Sabbath Greetings to the Elect of God in the Dispersion just prior to the Last Days

To the Elect of God who have the indwelling of His Holy Spirit,

A quick Sabbath Greetings Dear beloved Brethren in the Philadelphian dispersion of God’s Elect in these troubled last days where deceit, treachery, lies, betrayal, abominations, godlessness and lawlessness which are brothers and sisters of sin and evil the first and second born children of Satan the devil, that serpent of old who beguiled Eve, is what is called “Normalcy” in this world; and rules under cover of black clouds and behind walls of propaganda, virtual facades, double standards, duplicity and hypocrisy by day and pure darkness by night. The world is preparing for mindless wars and destruction in an ether of insanity under the cover of peace, in truth a synonym for lies and war, that will take us into the final days. But take heart dear beloved brethren for the time is truly near; when Christ returns and says to each of us, “Well done my loyal and faithful servant, take heart and enter and inherit the promised KOG prepared for you”; as God’s Sabbath gift is here to remind us ALL of why we battle day and night to endure and finish the race in that narrow path with its difficult obstacles set before us; which are used by Satan to cause us to stumble and fail, but through God’s Holy Spirit used to give us strength, guidance and stamina and build God’s Holy Righteous character and develop Christ’s mind in us! These things we ought never to forget dear brethren as we live in Babylon and Sodom & Gomorrah sighing, groaning and moaning due to the evil around us and the darkness that covers all the Earth, and therefore eagerly praying in the anticipation of the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Take care dear brethren, and have a truly peaceful and rewarding day in every way as we observe GOD’S Sabbath days rest.
Keep watching brethren as no news events and silence and distractions usually means the opposite is coming. They sit at the table of peace but in their heart is only lies and war. Watch and continue to pray for one another always as time is running out. The PO and UB is almost upon us in these troubled times, and as always these observances greatly encourages us and remind us of our Lords Love and salvation by what He did for us now and all humanity later. And therefore it is so important to examine ourselves and to discern Christ’s body and what and why He did this for all humanity to be given an opportunity for salvation, all in their proper time; as we continue to put sin in all its form out of our lives.

warmest regards with brotherly love from your brethren in Christ


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