How end times events unfolded over the last few hundred years: Under Satan.

Dear scattered brethren of the Philadelphian era(ex-wwcog), Greetings once again after a long spell.
Below are two links to a brief history of time, an overview, from the 1700 to the end of the 1900, a chronology of the development of the so-called ILLuminati(banksters and very high profile figures) and its affiliates and their agendas to control all facets of human activity under their power, especially religion, and espousing Lucerferion worship. One can see that this was an attempt by Satan to crush God’s end time proclamation of Match 24:14, before it even started, because as it turned out, Mr. HWA’s birth and calling came right in the midst of these major efforts, as satan new his time was coming to an end. But God did finish His warning and completed the commission of Matth24:14 through His end time Apostle even up to his death. After which we saw what happened to God’s church as prophesied by the Apostle Paul in 2Thes2:3.  1 Thes4:13-18  2Thes 2 describes the overall pattern of the end times and the last days, and we can see the vail lifting from the eyes of God’s people through these events over the last few centuries, thus the command by Christ to watch.
The events of the last 34 years since the death of God’s Apostle (and some years before) in the church of God reveals that the church was infiltrated with fifth columnist(by and from these societies) etc, ready for the take down of God’s church through various clever technics, one being ‘every wind of doctrine’, another being, ‘There is NO Government in the church of God’, to overthrow the churches teaching; as we saw this unfolding in real time over the 40 years and still in progress today through many of their minions presently spread throughout the manor cog groups. yet, God has foiled their plans and time table until His purpose is completed and the Church of God is prepared for Christ’s return (therefore watching and praying as to not be caught off guard). Also the last days will be as God has purposed and not as these luminaries have envisioned and planned for so long. These themselves will be so shocked and terrified that they will run for cover, as the Beasts of Revelation 13 rise to even go beyond them, as the HRE seizes control to complete their plan of the destruction of Israel and God’s Church under satan’s powerful influence. Yet, we do not fear these things to come dear brethren, for as God is on our side, and for us, who can be be against us to fear? No one! For there is no power existing or has ever existed to challenge the Almighty Eternal All Wise GOD! 
Brethren, the time is fast approaching, keep praying for one another, keep watching, seeking God’s kingdom and His righteousness before and above all else, and enduring to the End! May God bless and protect His Church from the coming times of distress on all humanity that is almost upon us, and cleans His Elect from all uncleanliness and impurities from weeds and tares and wolves in sheep’s clothing, like gold refined in a fire, coming out pure and dressed in white linen.
Warmest regards to all of God’s called out ones, filled with grace and peace and the power of the Holy Spirit.
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