The Fires of Perdition Have Just Gotten Hotter!

To the Church of GOD in the dispersion

Greetings beloved brethren of the scattered Philadelphian remnant, and the Laodicenes, remnants of the Worldwide Church of God.

My beloved Brethren of the Church of GOD, may God’s blessing and protection be on all those who struggle to keep the faith once delivered, contending against the powers of darkness in high places as well as those in the flesh who would presume to take our faith and crown of life away from us. May God’s grace, mercy and love be ever-present over His people everywhere, for He has promised He will never leave us nor forsake us as He is perfecting His saints the called out ones, finishing the work He began in us in spite of all the trials and sufferings that our people are experiencing in these time of woes, and there are many brethren suffering! For God the Almighty, merciful creator and author of life who began a good work in us will also finish it, that is His promise if we remain faithful and endure to the end, in spite of the darkness that prevails and evil forces around us, the evil that has consumed and inflames the spirit of wickedness that prevails in the flesh of carnal men with all their violence and hatred toward one another, with all the wars and destruction going on in this very moment in the Middle East and spreading. For the powers of heaven will soon be shaken and the roar of God shall be heard by the wicked in the flesh and the dark forces in high places, and they will tremble with fear when they see the signs of Christ’s return; for they know that HIS coming to Judge and execute righteousness and justice and seek vengeance on all that is evil as well as sinful men who have rejected the WORD of GOD and have long ago abandoned HIS laws and commandments and sort Babylon and abominations and all paganism instead. My beloved brethren, fear not the coming of the days of thunder where the sky will rain death and destruction on humanity, for judgement shall come on all the evil that has been perpetrated upon the earth which is saturated with the blood of the sons of men and where mothers are wailing for their children. For the son of perdition and the wild Beast are about to be drawn out in the open to fulfill their destined road to the fires of Gehenna.

But, the Church of GOD shall be protected brethren, at the promised place of safety, UNLESS one is Laodicene and have not repented from this spiritual state, a condition which will cause our Lord Jesus Christ to spew one out of His mouth; that one shall be refined by fire and tribulation, even unto martyrdom to cleanse that one by the blood of Christ upon awaking from this condition. For if one desires to save his life in this world he will loose it, but if one looses his life in this world for our Lords sake he will gain it, as revealed in the Holy scriptures of truth.

“For who could or would deny such a calling brethren! To be part of the bride of Christ, the temple of the Holy Spirit and Mount Zion from above the New Jerusalem, which is the Kingdom of GOD in Embryo until Christ’s second coming which is now close at hand. To be kings and priest under Christ as the head of the Kingdom of GOD and rule all nations with a rod of iron, i.e. a strong hand to bring peace and prosperity for all nations, kingdoms and tribes, and where every knee shall bow before GOD and every tongue shall give HIM praise and the Glory of the LORD shall be known by all the inhabitants of the Earth; when salvation shall be freely offered unto ALL peoples of the Earth and HIS spirit unto all that love HIM and ask! Our calling brethren, to be a part of the First and Blessed resurrection as sons and daughters of the Almighty and brothers and sisters of Christ who lives for the eons with the Father is truly an awesome blessing and gift beyond comprehesion while in this mortal body, only to be realised when we are truly born again by the spirit of Holiness. Every one of God’s elect were predestined for this calling and this cause, being predestined for glory and honour with Christ if one responds to this calling and pursues the Kingdom of GOD and HIS righteousness with all their heart and soul and being, and endures to the end. As the acceptance of Christ blood and His sacrifice opens the door to salvation and the kingdom of GOD upon ones repentance and baptism, to then seek the Lord our GOD and grow in the knowledge and Grace of our Lord through the obedience to His laws and Commandments, including HIS SABBATHS. Therefore, to give ones life for Christ, if that is ones fate, then its a small price to pay for the glory that awaits that one.”

Brethren, its been about three weeks since my last greetings, and in that time the world has descended deeper into chaos and war and the road ahead has been sealed and barricaded on the left and the right side where there is only one way through, one direction, and that is through the prophetic path of the WORD of GOD and the testimony of Jesus Christ which is the spirit of prophesy. Brethren, we have entered these times of the prophetic last days as spoken by Christ our Lord and saviour, and in which He tells us to be praying and Watching so as not to be caught unprepared for HIS coming and be found naked, i.e spiritually unprepared and careless and caught up in the world and Babylon! For the Winds of War and the storm clouds of destruction are beginning to rain havoc on man and the whirlwind of terror, fear and its insatiable appetite for misery and inflicting pain and hopelessness is spreading throughout humanity.  Terrifying are the days ahead and unstoppable the fires of perdition waiting the evil ones whom Christ shall destroy with the breath of His Word at His appearing soon to be realised, as no flesh would be saved alive if Christ were not to return. Events in the world have just increased in ferocity and will drag the world into a spiralling vortex of madness and suicide as all these things will occur within a short time. There is no other way to explain it but madness and suicide under the power of darkness, that ancient serpent called the devil and Satan, and his demonic spirits. Brethren, We have been clearly warned by the WORD of GOD! And Christ shall also destroy the destroyers of His Earth at His soon coming!

Brethren, I can’t emphasize enough of the seriousness of events in the middle east and the dangerous times we have entered into; as Christ our Lord said,”It will be a time as never before in the history of a nation”. The dark times we have entered into have escalated to terrifying levels. Brethren, as you know I have warned about these days over and over for many years now, knowing they were to come because God does not lie and every WORD spoken will be brought to pass, and our beloved Father in heaven revealed these things to HIS Church from the beginning and restored this understanding of His prophetic WORD in His End Time Work through the commission given to His end time Apostle, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong in FULFILLING Matth 24:14 and raising up the Philadelphia era of the Church Of GOD for the preparation of last days events and the return of Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour, in whose name alone we are saved! For there is no other name under heaven or in heaven that we may be saved by!

I strongly beseech you brethren to stay the race to which you have been called by God Himself, as all who finish the race are winners! And as we are entering very dangerous valleys and canyons where the shadows of death, spiritually and physically speaking, await the unsuspecting children of God, I WARN all to Watch and Pray and stay close to God, our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Keep your eyes focused on our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ! and not men!

Of these spoken times we have entered, that we knew and expected would eventually come, have come. I tried to warn and remind my brethren, you my brethren how close these days were and to hold fast and not to fear, and also prepare spiritually, psychologically, emotionally and to some degree physically and materially. We have been waiting and expecting these world events of today, and also in the House of Israel and Judah, and I tried to share them with you. That day has come; we have finally come to the day when we knew we would wake up one morning to a nightmare. The middle east is presently burning and these unquenchable flames of war will spread; North African in endless war and chaos, the EU now in the process of morphing, to rise due to events forcing it to for survival, as the wild Beast to rise out of the abyss of the present submerged chaos; Gog and the Hordes rise to threaten the Beast for its survival; and of course the internal demise and destruction of the house of Israel and soon followed by external attacks as God moves to punish and correct His physical people according to the prophetic Word. All these have come about my brethren, and will only intensify all the way to Christ return. We will soon see armies surrounding Judah and Jerusalem very soon after the man of sin stands where he ought not to in Jerusalem(that is, stands and proclaims himself something he is not!). This beast with two horns like a lamb will rise again to his former glory through great signs and miracles by the working of Satan and who will help raise the wild Beast out of the abyss of submerged chaos! Some great events are just around the corner to facilitate this process, events that will compound and raise the present world shaking events and bring and cause fear and trembling in the hearts of men, causing them to fall and beg and therefore worship before the beasts to save them from the occurring events and situation that threaten their lives. The dark illegitimate prince of Israel is on course to fulfilling his masters evil wish and the dark daughter of Babylon will very soon see her dark and sinister master come to power and eminence through the above mentioned signs and miracles; the final man of perdition after the order of Simon the sorcerer and Nimrod his father.

Watch brethren! as events unfold and dark forces explode on the scene to bring about the last days and the end of Satan’s rule. The dark prince of the daughter of ancient Babylon, the mother of harlots and mystery of darkness, is speaking and working to raise up dark and evil forces and denounce Christianity in its present form in favour of true Babylon under the guise of peace, cohesion and unity in faith and religion and one god in all faiths, i.e. the invisible Satan who has deceived the whole world and is the prince of the power of the air. And in this we will see hard line Christian fundamentalist and God’s true elect saints caught up in the coming main martyrdom during the Great Tribulation. Some singular major events is about to unfold as the last dark prince of mystery Babylon takes his seat in what he will claim to be the temple of god! As the dust clears brethren, we will see and behold what will have emerged, the Beast and his emblem enforced again, and the image of the Beast by his side; The political side of mystery Babylon, Vaticanus!. Therefore, those who will hold on to the name and testimony of Jesus Christ, which is the spirit of prophesy will be isolated, accused and blamed for the evils perpetrated by dark forces. thus the persecution and martyrdom of Christians; among them will be a mixture of God’s elect and the worlds false Christianity who will hold on to their version of faith and belief of. However, the wild Beasts of Revelation will not care about which version of christianity one holds; thus millions will be killed. And out of all this an innumerable multitude will come out of the Great Tribulation who would have turned to Christ in full repentance.

What is happening now my brethren? We see the clock, less than one minute to midnight! Events to unfold and are unfolding this very moment have put the world on a course from which there is no return and crossing the bridge of the unseen for multitudes; actions of nations have begun a set of events that cannot be reversed and will lead to an avalanche of the prophetic word coming to pass.

This is how I perceive these events and how they will occur, as these events to me seem clear through the Word of God and testimony of Jesus Christ. I speak in terms that only God’s people can understand for obvious reasons. Here is how I perceive things to come and play out till the abomination of desolation takes place:

“”God has brought down Gog of the land Magog by a hook in his mouth (he was reluctant to come) down to the ancient lands to support his ally against the outstretched arm of the wild beast in the well of the submerged chaos. Treacherous Edom shall be punished as well as the sons of Ishmael, for the evil in their heart has brought this upon them. Foolish Judah and Israel (Manasseh and Ephraim and numerous other tribes) sends their forces, supposedly with the conglomerate to support Edom and Ismael in their treachery for conquest. Lies, treachery and treason shall dominate.

Yet the turmoil in the land of the daughter of Babylon from the North and the West, of the submerged chaos shall cause the conglomerate headed by Assyria to support Gog in this instance and withdraw to its land and deal with its woes, as an alliance occurs between the North Western Kingdoms and Gog as mutual interest prevail, but will last a short time.

“Europe, the lady of old shall bring forth a son, strong, fearless in stature standing tall and charismatic in word and deed like his father before him, personifying the wild Beast with all authority and empowered by Satan who gives him his seat and power. He with the image of the Beast will reintroduce and enforce the Mark of the Beast; the sun worship on Sunday, Easter and Xmass begun by Nimrod and his wife. Conditions being so severe that non-compliance will carry the death penalty”.

Meanwhile early in the conflict, Israel pauses, its support for Edom fails as confusion and turmoil of minds mounts; but Judah is committed, which drives Gog and his hordes to inflict great injury on Edom and Ishmael and punish Judah and opens the door for invasion by her enemies. Edom panics and betrays Israel’s forces causing their destruction, blaming them for their blight due to actions of stealth. Israel’s son Manasseh shall react to send her might against Edom and Gog with anger and unsound mind riddled with delusion, even threatening the land of the daughter of Babylon. But,  with turmoil, unrest, confusion and hunger,  with treachery and treason and political upheaval the house of Israel will collapse, but not yet, and the sinister prince of Manasseh shall cause the house to fall and its land invaded and the cities burned, many shall flee but to captivity in land abroad when the Great Tribulation truly starts soon after.

Gog having achieved his satisfaction, shall return to his land but his arm still outstretched. The wild Beast(who is the eighth but part of the seven) is to rise out of the submerged Chaos, with the power of the North Western kingdom(king of the North/seventh last head of the Beast in Rev 17/RRE) in the land of the daughter of Babylon and with the union of ten kings  shall master their forces and stand up and awe the world as it reels back and forth from the calamities unfolding, and will look to the wild Beast and the man of sin who both shall be empowered by Satan, for deliverance from their woes as they wonder after the Beast. And the wild Beast shall enter the ancient lands under the behest of the Beast with two horns like a lamb, as Judah reels from her defeat and threatens her enemies around her as her ancient enemies threaten to bring her to ruin and scatter her wide for the vultures to devour; her demise has made her venerable and the region unstable, therefore the wild Beast and his armies shall invade the ancient land and enter the holy land of Judah and surround Jerusalem where the abomination of desolation takes place as spoken by Daniel the prophet, and the desolation of Jerusalem and Judah occurs as Judah tries to fight and battle the wild Beast. The wild Beast shall then set his fortress between the seas and Jerusalem. About this time the two witnesses empowered by God and commissioned by HIM, shall be sent forth to do battle with the Beast, and witness to the world in a powerful way with supernatural deeds; and the world will hate them!””

Then my brethren, soon after, the Great Tribulation truly begins on all the house of Israel and Judah and God’s chosen people, the saints of the Most high who have not been taken to the place of safety as promised for the Philadelphians. I have prayed much about these end time events brethren and as much for God’s people. I have cried out to God for His people and the scattered state and confusion that has befallen them since the death of God’s end time Apostle in January the 16th, 1986, and fear for their safety. Yet I know that God knows who are those of His pen and will not abandon them, as long as they do not deny and abandon Him. Many are asleep and many are confused, but we know that God can deliver them out of those states, and out of the hands of the wolves and false prophets and hired shepherds, so I continue to pray for my scattered brethren; and I do not believe we have long to go!

Brethren, I am convinced by current events and conviction from within the Word of GOD, that our flight from the events beginning the GT will be a miraculous one, as we will need God’s protection from the perilous conditions that will surround us at the time, as long as we stay the race under the Philadelphia umbrella.  For now and still, the western world live under a cloud and society continues as though nothing is wrong and go about the normal daily activities, believing the powers that be will fix things, and that these things happen every now and then, but life goes on and simply believing the main stream media propaganda machine; and the world is about to be plunged into darkness! Blind faith and trust in their leaders and rulers, yet told to trust no man, but GOD only. This to was prophesied by Christ.

Brethren, to repeat as it is ever needful; our hope, glory and salvation Jesus Christ said that the church of God would endure till His second coming, the gates of hell would not prevail against it, though it would be small and persecuted in this world. He also said that He would never leave nor forsake His people, His chosen, His bride and that He would be with His bride till the end of this age, and that He and the Father would live in His elect through their Holy Spirit, giving us the strength and faith needed to endure and overcome till the end. And He expects us to seek His kingdom and His righteousness before and above everything else, loving the Most High God with all our heart and all our mind. Dear Brethren, never give up nor loose hope in these critical times, but through faith, hope and trust relying on God and Christ to help us be the followers of “the way”, which as Jesus said, “He is the way and the life and  salvation”, to the end and into the kingdom of God. For we are to carry the cross that Jesus Christ carried, that was offered to us and that we accepted on that day of our baptism when we made a covenant with God our Father and our Lord Jesus the Christ and Lamb of God the Father for eternity.

And again brethren, seeing the times we have entered and were expecting, I want to encourage us that we have our fellowship in and with Jesus Christ our Lord and savior and to stir up the fire in the belly for our common Faith and salvation and all to be alert and aware, watching and praying for one another and the two witnesses to fulfill their great commission. Again I remind us, be aware, today this world is full of the world’s false christian prophets, dreamers, preachers, wolves in sheep’s clothing; these are within and without the church of God. Feeding, deceiving and being deceived.

God our Father will soon seal his saints with His seal, His and Christ’s name written on our foreheads to protect us from His coming wrath on humanity immediately following the great tribulation and Jacob’s trouble. As well, the keeping of the seventh day Sabbath and God’s commandments, laws and Holy days are our sign and link that we are God’s people, His called out Elect,  converted and repentant in spirit for salvation to serve in His Kingdom as kings and priest and for the eons as sons and daughters to inherit All Things .

Time is truly short brethren, pray and watch, as events in the world are rapidly unfolding day by day.
It wont be long now brethren, just as our church under Mr. Herbert W Armstrong taught.

Until next time brethren.

May God’s Grace continue to overshadow and encourage our people to grow in faith and be filled with the spirit and knowledge of our God in these last days as we endure to the end.

Warm regards to all, and God’s blessings on all with brotherly love, from your brother in Christ.


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