Pentecost Greetings and Warning to Remnant Philadelphian Brethren of Ex-WWCOG

By: Admin SB
Date: 8th of June, 2014

Greetings Dear beloved brethren of the scattered remnant Philadelphians and Laodicean Brethren,

May God’s blessing and protection be on all those who struggle to keep the faith once delivered, contending against the powers of darkness in high places and those in the flesh who would take our faith and crown of life. God’s love is unrelenting and He will not leave us defenseless as He perfects His people, as He finishes the work he began in us in spite of all the trials and sufferings that our people (and there are many) are going through at this time. For He who began a good work in us will also finish it, if we remain faithful and endure to the end.

We must continue to pray for one another in the love of the Father and Jesus Christ, living by and through the faith of our Lord and saviour, by the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us, for God to see us through this time of trials and testing as he purifies the bride of Christ in love.

Today, as we all know is the 3rd of God’s seven annual Holy Festivals revealing His purpose and plan for mankind, Feast of weeks/Pentecost/First Fruits pointing to a specific event and time sequence in His plan. Pentecost has a powerful message and meaning for His church, today probably more so than ever before, as the church that Christ built is under attack from all sides; its doctrines, its end time Apostle HWA, its Faith, its understanding of God’s revealed truth of His plan for mankind and its governance and authoritative structure. I fear brethren, that more and more false shepherds, ministers, prophets and especially ground root members (who have never heard or known HWA, or were never really taught the faith by parents) are creeping in amongst God’s true people in these end of days of this dying world of men under Satan. I speak here from personal experience with these fifth columnist and reports I hear and receive from scattered brethren. And I therefore fear that Satan is increasing his assault on God’s one and true Church, as he sees his time is now very short and fast running out; and therefore has increased his efforts to destroy physical and spiritual Israel. For the flames of destruction are lapping at the protective walls of physical Israel together with its internal disintegration of the very fabric of its culture and society, due to their abominable sins, rebellion against and rejection of the Most High God, bringing upon themselves the prophesied WORD through the prophets of punishment described as Jacob’s trouble and the Great Tribulation; these same flames are attempting to destroy God’s one true church because of similar attitudes of sin and rebellion, due to the rejection by many not the few, of the faith once delivered and its precious truths and the one God used to deliver it, allowing the infiltration of God’s revealed truths with worldly christian religious trifle and pagan beliefs with demonic doctrines camouflaged with new fascia dressings and presented as new wisdom and understanding; come in the minds of wolves in sheep’s clothing or those who have been deceived to accepting these falsehoods to replace God’s revealed precious truths to His chosen end time Apostle. Many of these sadly to say in the past walked with us side by side to God’s house, but in their hearts where attitudes of war against our faith which eventually found fertile ground to sprout when the time was right.

The meaning of the holy days is slowly being eroded and as a consequence priceless truth and knowledge is been lost in many cog groups, it certainly is the case with one of the biggest group I am familiar with (I went to their morning service today for some fellowship, and came out scratching my head in bewilderment in what was said; how quickly God’s truth is lost and a different gospel preached. But not surprise, for the apostle Paul experienced the same thing in his day)). This is also true for many if not most other groups in varying degrees. For this reason one must hold fast to the Faith once delivered and look to and trust in the supreme God, the only revealer of light and truth, to see us through these times of stress and lies and deceivers, for we are surrounded by lies and trials and even sorrow. These are not the times to look to men, as Christ clearly warned, for these have now proven to be totally unreliable as they serve not GOD but their appetite to consume the souls of men and fill their bellies and homes with goodly things, and unwittingly helping Satan’s agenda. Having said that, yet there must be some good men left, and I believe there are.

Brethren, we all know God is GREAT! He is Holy, true and just. He will not leave us defenseless, nor abandon us HIS church, His elect, His called out ones, but will be with us even to the time of the very end when Christ returns; i.e. with those who are holding on to their calling and the faith once delivered which they dearly love and hold as the most precious possession they have; knowing, understanding and believing that God the Father Himself has called them out of this world of Satan and granted them repentance and placed them into the body of our Lord Jesus Christ on baptism. Jesus said in His prayer to the Father in John 17 that He lost none of those whom he gave Him.

The day of Pentecost has a very powerful meaning and message for God’s church/people. This message was alive and well from the time of the first NT Pentecost in 31AD on to the next few centuries before it had lost its full meaning in the nebulous spectrum of man’s mind through the annals of time until the time came for God to once again restore His wonderful truth in the last days through His chosen end time apostle Mr. HWA to His Church, to fulfill Christ’s prophetic Word and to prepare for His glorious triumphant return, to destroy evil and the incorrigible wicked and put away Satan and his demons until their day of judgment. And what is this wondrous meaning and message of the Feast of weeks/Pentecost/first fruits? Please, I urge you if you already haven’t to reread our churches booklet, “Pagan holidays or God’s holy days, which?”, by HWA.

In summary then, the meaning of Pentecost for us is that we the church of God are the first fruits in His master plan, the church been the embryo of His kingdom, to be the first blessed resurrected, the first born after Christ at His second coming, and to be with and rule with Christ forever with power and authority over the whole Earth and eventually the whole universe, in the kingdom of God and be under God as supreme head.

Its message to us on that first Pentecost of the NT era in 31AD, ten days after Christ’s ascension, was that the Levitical priesthood that was passed on to Aaron the brother of Moses, from Melchizedek (who was Jesus, then the Word) the High priest of the Most High God (Gen 14: 18  And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God) was once again passed back to Jesus, now the Christ having qualified in many ways for the position and having fulfilled all the spiritual dimensions pointed to by the Levitical priesthood and its physical ordinances and sacrificial rituals, thus now making them null and void and having no more need of them since Christ was their fulfillment.

And since we the church of God is the body of Christ and also the bride of our Lord Jesus, as well as Jerusalem from above and the Temple of the Holy Spirit (These are some of the mysteries of God revealed in Christ and His bride) we to then have received together with Christ our High Priest, the priesthood service to our Great and Most High God. What an awesome wonderful blessing to be bestowed upon brethren, words cannot describe this hope and potential of our calling and role in the kingdom of God.

These brethren are some of the wonderful truths of God revealed to us by God through His human instrument. Pentecost has profound meaning for us and we are reminded of it year by year as we observe it according to the Will of God. There are those who want to take away this truth and knowledge and replace it with a different spirit of understanding, and if we let them we loose a piece of God’s plan, then they will move (and they already are) on to other of God’s holy festivals, and before we know it we will have a different gospel, and as Paul said, “not that there is another”, and eventually loose knowledge of God’s master plan for mankind. This can happen quickly brethren, if we let it and let others work out our salvation. But, we have been warned, “work out your OWN salvation with fear and trembling”, and that is according to the faith once delivered brethren, not at the whims of other men.

I for one will never allow anyone to take away my crown nor the truths of the Almighty, nor the understanding we have of the Holy festivals of God revealing His purpose and plan for all of mankind. And my family feels the same way.

I have written this in my greetings not to preach but to warn, as there are those who are trying to convince members of my family of a different gospel and different understanding of Pentecost and Trumpets etc and are also denigrating God’s end time Apostle, using the angle of only seeking truth and passing it to others (this is happening everywhere); hogwash! These are dangerous people involved in a dangerous game of death; Woe unto them, for unless they repent God will deal with them promptly! For I have seen too many times where those who have attacked and criticized God’s end time Apostle Mr. HWA ended up with affliction of one form or another, and it can’t be just coincidence.
For God has said, “If you reject the one I send you reject ME, and if you reject ME you reject the ONE who sent ME”, i.e. the Father! Blaspheming the Holy Spirit is a very dangerous thing to do, as we all well know. And also, “Woe to those who cause my little ones to stumble”. These are not idle words brethren.

I have written more than I intended to brethren, but I feel passionate and angry about this attack on God’s church and revealed truths, and feel passionate about our faith and our brethren. Please pray about these issues and for our scattered brethren, for His protection and blessings of wisdom and strength and faith and healing for our people to help in these times of stress and trials and much illness on our brethren. Please pray for Kitty Paloma(see below) and for one another:
Update June 4: As you know, I had an emergency appendectomy on May 19th at 5am. They released me two days later. I felt like I was deteriorating since the surgery. I blamed it on the surgery because it was a tough one and it would take some time to heal and feel better. This past Sunday, June 1st, I was hurting so badly that even touching my skin hurt. I asked my son to take me to the hospital. I had  peritonitis. When they did the surgery, my appendix was on the left side instead of the right. In exploratory, they nicked an intestine allowing all the bacteria to enter into my abdomen. I am quite swollen. A drain was installed to help with the infection. I had an IV of heavy pain meds and antibiotics and the fever broke early morning. I came home this evening at 7pm. I am to have complete bed rest for the next two week. I thank everyone for their prayers.

Kitty Paloma (US)
Time is short brethren, pray and watch, as events in the world are unfolding on a daily basis (there is much to discuss on this front), but for now have a wonderful and inspiring feast of Pentecost.

Until next time brethren.

May God’s Grace continue to overshadow and encourage each one of us to grow in faith and be filled with the spirit of God in these last days as we endure to the end.

Warm regards and blessings from God to all with brotherly love, from your brethren in Christ.

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