Rand Paul Surges Ahead Of Conway Despite Stomp Smear

By: Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Friday, October 29, 2010
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Latest poll shows Paul 9 points ahead, illustrating futility of establishment demonization campaign

291010topDespite the Conway campaign shamelessly exploiting the notorious stomp on MoveOn activist Lauren Valle for political grist, while failing to mention that Valle herself attempted to assault Rand Paul before the fracas, Paul has surged ahead of his opponent in the latest poll, which shows the Kentucky candidate leading the race by nine points.

The poll, conducted by Survey USA for the Courier-Journal and WHAS-TV, took place between Sunday and Wednesday, so it would account for the reaction to Monday night’s events, which were ludicrously overblown by people like Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as some kind of harbinger that Tea Partiers were the new brownshirts. Of course, Matthews, Olbermann, and the rest of the establishment talking heads were considerably less outraged when a MoveOn activist bit off the finger of a Tea Partier during an Obamacare protest last year.

As we highlighted yesterday, new video of the entire incident shows Valle attempt to assault Rand Paul before being dragged away by Paul supporters. The subsequent stomp was thuggish and rightly condemned by Paul, which is more than can be said for Conway, who has still failed to denounce an almost identical stomp on an injured female Rand Paul activist by one of his supporters that occurred before the Valle incident.

“Republican Rand Paul has opened up a huge lead in a new poll on the Kentucky Senate race, outpacing Democrat Jack Conway by 9 percentage points,” reports USA Today.

“Paul, an eye surgeon backed by the small-government Tea Party movement, is ahead 52 percent to 43 percent over Conway, the state’s attorney general, according to Gannett colleague Joe Gerth of the Courier-Journal in Louisville.”

A nine point lead just four days before the election is probably insurmountable for Conway, but with all the evidence of Democrats engaged in dirty tricks and vote fraud, don’t put anything past them.

All being fair, leftists are just going to have to admit defeat on this one. The establishment media’s sustained five month demonization campaign against Rand Paul, characterized by endless contrived smears and hoaxes, has failed completely.

If anything, the ceaseless attacks on Paul from a discredited establishment have helped his campaign. Last week, before the stomping controversy, a Mason-Dixon poll had Paul ahead by six points. If anything, he has increased his lead.

Indeed, some are even predicting a “Randslide,” and if Paul does comfortably beat Conway, it will represent a crushing indictment of the establishment media’s waning influence on politics, with the Internet beginning to take its place as Americans become more informed about the real problems that face America, and are not swayed by exaggerated jibes about Rand Paul’s college behavior 30 years ago and the infamous “Aqua Buddha” hoax.

Those who swallowed the hype whole and predicted that the smears against Paul ’spelled the collapse of his political career’ are now having to eat their words.

Rand Paul is quickly building a reputation as a Teflon Senator. His unparalleled ability to stay on message and stick to the issues amidst a bombardment of manufactured hoaxes regurgitated by the corporate media should see him coast to victory next week, barring any last minute shenanigans by Conway, who as we have learned from the drug trafficking investigation involving his brother, is not shy of bending the law for his own purposes.

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