Warning to the Elect of God

Scattered brethren of God’s elect,

To the Beloved of God and of Christ, greetings.

To the elect of God in the dispersion, hope all are doing well,  as well as can be under each their circumstances in these last days. Because of the terrible days we live in, you are never far from our thoughts. For the last few years now we have been sending our personal greetings to a few of you with our thoughts and comments as well as articles and videos of events and news that is taking place in the house of Israel, Europe and the Middle East; our way of having fellowship with God’s elect. But, in this writing I address all who will find the site and take the time to listen and hear the warnings of a brother in Christ; as Christ our Chief Shepherd warned, “The time is at hand”.

In the past I have expressed my thoughts about: the evils of the global ruling elite, from their plans for a global new world order (which does not include Ephraim and Manasseh); about pagan demonic worship (resurrection of Mystery Babylon, religion of the ancient pagans from Babylon to Egypt, intertwined with the modern pagan Christian religions, and the infiltration of pagan eastern faiths); about Marshal Law now actually in force through FEMA, the TSA, Home land security, the Patriot act, militarization of civil police forces and using the armed forces within the borders on the homeland (forbidden by the constitution), the use of high tech weapons on the public; microwave and ultrasound weapons etc.

We addressed the matter of the desires of the global elite, wanting to eventually destroy Ephraim and Manasseh after they have exhausted their financial wealth, industrial clout, economic and military power in fulfilling their world dominating agendas; stealing trillions of dollars of the peoples money, for so called ‘Bail Outs’ to give to the giant banks of the world, and for them to buy the smaller banks; subjugating rebellious and strategically based nations with resources lusted by them (e.g. Iraq and Afghanistan to mention a few recent illegal and immoral invasions and occupations where atrocities are a common place). We have addressed the theme of the dark and evil forces behind the black clouds of swirling flaming winds of global change, and how it is fulfilling end time prophetic events; just as God foretold through His prophets of old, due to the manifold sins of the nations of Judah and Israel (deceitful Judah and rebellious Israel) and the gentiles. The time has come, when God said he would bring an end to man’s rule of His Earth. God is once again about to stretch His right hand and clench His fist and shake this earth because it is filled with the filthy sins of rebellious man, as he warned through His prophets of old.

In today’s reality, Ephraim and Manasseh can be described as police states (crept in the last 20 or more years). This implies that there is state of undeclared Marshal Law in effect. If there is doubt of that reality, research the consequences of individuals back chatting a police officer, or video tapping or photographing an officer, or a government building or demonstrating for some cause, e.g. against G20, G8 or a Bilderberg or FCR meeting etc. The consequences are too horrifying to contemplate. The public have been shot or beaten to death or brutally beaten into unconsciousness and then charged with assaulting police and resisting arrest. Basically, the public is treated as the enemy of the state; a fingerprint of a police state.

Refusing an unauthorized, unconstitutional and illegal search and seizure operation will bring upon that individual the wrath of the state. Chances are high this individual will be either killed, or brutally beaten by numerous enforces and repeatedly tasered and charged for assault and resisting arrest. If he/she lives long enough to go to law, he/she must have clear video footage of their innocence and a sharp lawyer; the truth by word itself will not save them! The evidence available to convince one of this fact is overwhelming.

The global ruling elite know there will be an uprising of the populous when the curtain starts to come down and the turmoil from the collapse of society and its services begins. The global elite have therefore prepared the infrastructure through their servants and sub servants, to put the uprising and threats to their agendas down. For they know that the might of a popular uprising in Ephraim and Manasseh can hinder their world agenda plans if they, the populous regain their countries and turn the might of the armed forces against them who are forming the beast power. This beast power as prophesied in Revelation and the prophet Daniel will quickly swallow them up once the end time prophetic events begin to unfold in their fury. These elitist are the high priest of Balaam, and hide behind the Vail of Secrecy so that they be not known, as they resurrect mystery Babylon the great and the worship of demons through the incarnation of the Holy Roman Empire.

Why this blog? As a member of God’s church and His elect, I am compelled to write, and because we care! God’s people must take warning of the things to come very soon now. Brethren, if we open our eyes we will see that world war three is just around the corner if Iran is attacked (strong indications are that they will be attacked within the next few months). At minimum this will be the beginning of the end; to start the ball rolling towards that end and starting the home run to Christ second coming. Remember what Christ said,” Not one dot, not one iota will pass from the law until all is fulfilled”, because God says, He will accomplish it. The Middle East is the focal point of all prophecy and here is where it will begin, first a spark and then a flame that will quickly spread and engulf all nations.

This will bring about the emergence of the head of the beast power rising out of Europe and polarized around Assyria, the rod of God’s anger. This will be followed by the formation of ten regions of power or kingdoms to be run by ten governors (kings) who will be appointed by the global ruling elite, and who will for a short time reluctantly give their allegiance to the beast because of external threats from the hordes. Thus the resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire with its influence worldwide, as this system will be based on the same framework as the old Roman Empire with its influence over the known world at that time.

Even in these times trade and commerce will abound and the beast will make a seven-year covenant with the House of Judah; meanwhile the house of Israel will be breaking down from internal woes to be finally invaded by the beast power, ultimately fulfilling the inevitable prophesy of Jacob trouble; brought about because of their many willful unrepented abominable sins coupled with their rebellion against the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, even though God warned them repeatedly.

Therefore, I strongly believe that God’s people should prepared for what is coming very soon now; spiritually and physically, and to take some practical material steps as wise stewards of God’s Word and warnings; as some ministers (to their credit) have been warning for the last few years; as a precaution, before God takes His chosen ones to the place of safety because of their patient endurance. Always keeping in mind that God is our protector and provider and that ultimately our faith and patience is in Him.

It is always precarious speaking on these issues as though setting times and dates, it is not, as Christ gave all the criteria for his people to be watching and knowing where the world is in time sequence and events. Therefore, seeing the events and conditions and how things are developing and have developed since the beginning of Mr. H. W. Armstrong’s commission in 1927 and the speeding up of events since his death of January 1986, leaves us in no doubt and with no uncertainty that we are living in the very last days; having fulfilled the stated commission of Matthew 24:14 from 1927 to 1986; “and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached as a warning unto all nations, and then the end will come”!

Whether you love him or hate him or somewhere in between makes no difference, the man and his humanity is not the issue (neither was the NT Apostles or the OT prophets the issue); he was simply the instrument God used to fulfill that specific commission, with the backing of the church. But, the purpose and plan of God is the ultimate cause and affect. And now the reality is we are in the final run of fulfilling all end time prophetic events, leading to the glorious triumphant return of Jesus Christ and the ushering in of the kingdom Of God on earth and the reestablishment of His government over all mankind.

This is not a time for fear to dictate to God’s people what to do or not to do, or relying on a failed ministry for their delivery and salvation, i.e. not to look to men but to God to stir up strong feeling of hope, deliverance and salvation. The author feels strongly about the days we are living in and feels compelled to speak out and warn and arouse God’s people out of sleep, whatever the consequences, for I fear and love God and His people by far the more. The spirit of God within me is like a fire in my belly, burning with desire to speak out while we can, for the time is now coming when all speech will be silenced. Hopefully others are doing likewise. Satan is becoming frantic in his effort to destroy God’s people as his time is running short.

There are many and various article and videos you can research on the Internet, revealing the urgency of the times. Take time to read through them and also watch the two lengthy revealing videos on this web site in the World News page under the articles menu button. Its vital we all become aware of the reality of this evil world we live in. Do not make the mistake that this author supports these authors in their deductions, outcomes, conclusion, why things are happening and how they will end up etc; they are totally ignorant of the truth and purpose of God the Almighty.

God is not in the picture for them, they do not understand how Satan is involved and what the eternal God the Most high is working out here below; they are void of the spiritual dimension. They hold individuals of God’s church in distain because of our lack of apparent direct involvement. They suggest that these Christians use Christ return, as an excuse not be involved, because of fearfulness and letting others fight their battles for them. They only see things as here and now, white and black, good battling evil; the historical perpetual battle for rulership of the Earth with the erroneous belief that there is an evil, malevolent and malicious quintessence in an eternal conflict with its opposite; goodness.

These authors (or watchers of the night) however, do see what is going on in the world and the agendas of the global ruling elite on the physical and material level; many are very informed and discerning of the goings on and try to expose their global agendas; thinking they can change the course of future (prophetic) events. They are in a real sense false prophets, if we use the same criteria as was used for false prophets back in the days of ancient Israel; in this case apposing God’s end time prophesies.

Brethren, we know the truth of God! For in God we trust, and not in men! We glean the newsworthy items and events relating to God’s prophetic end time events for the purpose of watching and being prepared and not to be caught unawares, as instructed by our Lord Christ.

Your brother in Christ.

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