Obama impeachment bill gaining steam

By: Jeffrey Phelps
May 19, 2012

Source: http://www.infowars.com/obama-impeachment-bill-gaining-steam/

Hoping to soon pass committee and make it to the house is HCR 107, a bill threatening the possibility of the impeachment of the President of the United States for high crimes and misdemeanors, now thrust into the spotlight.

Citing a demand Wednesday that Obama regain respect for the War Powers Act, constitutional laws that restrict a President from waging a war without first receiving the approval of the people and its Congress, was the architect of the legislation, 9-term North Carolina Congressman, Walter Jones.

Thanking the most popular internet radio show and its host, Alex Jones, was Congressman Jones, grateful for the opportunity to speak to the perfect audience for gaining support and momentum for this type of bill. One that already has multiple co-sponsors.

After all, it was Ron Paul and his supporters who started the modern Tea Party on the very same radio show in 2007, with dedicated listeners and supporters that helped the movement eventually gain national prominence in the 2010 mid-terms, with many ‘unsuspecting’ upsets and likely more on the way.

Stating the need to reign the Peace Prize White House in from continuing the constant, deafening pounding on the drums of war, the Congressman used Libya as a prime example, alleging the constitution explicitly states something the government has mysteriously allowed a free pass on for far too long…Article II, Section 4 of the US Constitution. Alex Jones added Article I, Section 8, Clause 11.

In order to garner approval for the actions taken against Gaddafi in Libya, for instance, Obama went even one step further by openly waging a war, with US troops and equipment, with only an OK by the UN, again declaring Congress totally irrelevant.

Even Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta recently reiterated the startling sentiments in an Armed Services Committee meeting, ones he shared a couple months earlier, while echoing the administration’s open disrespect for the law and arguing for the UN’s authority, over the US, to use the US military overseas, for its own agenda. Open and clear violations that could present a clear and present danger to US national security.

Especially after such egregious acts of war taken by the last few successive administrations, with 2 or 3 panels of experts on the constitution available for testimony, Congressman Jones is looking to fashion a hearing by July, before the committee moves it to the floor.

He’s confident, with the situation at hand, he may finally get enough members of congress to move this type of resolution forward in the house.

Ron Paul and Congressman Jones was with mostly Republicans in 1999 filing suit on Clinton’s decision to bomb Kosovo, but the courts used the easy to say, yet seemingly impossible to accomplish, excuse that “congress has the power to cut the war budgets.”

Last year it was he and only five other Congressman, two other Republicans including Ron Paul and three Democrats, including Dennis Kucinich, confidently taking it to the courts again over Obama’s decision to bomb Libya, with the courts repeating the excuse that Congress already has the ability to cut the funding if they really wanted.

The courts know Congress is very unlikely to cut the war budget, however, because of the political pressure of not wanting to leave the military high and dry during actions overseas, a vicious cycle that perpetuates the problem.

But the broadcast reminded listeners that, technically, the President isn’t even legally “Commander and Chief” until an official Declaration of War is given by Congress as an OK for the President to begin war-time operations against an aggressor. Stunningly, this is something that hasn’t actually happened since prior to the Korean War.

Since the TV boom, however, the government has magically been able to get away with waging wars without approval, on just about whomever they’ve wanted to, and Congress has done virtually nothing to remain relevant against a consistently over-reaching Executive Branch.

All this could very well be a large part of the reason polls have long-stated Congressional approval ratings to be under an astounding 10% for years, with still nothing ever reasonably done to regain the people’s confidence.

Obama is also the first sitting President to ever join a foreign governing body while still sitting President. He accepted the duty of acting Chair of the UN Security Council, even striking the gavel in open session, a clear violation of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Something you’d think a President who happens to also be a former “constitutional law professor” would know is highly illegal and sure to eventually, hopefully attract the attention of the people and its Congress.

Officially introduced to the congressional legislature on March 7tth, the actual title of Congressman Jones’ bill reads, “Expressing the sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution,”

Congressman Jones has also been seen recently spelling out a great case for a Trading with the Enemy Act argument, against Obama, for publicly funding Al Qaeda in Libya with money, weapons and training.

Obama has allegedly used a widely-known, enemy terrorist group, supposedly the prime suspects in the WTC attacks on 9/11, to further an overseas political agenda, apparently also largely run by the UN, at the expense of the US military/taxpayer.

Senator, Prescott Bush, Grandfather to George W. Bush, was also tied to a seizure of the Union Bank and its assets in 1942, suspected of holding gold of behalf of NAZI leaders during WW II.

It seems as though the more things change, the more they actually stay the same. Until now, if the necessary support for HCR 107 has anything to do with it.

Congressmen Jones, Kucinich, Paul and many others ask that citizens and all supporters of the bill call the US Capital switch-board, at 202-224-3121, and ask to speak to your Representative.

They will put you through to your Representative’s office and there you can ask them to co-sponsor and/or support the bill, H.C.R. 107, to help insure the President follows the law and uses the proper channels before waging a war on yet another country.

If you’re unsure who your representatives are, use this official tool to easily locate them by zip code.

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