seem real. Nearly all online polls run by the mainstream media are completely faked — manipulated to show the results they want.

Internet website awards are completely faked, too. I remember a couple of years ago when I was nominated for an award as a top health writer, and we had so much support that we easily beat all the other nominees and achieved a dominant first place position thanks to real votes placed by real people. What did the awards organization do? They deleted my nomination because they couldn’t stand for Natural News to receive first place.

Google News is faked because they deleted all the real news sources from their system and now run only conformist, mainstream news sources. The TV news you see is completely faked because all the real stories are spiked while fake stories are scripted in order to show you only what they want you to see.

Government jobs numbers are faked (but you already knew that), and of course anytime a politician in Washington says they’re going to “cut spending,” that’s always a complete fake (what they actually mean is they’re going to slightly reduce the growth in spending).

The federal tax code is complete fakery. The government doesn’t need a dime from you to operate itself. It can just create all the money it needs out of thin air just as we all witnessed with the bankster bailouts. The government can even create these new trillion-dollar coins to get out of debt. So if it can create trillion-dollar coins, why does it need any money from you and I? (Answer: It doesn’t. The tax code exists solely as a form of social control.)

Oh yeah, and the education your children are receiving in public school is largely faked. Fake history, fake science and faked social studies. Public schools don’t teach children about reality, they teach children to conform to popular mythologies.

You’ve all been Sandy Hooked. Not just from the actual Sandy Hook incident, but from birth. You’re living in a Truman Show… the Matrix… the Island. (Those are three important movies to watch again.)

Your mind is used by manipulators for target practice. You are a puppet of their machinations, and you’ve been taught that everything REAL — gold, guns, facts and farming — is actually bad. If you want to be considered good, you must conform as an obedient order-taker who relishes his own enslavement.

Why this matters

Why does all this really matter? Because your SOUL is real, and your soul is here to experience a fulfilling life that’s being stolen from you with every hoax, every faked event and every deception being played out in front of us.

When the insidious power brokers achieve such deep deceptions, they rob from you the opportunity to explore and express your true highest self during this short life experience.

Instead of being the amazing thinker, artist, innovator or leader you have the potential to be, you end up becoming a mind-controlled obedient conformist who is afraid to stand out.

The deceivers are stealing your LIFE from you, and they turning a life that could have held value into an unremarkable life that serves no higher purpose.

That’s the real cost of all the fakery and theater: It’s not that they’re just lying to you, they are stealing from your soul and oppressing the true self just waiting to be activated inside you.

That’s why I say wake up and see the Matrix. It’s the only way to save your soul from the curse of having lived a life of mindless obedience instead of unbridled achievement and joy.

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