Greetings to God’s Elect, scattered Philadelphians.

Dear beloved Elect of God, scattered Brethren of the philadelphian dispersion; the Saints of the Most High God,

Greetings once again to all our beloved brethren in Christ. Hope each and every one had a great and profitable Sabbath; spiritually rewarding in deep fellowship with God, our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, with the peace that can come only through the Holy Spirit; as well as physically profitable through rest and meditation on the things of our Creator God. As always we continue to pray and hope everyone is occupying the best they can in these days of peril and impending hardships with the expectation of the soon GT. Brethren, society is deteriorating and breaking down week by week as there is no hope and deliverance forthcoming from the terrible events seen across the glob. Brethren, in these few remaining years it is crucial that we look to God our Father and our Lord Jesus the Christ to guide us through this maze of a world of insanity; for it is only through the Holy Spirit of God that we can have a sound mind and direction through this spiritual wilderness in a world dominated by the evil spirit of Satan who is the god and ruler of this world of man from the day that Eve took of the forbidden fruit. Only God can provide our needs and impart to us Godly wisdom and humility and develop in us the fruits of the Spirit and become Christ like as we submit to him in every way, and more so in these troubled times. We should not allow our trials to dominate us and look inwardly, at the expense of others in our faith who need our prayers. We need to conquer our trails as best as we can, and with God’s help we will, and through it build the character of Christ within us. A minister from a cog group very recently said, ” I don’t understand why brethren are going through so many trials and whats the reason for them”. It is sad to hear such things from one who should know! The point being, many are going through trials and difficult situations. But, they with God’s help they can be dealt with and can be overcome and through it come out stronger for it. I am mentioning this because I see so many going through various trials, and some are severe, with some failing to meet the challenge and through it grow in strength of character, where as others are turning lemons thrown at them into lemonade, as God’s end time apostle used to say.

Brethren, I don’t want to burden you with repetition, but now is the time to, if we already haven’t, put on the whole armour of God to protect us from the onslaught of Satan who is angry with the Saints of God who have to date kept the faith and are enduring and overcoming to the end, as we see the day of reckoning approaching. He alone knows our needs and knows that we need them for everyday survival and is faithful to His promises. We all know, God the supreme ruler of the entire universe which He created does not lie. We are in every way indebted to God and for all things, thankful to our great God each day we are closer to Christ appearing to redeem His Saints and destroy the wicked ones of the Earth. God’s goodness, all His Love and all that is pure and innocent, all things that are Holy and benevolent are from Him alone, as only perfect righteousness and divine goodness ever come from God who loves His chosen ones and will soon reward us for our endurance faithfulness in not denying our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

This world is not a pleasant place brethren as a spirit of hostility permeates and surcharges the air, condensing and attempting to choke the righteous of God. Being ever watchful of the signs of the times we live as mentioned before is vital as we are in the home stretch of the last days brethren, the race to eternity where all are winners who finish that race.

Brethren, as I have mentioned before, never in the history of man has there been such a time as this where pain, starvation, sickness/suffering, hatred, wars, terrorism, social evils and unrest, decadency and abominable filthiness, demon/Satan worship and death are rampant throughout all the world on a scale without parallel. One only has to look at the state of Ephraim and Manasseh and the world at large to the reality of the times we live in, and compare to biblical prophesy, old and new testaments. More and even greater events events are about to unfold in Western Europe apart from the recent terror events; these will cause the fall and rise of many, whose consequence will be the bringing down of Israel, crashing down and not to rise (Jacobs trouble). Wars that will lead to large full scale wars will soon plunge the world into the GT, as Dan 12:1 says:  And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people (Church) shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.

We are coming to that point in time very soon now, and prophetic events as we understand them will than start to unfold and take shape rapidly.

To again repeat, “We are in the initial phases of the GT (which will truly begin when the Abomination that makes desolate surrounds Jerusalem; soon to occur, most probably because of the situation in the Middle East and the invasion of Europe by the Islamic hordes and current terror attacks;  which will soon engulf the world and Israel(Jacobs trouble). For we now see the Beast beginning to morph and evolve into the wild Beast of Rev 17; operating from within darkness, it now is coming out of the shadows of evil, forced out in the open if it is to survive and conquer and without shame, to proclaim itself to to the world as its saviour from evil, the evil which it created and the evil that controls Israel and the same evil that will destroy Israel because of its Great sins as God hands them over; as the Beast of revelation openly dominates and destroys all in its path on its conquest for the souls of men, to destroy all from the face of the earth as Satan puts his spirit into it and gives it his power to give it breath and life and to also invigorate the false prophet, the final Pope, it will clash with the hordes from the east and the north. This will be Satan’s attempt to destroy God’s plan for man, but as we know Christ returns to put an end to Satan’s rule and man’s evil doings”.

Brethren, I keep reminding of these things because of Israel; as there are strong indications that a financial collapse has a high probability of occurring sometime this year. Notable experts are in agreement and predicting this event. The signs are various and worrying; government agencies are arming, the military with foreign troops (which are under UN control through treaties signed and authorised by the dark prince of Israel) is being strategically placed around the country in the land of israel, as well as the civil police force being militarised, and all training to disarm the private citizen as they, the private citizen is also arming as they expect the economy to collapse. QE is being proposed as usual to try and postpone the inevitable, but not prevent it! Nearly half of the population is on some sort of welfare or food stamps as the prince of Israel dismantles the economy and hands over power to the gentiles and at the same time enslaving its people. The smell of demise is in the air as everyone is expecting and simply just waiting for the crash. Brethren, this is not the time to put our guard down and let ourselves be lulled to sleep by sooth sayers and false apostles/prophets and ministers as prophesied by Christ and the Apostles themselves, nor be led astray by false prophesies running rampant in the world by false so called men of God or zealous false Christians. Some in the world believe they can turn this around, believing that this is a fight between good and evil, good men and bad men; they do not truly understand the core of the issues, problems and the days we live in, and those that think they do have a totally wrong understanding of scripture and prophesy and end result nor the true purpose and plan of God. Most believe the solution is fire with fire and sword against sword as a corrupt spirit is the power at work in the heart and soul of men. But brethren,  we know different, the solution is Christ return to re establish the KOG on the Earth and banish this corrupt spirit and replace it with the Holy Spirit of God and begin a utopian millennial rule by Christ and His Bride the saints of God. Then brethren, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall sing Him praise throughout the whole earth as men finally begin to understand and know the ONE true and Only God, followed by a joyous, happy world tomorrow.
Meanwhile brethren, wise precautions (and they are just precautions which have been recommended before) are needed for the days ahead to make sure basic needs are met just incase these things happen sooner than we expect. Yes, we rely on God for all our needs, but knowing what we know God does expect us to do for ourselves what we can as wise stewards of the faith and the Word of truth before we flee. As the Church taught, when the Beast surrounds Jerusalem and the Abomination that makes desolate happens, we have 45 days before the Church flees. This maybe sooner than we think as the Winds of War inflame the spirit of hatred and destruction. Brethren, re_read the so called minor prophets which contain majour end time prophesies of Israel’s sins, rebellion and finally punishment, correction and restoration.

Above all, remember our blessed calling and the promises of our creator God of protection and deliverance, and the truth revealed to us through Mr. HWA. Brethren, continue to love and pray for one another, enduring and overcoming to the very end; growing in the knowledge and Grace of our Lord and Saviour in total Faith, trust and obedience to our Great Eternal Creator God and Father of us all. Especially remember our brethren who are sick and ill and need our love and prayers for God’s direct and immediate healing as His Will is to heal us as He promised. As we approach the PO and DOUB we need to be even more vigilant in all things.

Brethren, keep watching, for Manasseh will be rocked to the core as these elections progress. This dark prince of Manasseh does not want to give up his power.
Until next time brethren.
May God’s Grace continue to overshadow and encourage our people to grow in faith and be filled with the spirit and knowledge of our God in these last days as we endure to the end.
Warm regards and blessings from God to all with brotherly love, from your brethren in Christ
P.s. 10/01/16
Again I warn brethren, the dark prince of Manasseh has fully opened pandora’s box and set in motion irreversible lawless events that will first plunge Manasseh into the vortex of deaths grip for this once greatest of all single nation, and second to leave behind a corpse or at best a shell of a nation; even at this moment the hand of evil is ready to strike and pit brother against brother and father against his son; I have been warning of a majour event or events that will unleash a spiralling set of lawless actions by one and all and give the lawless one reason for marshall law and end the Constitution that made preaching the gospel possible in these end times; for God so determined it. The end result of events in Manasseh   together with foreign polcies will drive the world head long into the prophesied last days events. Events in Israel(and Judah) and the world are increasing and unfolding rapidly and greatly magnifying the peril that already exist in the world over. There are events and situations that have developed and are developing in Manasseh, Ephraim, the ME, Europe, North Africa and else where right now (prelude to the GT) that will cause the last rapid resurrection, 7th head of rev 17, of the Roman Empower, which will then not long after cause the wild Beast to be released from the well of the submerged chaos(Rev 9) as the RE turns savage and merging with the wild beast and joined by the ten kings of Rev 17, turns against its own people who rebel against it (this being after the event of the Abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet). Brethren, Israel’s demise is certain and very soon now. For God’s promised curses for rebellion, disobedience and now great filthy abominations have eaten away at Israel and making her easy prey and vulnerable to her enemies of which she has many because of her treatment of the world as her play ground, causing death and destruction and misery on many nations.

Babylon has already risen and confront and largely absorbed the once most powerful and richest Israelite empire of the last 200 plus years. Dear brethren, last year I mentioned that I expected something big was to occur before the FOT of that year, and it did, but it started during FOT. The world is a different place today then it was before FOT of 2015. The world is aroused and enraged, chaos is the rule of law, as the ME continues to explode with multiple agendas, tension between the Hordes and the West is accelerating, and Europe blames Ephraim and Manasseh for its blight, and rightly so as the dark prince is the tool used to be the downfall of Israel because of all her rebellion and ABOMINABLE sins against her GOD, the GOD of Israel and the whole world and creator of all that is! This dark prince, a fearful entity has great ambitions, as he cares not for Israel and delights in death (watch the event to do with the 150 or so patriots in Oregon) and promotes abominations even challenging the GOD of Israel. This prince is deliberately causing Israel to be hated and seen as the evils of the world, and at the same time destroying the country and its people from the inside and selling the remnants to the world ruling elite under Satan, and at the same time making Israel defenceless against her enemies. Judah is also being isolated and hated by the beast to rise. Brethren, watch the Pope and the vatican, who are a majour key to prophetic events.

Brethren, we must not forget why all these things are happening and all prophesied long ago. Our GOD is not the author of confusion nor does mindless  acts against HIS people. There are reasons, there is cause and effect, there were blessing for love and obedience to GOD in following HIS righteous ways, and curses and punishment for disobedience and rejection of our GOD.  Brethren, again be warned, the meaning of the holy days is forgotten and or being watered down year by year within many cogs, diluting the revealed truth and knowledge that came through God’s end time servant Mr. herbert W Armstrong who fulfilled Matth 24:14 and prepared the way for Christ return amongst His people. For the world is awash with lies and deceit filled with false prophets, shepherds and ministers of Satan who will show great sign and wonders and with their deceitful lips and corrupt spirits even cause those who were once brethren and moved among us to be carried way by their deceitful works.

Brethren, continue to pray for each other and the Church of God, as these pre-tribulation events unfold. The beginning phases of the GT on all Israel and the world is all around us, and the dark prince of Manasseh (and again I repeat he will not give up power) continues to inflame the wrath of God with his acts of tyranny on the world and Jacob’s children and applauding the abominable decision by the corrupt judges of Manasseh to legalise sin and acts of abominations and Sodomy and to turn righteousness to sin and the family unit as a filthy institution. This he continues to do as he dictates to other nations to do the same and institute abominations, carrying his vileness across the oceans. Woe unto Israel for abomination and sodomy is rife in the land of Israel and Judah and the nation at large as pandoras box continues to pour forth foul and evil acts of darkness. I know I am repeating myself brethren, but these things must be said as vigilant in watching of the signs and time we live in, of end time events is essential for GOD’s elect.

For as mentioned, the world is rapidly changing; for through insanity and madness the world is plunging into the hands of the abyss of darkness where sin flourishes, as the prince of Manasseh, hating modern Israel and Judah and hoping to hand them over into the hand of terror lurking at the door, struts the stage of infamy and darkness. Around the corner warfare and destruction of cities, economic and financial collapse, famine, disease and death to many millions of Israel, is coming down destinies road on God’s physical nation, as all birthright blessing are withdrawn and replaced with punishment and correction by the Almighty. Brethren, everything we are seeing coming on Israel was foretold long ago if Israel and Judah took this path that has brought nothing but pain, suffering and death as a result of rebellion, abominations and reject of the GOD of Israel and all Creation. We are presently seeing the man of sin possessing names of blasphemy and setting the stage for mystery babylon’s rise; (whom I strongly believe is the forerunner of the dark one to come with the power of Satan working in him as an angle of light); setting the stage, and forming the framework to build the architecture for the rise of the RE (as our Church through GOD’s Apostle taught) as the hope of redemption from humanities ills, to restore the virgin daughter of Babylon and revitalise mystery Babylon the mother of harlots and abominations. Through the workings of Satan, as angles of light, through these Beasts of vengeance on humanity, being the left and the right hand of Satan, they will dazzle the world with new found hope and purpose through the chaos at hand, and deceive all in worshipping Satan, as he focuses his wrath through lying wonders by the Beasts of perdition on the world at large; causing them to release their fury on the holy people of GOD, who are special and chosen to bring glory to GOD Most High through Jesus Christ our saviour, in that they were willing to give their lives for the Gospel of truth and the testimony of Jesus to Glory of the Father. In this as we know billions will die in the process, for the days of stress, punishment and correction is upon the whole world. Yet GOD, our GOD in all HIS mercy and love for humanity will bring this about; for to restore Israel and Judah and the remnant of all nations unto grace is HIS Will, and all who call upon the name of the Lord will not be refused in the times of refreshing and restoration of all that is Godly after the return of our deliverer, saviour, Lord and GOD to the Glory of GOD our Father in Heaven sitting on the throng of Eternal Glory and surrounded by indescribable light!

Again, I hope and pray that there are some faithful still preaching the WORD of GOD, knowing that there must be some true ministers left. Again I remind you brethren to pray for the two witnesses who ever they maybe, that God may empower them to begin their ministry against the Beast and to encourage the faithful, weak or strong alike, as these men will soon rise to do battle with the two beasts of rev 13 with the testimony that Christ will give them. Brethren, watch and pray in these fast moving last days filled with peril from every side! Brethren, in all this be steadfast and stand our ground in the Faith once delivered, for HE who is for us is infinitely more powerful then he who is against us, for we see our salvation draw near as we prepare to meet our GOD!

In 2016 Alliances continue to be made. Modern Assyria is to be watched even more closely as she Maneuvres for dominance seeing the writing on the wall for Ephraim and Manasseh and perceiving the dangers of the hordes, colluding with the man of sin behind closed doors. New leaders are on the rise for circumstances demand it in Europe. Treachery is behind every door, plans drawn up and the fever of war, destruction and vengeance blinding the hearts of men of opportunity. By the spirit of Satan, the air is surcharged with diabolical schemes the world over, in which nothing is as it seems, as a layer of deceit covers the souls of men. And again I predict that man of sin/beast of Rev 13:11 is yet to come on stage and will replace the current leader of Mystery Babylon the great and mother of harlots, and it will happen soon as Satan empowers the one of his choice. Watch as 2016 unfolds and reveals the perilous horizon ahead!

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