Human depravity has been going on for a long time with so-called modern western medicine.

Dear Brethren of the Philadelphian dispersion(ex-worldwide church of God members) of the Church of God,

Once again, a brief Greetings to all, and hope all is well with God’s Elect Saints in whom dwells the Holy Spirit of the Almighty Creator God. May all have a profitable seventh Day Sabbath soon upon us, and hopefully all had an uplifting and strengthening Feast of Tabernacles with food in due season, to face yet another coming year that promises to bring terror, misery, hopelessness and war upon humanity.

Below I have another link to an articles that reminds us of what this world is about and who its god is.

Also brethren be warned, war clouds are gathering as insanity intensifies and children rule over nations, terrifying the world with hideous Earth destroying weapons, as well as weapons that mutilate children and their mothers with pain unimaginable, while evil men look inwardly to self gratification in service to sin and Satan, living a lie as in the days of S & G and simultaneously as in the last days of Noah!  Brethren, blessed of the Father and of Christ, let’s with ferventness continue to pray, “Your kingdom come, your Will be done here on Earth as it is in Heaven”, to God, our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ; the Bride says Come…… ‘Revelation of John 22:17: And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come’…….

Remembering our Calling brethren and how we received Gods most precious truths and the Hope that dwells within us, through God’s End Time Apostle Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, sighing and crying for deliverance from this body of death unto a new body of the heavenly with Christ our deliverer. Keep watching brethren, for the times are at hand and the beast shall very soon rise from the abyss and the the beast with two horns like a lamb shall once again rise from the earth, but speak as a dragon(he shall soon appear). Events are quickly unfolding world over in every way, that will cause the resurrection of the HRE in a reborn Europe of zealots for a historical cultural and religious turn about due to the threat of invading foreign cultures and religions. This restoration of the Holy Roman Empire(the Beast of Revelation 17 with the Ten kings or kingdoms) will be energised by a new powerful traditional oriented Pope of colour and powerful appearance and works. Equally there will be a powerful personality of appeal, charisma and persuasive  unifying political/military powers, that will help morph the EU into a strong and decisive force, the “Beast”, and Babylon the Great. As this is going on Modern Israel; Ephraim and Manasseh plus the remaining eight lost tribes along with Judah will be come isolated and imploding to finally be taken over and scattered by the Beast. Meanwhile, Gog and the hordes are arming to the teeth, that will finally clash with and punish the Beast, Babylon, the resurrected Roman Empire, that will culminate in the so-called battle at Armageddon or Megiddo, where they both joing forces to fight the Christ at His return.

Prior to this clash will occur the Abomination that makes desolate (the surrounding and invasion of Jerusalem by the Beast) and the evil one standing in what he calls the temple of God in Jerusalem’s Holy site, read 2Thes 2: .

As our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ said, “When you see these things happening, know that the time is near”, Matth 24:32-35. Brethren, time is nearly at hand! Make no mistake, God’s Word stands and His WILL will be done, and His prophetic Word will be fulfilled just as Christ said it would; Matth 24: 33-35.

Brethren it is vital in these times to stick to the trunk of the tree and the faith once delivered, reminding ourselves of how and from whom we received the truth of God. Brethren, to repeat:

The events of the last 34 years since the death of God’s Apostle (and some years before) in the church of God reveals that the church was infiltrated with fifth columnist(by and from these societies) etc, ready for the take down of God’s church through various clever technics, one being ‘every wind of doctrine’, another being, ‘There is NO Government in the church of God’, to overthrow the churches teaching; as we saw this unfolding in real time over the 40 years and still in progress today through many of their minions presently spread throughout the manor cog groups. yet, God has foiled their plans and time table until His purpose is completed and the Church of God is prepared for Christ’s return (therefore watching and praying as to not be caught off guard). Also the last days will be as God has purposed and not as these luminaries have envisioned and planned for so long. These themselves will be so shocked and terrified that they will run for cover, as the Beasts of Revelation 13 rise to even go beyond them, as the HRE seizes control to complete their plan of the destruction of Israel and God’s Church under satan’s powerful influence. Yet, we do not fear these things to come dear brethren, for as God is on our side, and for us, who can be be against us to fear? No one! For there is no power existing or has ever existed to challenge the Almighty Eternal All Wise GOD!

Until next time brethren,    

with warmest regards and  deep brotherly love to all of God’s people, and may God’s Spirit, Grace and love be abundantly poured on His called out ones, who are the saints of GOD.

your brethren in Christ


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