To the Sacattered Brethren of the Philadelphia Dispersion in the last days

From: Admin
Date: 19/07/2015

To the Church of God in the dispersion; having been scattered from the WWCOG.

Greetings Dear beloved scattered Brethren of the Philadelphian dispersion, soon to be taken to the place of safety as promised if we are watching, praying and enduring, for the time is at hand.

Hope your Sabbath was both peaceful and profitable in the spirit of Truth, Godly love and Grace in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour, in a world that is becoming increasingly perilous to live in where death and destruction has become a normal way of life as normalcy bias has gripped the psychic of men to rationalize the world they live in.

In times such as these we are asked and expected to continually be mindful and pray for all our scattered brethren, and to continue to keep an eye on world events as they cascade one after the other in all the prophetic regions on the face of the Earth. Not a day or a week goes by without some event or events exploding on the scene. In these times of turmoil and the fulfilment of last days prophetic events which are now rapidly coming to pass to bring as the scriptures say a quick end to this age; events speeding up and seeming to be disjointed, yet will bring all into play as recorded in scripture to fulfil God’s WORD even as Christ said, to the letter. Again much has happened since I last wrote. The destabilisation of Israel has begun I believe in full earnest as we observe the events of the day that have no real sanity attached to it, but only to tear apart the fabric of any sense of cohesion left in a people already destined for destruction through war, financial and economic collapse to be followed by unimaginable turmoil, confusion and self assured destruction as men and beast battle against each other for survival; brother against brother and a father against his own as famine and pestilence devours the human soul and the human heart and mind degrade into the abyss of empty feelings and a sense of moral and spiritual responsibilities to ones self and fellow man, and any consciousness of GOD dissipates faster then food for the stomach, until there is nothing left of Ephraim and Manasseh and all Israel. Yet in all this chaotic destruction and struggle for survival there will be a few, a remnant of Jacob which GOD will preserve among Israel who call on HIM during these times of trial and tribulation (Ezek 4-7), from which our merciful GOD will restore the fortunes of jacob and truly fulfil all the promises to Abraham for his physical descendants. Today, even though all signs and events have surrounded the birthright tribes, its people are still in denial and oblivious to the catastrophic end time climatic events about to unfold, even as their own false prophets proclaim disaster.

Brethren I feel compelled To speak to you, for we have entered dark times and the end of days for the sun has set on Manasseh:

Brethren, we must earnestly pray for each other and the Church of God, as we have entered into the beginning phases of the GT on all Israel; for the dark prince of Manasseh (and again I repeat he will not give up power but become the first dictator of Manasseh after a main event of a destructive nature which is coming very soon as I have warned previously; maybe even imminent (what just occurred was only a forerunner)) continues to inflame the wrath of God with his acts of tyranny on the world and Jacob’s children and applauding the abominable decision by the corrupt so-called supreme judges of Manasseh to legalise sin and acts of abominations and Sodomy and to turn righteousness to sin and the family unit as a filthy institution. This came as no surprise but expected considering the direction of wicked hearts and the dark prince of Manasseh’s fancies of similar domains. Woe unto Israel for abomination and sodomy is rife with the rulers of Israel as Pandora’s box of foul and evil acts are unleashed on Israel.

Brethren, not to burden you but to reiterate and encourage, time is short and desperate times have come upon Israel as the curses of Duet 28 and Ezek 4-7 proclamations  and many other prophetic judgments of punishment and bondage unfold due to abominations, sodomy and many other serious sins of a corrupt heart and soul and rebellion against the supreme God who fulfilled His promises to the patriarch Abraham, and yet in all this they had still forgotten their God. Modern Israel’s leaders were corrupt of heart from the beginning even though they gave great oratory for public consumption in the founding of a new nation of Manasseh. yet there were many good decent people who came to make the nation great under God’s blessings. But, from the beginning of this nation Ephraim and Manasseh have not kept the ordinances and precepts of Almighty GOD as commanded to Israel, some of which are the land rest and forgiveness of debt every seven years and the jubilee year every seven cycles and one year called today the super Shemitah as explained by the Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, which actually falls this year; This brings its own punishment and calamities on top of all their other abominable sins.

As God’s elect and called out of this world we need to be ever so vigilant of the signs and time we live in, as we have just past another sign post revealing where we are in, in time sequence of end time events. I am convinced that the decision by these judges was the final straw that broke the Camels back. Events are occurring and situations developing at this moment to take down Israel; a catastrophic event has taken place brethren and another is about to take place. The first was the total destruction of the heart and mind of Israel, the second will be of destruction on a mega scale forcing authoritarian overlords to subdue the nation under the dark prince and bring in desolation of the people and the land (I just wonder if the prophesy of Daniel and Matth 24 has a dual application). Yet men think that its just evil men doing this, and they are right, but they don’t know or ask the question why is God allowing it and even bringing it about. The dark prince works for the kings over the world who work for the ruler of this world, who will reward the dark prince with power and authority over many, even the representation of the Beast. To add to all this now bring in the events in the EU, Greece, Ukraine, the ME, Africa and the rest of the world and one realises the urgency of the times we live in. The world is rapidly changing, there is an evolution going on, Gog and Magog and the hordes are forming a partnership to battle the beast, and as I have mentioned before the EU  and now NATO as well, will dissolve and morph into what we understand to be the Beast without Manasseh and Ephraim involved but will be their instrument of destruction. The dark prince of Manasseh hates modern Israel and Judah as he has made it known by his fruits and its not surprising he will be the instrument of Israel’s downfall; war, economic and financial collapse, famine, disease and death to many millions.

Again to reiterate: In times such as these we must never take our eyes off our calling and election, never taking our eyes off Christ and the legacy of the Philadelphia era of the church under Mr. HWA. For we were called under this era and it is our legacy, and to deny it would deny the calling of God the Father through Jesus Christ, and therefore deny Jesus Christ himself. Unfortunately many cogs have forgotten this legacy, which becomes evident through the speaking of their leaders with their own doctrines and ideas.
We must be watching current events closely, seeing that events are building up world wide and Israel is being abandoned despite what one hears on the main stream media. Alliances are in place and new ones forming turning their back on Israel, whom they consider a problem and a cause of evils on the earth. Assyria is to be watched as she Maneuvers for dominance seeing the writing on the wall for Ephraim and Manasseh and perceiving the dangers of the hordes. We truly live in a diabolical world in which nothing is as it seems. And again I predict that man of sin/beast of Rev 13:11 is yet to come on stage and will replace the current leader of Mystery Babylon the great and mother of harlots, and it will happen soon and suspect he will be a black Pope.

As I have mentioned before time and again, we are expected to continue to strive in the Philadelphian spirit and fulfil Rev 3:7-13 and the royal law of Godly love, as WE have not forgotten our God and His Son Jesus the Christ according to our calling as we strive to contend for the faith once delivered and comprehending the legacy of the church from 1927 to 1986, and remembering where we are in time, for all that we once knew will soon come to an end; and therefore we continue to watch and pray, being found worthy to escape the GT as the Philadelphian remnant according to the promise; and God never lies or fails to fulfill His Word; 2015 not only promises to be an eventful year on a global scale, but has proven it in the first half, and what is to come in the second half is hard to grasp because of the awful events to unfold.

As Christ Jesus our Lord and God commanded, we love you all deeply brethren and pray for all, especially the ill and afflicted of God’s people, and look forward to the time of our glorification when the church will have made herself ready to meet Christ in the clouds on the last great trumpet sound, when He sends His angels to collect His saints from the four corners of the globe.

Dear brethren again I repeat, I am compelled to share with you these things, until next time take care, and continue to grow in the Faith, knowledge and grace of our Lord and savour Jesus Christ. May God’s grace and peace continue to overshadow His people everywhere until the appearing of His Son

warmest regards and brotherly love from your brethren in Christ