Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse, It Just Did!

Greetings beloved scattered brethren of the Philadelphia dispersion,  ex-Worldwide Church of God(HWA)

Once again, its been a while since I last wrote, but we haven’t forgotten God’s Elect as we are truly God’s beloved Elect family, and you are always in my prayers. I have been busy with much trying to occupy while we patiently wait for our Lords return, and I’m still watching as many fold events are unfolding in the modern house of Israel, Europe, the Middle East, central and South America and the rest of the world. The temperature settings has been turned up to high and the heat is now been felt by all nations around the globe and so watching is imperative as the last days are rapidly coming into focus.

In these dynamic perilous times of the dark last days I send to all our beloved brethren a spiritual greetings of continued Faith, hope, peace, endurance with perseverance, contending for the Faith once delivered as we watch and pray, waiting the fulfillment of God’s promise of protection during the hour of trial to come upon the whole world at the place God has prepared for those who love Him and keep His Commandments, and holding on to what was given to us in the Philadelphia era through His ONLY End time Apostle Mr. Herbert W Armstrong, and letting no man take our crown since he fell asleep. We pray for all our brethren that all is well with everyone, and that ur creator God is providing all things necessary for our peoples well being in every way, and that all of God’s Elect people still have profitable and meaningful Sabbaths where ever you be; for the time is coming at hand when our God will directly act as this world plungers further into madness and lunacy culminating in the climatic last days of our Lords prophetic message in Matth 24, mark 13 and Luke 21 and many other prophesies! 

In spite of these dark days dear Brethren, I send you all a special greetings in the love of God; as not long from now we will once again begin to observe the festivals of our Great God, our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, beginning with the PO, then UB, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement, FOT and the Last Great Day(White Thrown Judgment), and pray that this years observances be the most spiritually profitable and physically safe feasts under God’s protective hand, in preparation for what is coming and our Lords return, considering the perilous times we live in where this world(Babylon) of Satan gears up for these climatic last days. For these days must come, for Christ’s Words cannot fail, as it is impossible for God to lie! It’s hard to believe how these Holy Days are arriving so quickly. And considering the state of the world and how rapidly it is unfolding into darkness to fulfill last days events, I strongly suspect that 2019 may just well be the last year of safe observance. But, if events speed up as they are seeming to do, this may not be the case, as even now events are unfolding that are bringing about more wars, chaos, unrest, civil uprisings, perils, and as was predicted the Right Wing Nationalist Christian Conservatives are rising up and gaining power in Europe and elsewhere, from which the Beast shall rise from the submerged chaos (the bottomless pit) to supposedly bring peace and stability, and bring a holt to the depraved liberal left. When you though it couldn’t get worse , it just did; Their latest murdering madness being the passing of laws in Manasseh to murder innocent new born beautiful babies, miracles from God, sacrifices to Moloch.

Brethren, unfortunately we hear of too many of our brethren afflicted with various infirmities,  something that should not be in the church of God, but sadly yet is (and many deaths occurring from them). These are in our prayers for direct divine healing, and for all our brethren’s protection against the wiles of the devil, and enemies of the Faith who were once of us but have abandoned the “ WAY”, and from wolves in sheep’s clothing as well as from weeds and tares and fifth columnist seeking to water down and lead astray the lambs of God. All these being instruments of Satan; some angry and dissatisfied men/women, who have considered themselves used and abused and fill sorry for themselves, seeking vengeance for supposed wrong doing by others, and others seeing opportunities to fleece the flock for all its worth while the season for fleecing is good. It is sad to admit, that this is happening among God’s people scattered throughout the world. There is also severe hatred towards God’s servant from some who were once of us but have returned to their vomit, spewing out hatred, lies, poisons and toxins through various media like internet sites, magazines etc, attacking, rediculing and laughing at one and all who may still be holding on to the Faith. Yet, these are stooges, puppets and instruments of destruction going the way of Cain (who murdered his righteous brother Abel) who yield to Satan, and  sent by Satan the devil in his desperate attempt to devour the flock, knowing the clock is ticking his time away. I beseech you our beloved brethren who are scattered to the four winds, to be holding fast to the Faith and the Way once delivered by our Lord Jesus Christ, and in these end times through Christ’s late End Time Apostle Mr. Herbert W Armstrong in nearly 60 years of preaching in the spirit and power of Elijah, throughout the Philadelphian era of the church, ending soon after his falling asleep, when the transition began to occur to the laodicean era, with only now a remnant of Philadelphians remaining as most have falling asleep.

These last 33 years have been a transition time for the church toward a fully fledged Laodicean condition by the time the Great Affliction (great Tribulation) begins, at which point the remnant Philadelphians will be taken to a place of safety prepare by God for protection and spiritual nourishment as the world is put through the hour of trial, to try those those dwelling on the Earth, beginning with Jacob’s trouble! Behold! I am coming swiftly says our Lord, hold on to what you have, to what was given you, watch and pray, to be found worthy to escape these things to come. If you will not be watching, I will come upon you as a thief in the night and you will not be aware of the hour when I come; So watch! Remember the fate of the five foolish virgins! 

Dear Brethren! Many are saying, “Where is the sign of your coming? For since the times of our forefathers nothing has changed but continue as before”. Brethren, remember, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth at that time. Brethren remember, only the time frame and events are a little longer than what we expected, but the events are the same and their fulfillment will be what is expected. The early Apostles were 2000 years out in their time frame about Christ’s return, but the events were and are 100% accurate.  

My Dear Brethren in Christ Jesus our Lord and saviour,  may God bless all His faithful people with endurance and stamina as we travel on this narrow road to salvation which God tells us few be that find it (Matthew 7:13: Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Matthew 7:14: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.).

With the fullness of His Holy Spirit empowering, us to grow in the knowledge and Grace of our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus, and as James says, for works of love for the brethren combined with Faith. May He bless us with the Faith of Christ in its fullness to see us through this coming year as this world of men under Satan continues  tumbling down the road to infamy, as the events of Matth 24, Mark 13, Luk 21 and Dan11:41, among many other scriptures unfold, as prophesy picks up pace, especially as we presently watch the Middle East and events in Europe (and also central and south America) unfolding, where the conservative right nationalist for the preservation of their historical Christian heritage(which we know is the continuance of mystery babylon the great the mother of harlots, which appropriated the name of Christ) and culture of Europe are resting power from the liberal left, deeply morally debauched so-called neocons who want a universal society with no borders, but  a conglomerate mix of elements that will be in a continuous state of chaos, confusion, division, violence and a godless mindset where there is no fear of GOD, and immorality and filthy abominations prevail.

It is this environment in Europe, a whirlpool of fear, a cesspool of evil, uncertainty, futility and hopelessness that will and is giving rise to the Beast from the resurrected Roman Empire, and the lady of old and Mother of Harlots empowered by Satan (watch for the final beast to come out of the ground, a powerful black charismatic and miracle making Pope to very soon arise and help the RHRE), to bring imagined and supposed deliverance to these nations and societies of Europe who will actually worship them by their support and serving of their agendas in a revived sense of pride, cleansing and purity of christian religion, faith and culture, invigorating Sunday worship, Christmas and Easter(these being the mark of the Beast as it enforces these days to be kept, and people will gladly keep them ; which will develop  a hardline and none tolerant attitude to non conformist to their ways of reformation of the old ways.  

*Out of this chaos in Europe will arise a strong charismatic leader from seemingly out of nowhere to take advantage and lead the charge and the march to infamy. Likewise the same will occur with the mother of harlots, as an individual of a dark powerful countenance and appearance combined with great courage and faith in the catholic ideology of religion, will arise to replace the current pitiful weak figure with a deranged mindset, and who will encourage and support this soon coming great personage of the saviour of Europe with miracles and wonders.  The rest we know. Brethren, Satan is a great strategist, and knows how to play peoples, nations, religions and tongues to bring about his agendas; but GOD is the Greatest of all and seats on His Throng of Glory over the entire Universe, and His Will will stand and His WORD will be confirmed to the very end of this age.  

Brethren, as we watch the world and observe its degradation in all manner and form, and the slide to war and abominations is relentless in a carnal Satanically inspired cesspool pool of carnage where love and concern for fellow men has become very rare; for truly the love of many has waxed cold due to the great sins of man having spread throughout humanity, and unfortunately to a degree this has happened in the church also. Brethren,  as one watches closely, it becomes clear to a man of faith that this world of Satan inspired minds cannot continue in this path to self destruction, were all forms of indecency and abomination are been normalised, And truth, morality, ethics etc have but all disappeared from the mindset of men, to the point when one speaks up against evil and all its forms he is branded as a hate individual, ostracised and punished and imprisoned, even killed or murdered by the dark forces and powers that serve Satan and his 100% carnal mindsets servants. Satan being deviously clever will use this to his advantage for the revival of the HRE and his image and re-inforce his Mark. Make no mistake, these days are coming and soon, very soon!

 I beg the people of God, His Elect, to fall on our knees with fervent prayer,  as the Earth itself is convulsing from wars and destruction and pollutions of men. But, I remind us again dear brethren, that we are not alone, for Christ our redeemer promised 2000 years ago that He will never leave us nor forsake us, even to the time of the end,  and as Luke tells us, ”By our patient endurance, we will save our souls”. Those watching and patiently waiting without wavering, holding fast with full assurance and faith will be taken to the place of safety.    

As a reminder brethren, perseverance and continued endurance is part of our commitment we made when we were baptised, as well as praying and watching for the Kingdom of God and Christ’s return! The understanding of why we observe these Commanded days, God’s Holy days, should never be lost, as some have done, as lies and deceit reign upon God’s Elect from the mouths of  roaring hungry Lions and Wolves in sheep’s clothing, and the pollutions from weeds and tares that ruing good growth  among God’s people, in which also they pollute our pure love feast to God. Beware dear brethren, as dark forces continue to chip and hack away on the true meanings that was given to us of what these Holy festivals truly mean. But, Woe to those men so doing to the truths of God, committing Apostasy, Heresy and even Blasphemy as they lead God’s people further and further from the precious truths, truths once delivered through God’s end time Apostle. These men are deceived and are deceiving many and are therefore deceivers filled with inequity. They are relentless in this pursuit to heresy and Apostasy, and only God knows what is really in their heart. To remind us, the latest one among others is denying the Lord our God Jesus Christ, by committing Apostasy in teaching that the Christ Jesus the Word of GOD who is also GOD, was not the GOD of the OT who dealt with them, but the Father was, whom Christ said no one knew except Himself and He had come to reveal Him. One cog group just finished a doctrinal committee conference on this issue. Hopefully sanity will eventually prevail. Never forget brethren, of Christ’s end time warnings of false prophets etc in Matth 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13, as they will attempt to deceive God’s Elect.

I am truly bewildered brethren at this blatant Apostasy and lack of fear of the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob(renamed Israel) and the promised wrath to come on those that do such things, that they even consider this dangerous path.  Fact: GOD only reveals truths to His chosen servant Apostles, and also does not go back to modify or change truths He has already revealed (but does correct error from men at times); GOD does not err or make mistakes, but reveals truth upon truth, doctrine upon doctrine, line upon line and here a little and there a little, and doesn’t go backwards. And He is the One who reveals or opens up prophetic understanding for His Church’s sakes, again through His chosen Apostles, as He did in the NT era and Apostle at the end times. It has been only the time span that was hidden as was in the NT times, and that for good reason, as GOD does nothing in vain. And now we are approaching the 40 years end, with only 7 years years remaining; the clock is ticking fast and approaching midnight!  

Brethren, God through His end time Apostle called us, having been destined for this cause and part in His Church at the foundation of this world; and now for this time and place we find ourselves today enduring and persevering and conquering through Christ to the very end, for power and glory and life eternal, after we have been tried and tested for positions in His wonderful glorious Kingdom that will soon rule over all nations, peoples and tongues. For by Grace we have been saved, the free gift of eternal life through Faith, and not our own but by the Faith of Christ our Lord, the Faith of Christ in us and not our own; if we endure to the End, having always in remembrance our calling and what we have been given, and holding it fast!

In Faith believing GOD and HIS promises and being obedient to HIS Laws and Commandments, and to observe all that HE commanded us to do, which includes loving one to another as HE loves us and remembering Ps 133. To repeat:

Psalms 133:

1. Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!  2. It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; 3. As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore.

In spite of how things appear brethren, this unity will come about, for the bride will be prepared by GOD!

Brethren, be not fooled by those who say something different by other and various doctrine and teachings through another gospel; Again I repeat For there is no other gospel then the one Christ preached and continued to be preached by the 12 original Apostles, as well as the Apostle Paul, and continued by God’s late end time Apostle Mr. Herbert W Armstrong, who fell asleep nearly thirty three years ago, who also warned about what would happen after his death, which has come to pass, of which also Christ and the Apostles had warned 2000 years earlier. 

Brethren, I repeat again, major events that were expected to come about for a morphing of Europe into the prophesied end time beast for the last several years, have begun and are in full swing, Europe is presently in a kinetic dynamic state, will continue to intensify, and it will shake the nations and bring about the prophetic events of the last days. Terrible and perilous times are approaching, upheavals are in progress. France and Germany are in the process of awakening and self preservation events unfolding which will see the right wing conservation christian forces come into power and joining the already conservative forces that have taken power in Europe. These forces rising up in Europe are not Manasseh and Ephraim friendly, in spite of media propaganda. But, specific timing or prediction are still fluid, yet I feel very strongly of the unfolding of events and where they are leading, as up till now they have not let me down though the global environment is still very dynamic, chaotic and morphing, BUT! Brethren, we know it must happen! And it will soon be, as the season and the times are showing the way. The event that will spark the Great affliction is soon to manifest itself, as Christ said, “when you see the Abomination of desolation take place, spoken by Daniel the prophet, standing where he ought not to, then know that its desolation is near, for then shall be the Great Affliction (GT)”. This event will soon come about, as mentioned earlier*, when the two Beast of Revelation 13 manifest themselves when they rise again, which will trigger a series of events and the empowerment of the ten kings/kingdoms for one hour, which will give allegiance to the Beast to begin a so-called, Endgame. Brethren, the beginning of sorrows has been with us for a while, and at this moment a great wars are on the verge of breaking out, as the House of Israel, under the final dark prince, through Ukraine and central America is provoking Gog (the Medes) and are China, as well as other nations. The world is on the brink of the manifestation of the outbreak of demon powers that will work through human leaders once the bombs and missile take to flight. Truly we live in the perilous times of the end!

Knowing these things brethren, should we not be spiritually preparing individually and collectively to be worthy of the promises of God for these last days. What sort of people are we to be knowing the time is near? Should we not be Christ minded with Godly fear and reverence, with brotherly love one to another, led by the Holy spirit of God unto maturity of Faith and love for God and Christ, reflected in our prayers for God’s Kingdom to come and His Will be done, and for one another, plus our attitude and conduct and Godly mind set in all we do, knowing the time is very near. Again I repeat, many brethren are trusting and believing in the prince of Manasseh, as well as many millions of Manasseh’s citizens, as a saviour of Manasseh. This is wrong! for this man is not for the things of God, but a great sinner, and is a chameleon, and elitist and a puppet with dubious background; he cares only to do the bidding of his masters, and boasts about himself, puffed up and vain seeking to show he is the greatest president ever over the people of Manasseh, and will be the ‘one’ used to bring the curtain down on Israel, causing the world to hate them, unless he is removed and a worse fellow replace him. Brethren, prophesy is marching on, and only in Jesus Christ is our Faith, hope, trust and our only saviour. God’s Will will be done.

I besiege you brethren to be watching closely, carefully and intensely at worldwide events as well as in Israel and Judah. Volcanic activity, earthquakes and disasters  will continue and are a major sign of the times, as well as the events in the ME and Europe. The growing events and situation around the world is helping to bring about the beast and the false prophet, as secret negotiation in Europe are coming to fruition, as Ephraim and Manasseh are causing the world to fear and hate them more and more as they see through their treacherous manipulating actions by those who have taken charge of Israel and cause the people to plunge into harlotry and abominations and demonic idol worship with Satanic rituals and child sacrifices to Moloch. Ephraim and Manasseh have become a cesspool of internal division and anarchy that is leading to an inevitable internal collapse of all things. Also, there are forces at work to expedite that process by destroying the US dollar as the world currency.   

From Ephraim and Manasseh are come forth Words, Actions and Policies from London and the current dark prince and the administration, as well as the so-called shadow government running the military industrial complex and the so-called  secret service that will only help expedite the separation, animosity and hatred of Israel from the European continent as well as the rest of the world. Assyria is beginning to contract(covenant) with Gog, as is expected, at least for a short time. The Beast is growing a backbone, and very soon will also develop muscle and assertiveness, to be followed by boldness and decisiveness; the morphing is in progress brethren, and the world will see this Beast, together with the Vaticanus beast, initially as its deliverer from ‘Satan’. But, this is a deception, a ruse from Satan himself.

They will surmise that the only way to peace and salvation of nations will be the destruction of Israel because of her unfriendly and dubious actions of self interest at the expense of Europe, and subjugation of Judah, starting with the Abomination to set foot where it should not, followed by the abomination that causes the desolation of Jerusalem; Jerusalem surrounded by the beast’s armies. It will indeed be interesting to see the cloud of obscurity being lifted from God’s people as the events across the globe reveal to us the dynamics which will unlock the doors to the entrance of prophetic fulfilment as we know them to be from God’s Word. However, the world will see a different picture as Satan’s deception takes a turn and tightens his grip on a deceived and bedazzled world through his false servant’s performance, furthering his agenda to destroy God’s Church, for that is Satan’s ultimate goal and prize. 

Watch and pray brethren, reignited our first love and fire in the belly and as lights on a hill, bringing to mind once again the powerful truth of GOD, and reality of our Faith and calling, being the first fruits for a wondrous purpose, to be rulers as kings and priests and teachers in the world tomorrow in the kingdom and Government of GOD Almighty, with and under Christ our Lord and God, being apart of the very direct family of GOD. What an awesome blessing has been given us dear beloved brethren, which also carries with it a very great responsibility to make sure we are ready and prepared to meet Christ in the clouds at His glorious triumphant return. Remember, that all important number 40, a time of testing, since God’s late Apostle’s death, is fast approaching. The wise will understands, as the count down to midnight has begun.

Brethren, I have repeated myself much, from the last writing, yet much has happened since then but when one looks at the present dire situation in the ME, Europe, and modern Israel and Judah, it was needful, as time is short. As always, truly appreciate your fellowship with one another dear beloved brethren, being thankful for one another.

We continue to pray for all brethren, we also pray for the two chosen witnesses of God who shall soon appear as per Rev 11, to fulfil their commission to witness to the world for the last time during the great tribulation, having the testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophesy, to do battle with the Beast and false Prophet.

Please pray for us and for each other, as Satan is on the prowl for GOD’s people, for their destruction, this also becoming evident.

Until next time Brethren,    

with deep brotherly love to all of God’s people, and may God’s Grace, Peace and Love be upon all His Elect Saints.

Your Brother in Christ


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