Mannaseh’s Moral and Social Annihilation: Spiritual Decadence, It Is Complete And The Time Is At Hand!

Greetings Dear beloved scattered Brethren of the Church of the Living God,

The video below speaks for itself.

How much longer will God stand by and see this once greatest single nation on earth wallow in its own vomit and go through the last stages in the pangs of death?

Only God knows His timetable brethren, but surely it’s not long now as Israel is spiritually dead, and what remains is a few breaths of physical life before God brings the curtain down and sends the last vestige of a nation into Jacobs trouble, before He deals with the rest of the world in The Day of the Lord.

Brethren, If we opens our eyes and shed the scales that hinder, what do we see?

Record Killings
Record Murders
Marshall law
Police state in effect
Enslavement of citizens and society as a whole
Fema camps for the populace not for criminals and illegals
Genetically modified deadly diseases to be released
Sterilization of the populace through vaccines and food additives, especially in 3rd world countries
Personal freedoms at an end
Completely Corrupted legal systems
Completely Corrupted political systems
Wide spread Corrupt governments
Destruction of the Constitution
National betrayal on a grand scale
Worldwide near economic collapse
Complete willful De_industrialization of Israel
Corrupt and immoral wars
Rumors of wars and talk of the third world war just around the corner
Man’s inhumanity to his fellow man
Full nationwide, Complete and total moral and spiritual decadence
Total and complete rebellion against God, His Laws and all He stands for
Mystery Babylon the Great (the harlot and the beast) now in control worldwide through the New World order and Globalization(the beast?) under one government (the new tower of babel)
Paganism on the rise, Satan worship in high places, the harlot heavily involved
And of course, splits and more splits among the so_called churches of god (cog)

Should I go on brethren; this world of Satan is like a Volcano ready to erupt, and the power of the Holy people has been shattered. It always amazes me brethren, that men in this world can see to a large degree on the physical level what is going on and why and try to warn their fellow man, and yet many of God’s people have scales on their eyes, especially those who call themselves ministers of God.

Brethren, take warning; this is not the time to sleep but to watch and watch and face the reality of the fact that end time prophetic events are upon us, as the earth is groaning for deliverance from all the evils taking place on its surface that is almost saturated with the blood and souls of men.

Watch the video (just one symptom of Israel’s sickness) and cry for Jacob my brethren, for they are lost sheep, but rejoice Oh Israel, for the Kingdom of God is at hand! And your deliverer says, “Hold fast, for I come quickly”. Come Lord Jesus Come says the Bride of Christ.

warm regards with sincere love from your brother in Christ

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