The Great Tribulation Just Ahead For God’s People!

To those called of God and who are precious in His eyes, and greatly beloved by the God of Israel. As is physical Israel, we more so as the spiritual bride of Christ are the Apple of His eye. Brethren, God loves His people deeply and His Will is that we All enter into life eternal in HIS KINGDOM. God is not trying His people to cause them to fail or to stumble, or to test us to see if we are worthy for His Kingdom; to remind ourselves, eternal life is by Grace given to us through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who died in our place for our sins; Christ’s shed blood cleanses us of our sin and His death reconciles us to the Father; who was raised to eternal life. It is through Christ’s resurrection to life, that we will also be raised and given eternal life; This is a free gift to us through Grace, because of the love and mercy of God Most High, when He gave up His only begotten son to die for the sins of mankind whom God Almighty made in His own image and likeness.

Brethren, God is trying us in these last days to strengthen us and build into us His Holy Righteous perfect Character, for our perfection in the faith. To be finally born a new creation (born again) in Christ at the second coming of Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour, teacher and chief shepherd.

Patience is required through these trying times as Christ foretold, as a Millennial Sabbath is about to dawn, where man at last will become One with God; where we will enjoy the wonderful fruits of living Gods way of life as His Spiritual Children, ruling over all the earth as kings and priest over nations and cities, under Jesus Christ our beloved and adored King of kings, High Priest and Elder brother; and to bring God’s truth and ways to people surviving into the Millennium and beyond. This is what awaits God’s people, the called out ones and therefore the elect of God. What a wonderful and joyous hope we have Brethren, so lets take on board as never before the admonishment, teachings, instructions and commands by our chief Shepherd Jesus Christ to remain faithful and endure to the end; overcoming, growing and building a stronger and closer relationship with God Our Father, our Lord Jesus Christ and each other. By this, all men will know that we are His disciples.

Scattered Brethren, and beyond, members of Christ Spiritual Bride, the Church of the living God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; to be with Christ for eternity at His return. It is hoped we are all striving for perfection; obeying His commandments, keeping His weekly Sabbaths honourably and His annual Holy days faithfully; having fellowship in the spirit and joy in the knowledge of our Great GOD. We are encouraged by the Word of God and the symbolism of the Sabbath to strive and stay close to God in these terrible evil time about to unfold on Ephraim and Manasseh and the rest of the tribes of Israel; as we endure to the end in the faith once delivered; patiently waiting for the call from God to flee to the place of Safety already prepared for us. Lets continue to pray for one another and at the same time be watching and praying to escape these things to come as Jesus Christ forewarned us, so that we be not caught of guard, as of that day and hour no man knows, and so not be sorrowful at the coming difficult times as many will be not knowing the way of escape or of the hope that is in us. Let us also pray for the healings of our brethren and the blessings on others and as the FOT approaches to pray for all to have a spiritually best FOT ever and profitable in every way; and as the saying goes, ”Next year Jerusalem”.

The hope is you will all be spiritually fed with meat and fired up by the sermons about the KOG and its soon coming; re_energised to stay close to God and fight our spiritual battles as the coming 12 months or more will see the world spiralling towards its inevitable end, with the formation in its completeness of the HRE with its aim to destroy physical Israel because of her grievous and abominable sins; which will include the martyr of God’s spiritual children, the Laodiceans, the last era of God’s church, as part of their purification for those so blessed to be in the first resurrection.

The sins of Israel are catching up to its people and its leaders, who are falling into Balaam worship (including the presidents of Manasseh) behind closed doors of the yearly gathering at the Bohemian Grove; demonic worship of the ancient pagan god Molech of the Hittites, Ammon and other ancient nations. It involves burning an effigy of a person or child before the altar of their demon god; recent Presidents and Prime Ministers of Ephraim and Manasseh as well as others sought astrological advice for their national decisions and still do in their private lives; seeking demonic advice instead of seeking their God, just like king Saul. All this and more.

Kings 11:7, Then did Solomon build an high place for Chemosh the abomination of Moab, in the mount that is before Jerusalem, and for Molech the abomination of the children of Ammon.

Lev 20:5, then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people.

Jer 32:35, And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination; to cause Judah to sin.

There are many other scriptures, Lev 18:21, 2Kings 23:10, Jer 7:30.

We live in dark and terrible times brethren, where ‘evil’ lurks behind closed doors but is now becoming more braising and forthright, not afraid to show its ugly and hideous head among the common man and rulers that be, even to the high and powerful and the elite of the world who consider themselves above the rest of common man and who believe destined to rule as they please over all mankind. Brethren, the supreme financial elite of the world, together with their servants, and who are all servants of Satan the Devil, are stalking the peoples of the earth and nations, to cause a union and opposition to all that is Godly, to bring about the final resurrection, under the influence of the Babylonian mystery religion, the HRE and swift destruction of Ephraim and Manasseh because of their many, many sins. All according to God’s curses announced through the prophetic word by Moses and the prophets as inspired by God and moved through the Holy Spirit.

There are many foreign prominent leaders in Israel, one of which may become the head of the Beast or its spokesman, who personifies the beast itself. He is even at this moment groomed by the elite for such leadership. Who openly worships the ideals, purposes and agendas of Third Reich, and who idolizes and imitates Hitler his countryman, the Devils servant. Who’s spirit endures and will transform the Third Reich into the Fourth which will be known as the Beast; powered by the military engine of the revived HRE and organized and governed by the system known as Mystery Babylon the Great the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth (personified by the false prophet and the man of sin), being the glue that binds the Ten kings with their kingdoms to the Beast; spreading dominance and fear throughout the earth.

The powers behind the scenes, the super elite, who run the world’s finances and economies, want these particular leaders and government officials who are their puppets, to be in those position, all the way to the top. For they are all part of the same club, with the same goals and agendas to form a world power ruled by them. They have shown from what they say and the policies they have and the laws they pass that they are part of the Globalist elite’s plan for mankind; for bigger more powerful central government and for a New World Order and banking system; frightening events, as the last 20 years has seen the leaders of Ephraim and Manasseh pushing for a New World Order, and dismantling the ancient tribes of Israel for the purpose of surrendering there sovereignty to the gentles, mainly to the rising beast with 10 horns, which is currently using the military might of Manasseh (whose government is owned and controlled by the Beast power) to do its bidding; to crush anyone who stands in its way, like Iran, North Korea and the Israelite people themselves!

When finally, Israel (not the Jewish state who calls itself Israel) falls into a heap of economic chaos and civil anarchy, she will fall on her own sword as she begins to devour herself from inside out; as the once powerful protective forces of the people, but now owned and controlled by the so called Minions of the oligarchy, and made up of mostly foreign mindless goons and highly disturbed ex-marines (who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and on their departure left behind death and destruction; having ravaged these ancient lands) who love brutality and spilling the blood of Israel, turn and ravage the once blessed people and lands of the descendents of the Patriarch Abraham. Then, the Beast shall stand on the mount, and rise to feast and grow from the flesh of the once proud people of God. To destroy its cities and erase the symbols of prosperity, to burn and ruin the vast plains and fields that once ran flowing with milk and honey (the blessings promised to Abraham’s descendents). To take booty man and beasts of burden that are left behind alive after the clouds of consuming fireballs abated, leaving behind a scorched land, famines, deceases and death with the unfortunate remnant left behind.

It is absolutely crucial and highly prudent to watch carefully the upcoming meetings and events during the next 12 months by government leaders and their elect with the powerful financial elite in Europe and various place; not always announced; the Bilderberg group, the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), the Club of Rome, the G8 and G20 etc. The decisions made in these behind closed doors clandestine meetings affect every human being on the face of this planet Earth. From what can be seen, Americans everywhere are arming themselves, expecting some form of marshal law due to the anarchy when the economy finally collapses and people panic, causing havoc and seeking food, looting etc. The current president wants more spending and a bigger military force and an internal military civil force, with many changes taking away civil liberties and giving more power to those in real power.

As we observe prophesy it is becoming apparent he will be the final undoing of the US as he is handing the US over to the Globalist and the New World Order elite. Who are using the military might of the US to bring the world under their control. A testing ground was Georgia (secretly backed by NATO and the US) with the Russians. The Russians knowing this came in hard, saying NO; we are prepared to go all the way. NATO and the US as a consequence backed away with only rhetoric and accusations.

Further, the U.S. borrowed 10 Billion dollars from China to give to Pakistan to help in the war with the Taliban and Al-Qaida. They also borrowed billions from Russia and other countries for its war against Iraq. As unbelievable as it sounds brethren, the US is financially enslaved to the gentile nations! From a lender Manasseh has become a borrower, and that for war.

Brethren, we live on the heels of the GT; frightening times just ahead! Manasseh is being bankrupt to bring her down, and being used to wage illegal wars (as the public is hoodwinked to support them through false flag events) and not succeeding, bringing about huge internal turmoil, debt, a crashing economy, panic etc, Manasseh’s military power (whatever is left of it) hijacked for personal agendas by the powerful elite of the western world etc. God’s people who have come out of the world and are separate from it, should nevertheless be aware of the events and happenings of significance relating to end time prophetic scenarios; following news services, radio, TV, main stream media and alternative news media on the internet and else where etc. News, coming out of the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, are all pointing to an uncertain future for the masses, and yet the powerful elite are forging ahead their plans for mankind as though they own the souls of men as they choose who lives and who dies.

When Manasseh is no longer useful to the elite and internal turmoil is imploding the very fabric of society, and it becomes a liability, the elite will then turn there resources towards Europe and help resurrect in full what we know will be the final resurrection of the HRE, which will turn and devour Israel. As Manasseh is being vanquished, Russia and the Eastern Hordes will standby and watch as this once proud nation crumbles. They will then have only the HRE to deal with for world supremacy.

God’s prophetic end time events are beginning to unfold at a rapid pace, as evil is changing the fortunes of Israel. Mr. HWA knew more about the powerful elite and their plans than what he revealed to the church; maybe for his own protection, or for the good of the church, as it was not time yet for us to know, until now. Yet, at times he said, ”there are meetings and conspiracies going on behind closed doors among the elite of which we know little about”.

Brethren, watch and pray and be always alert of all that is going on, on the world scene.

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