False Watchmen, Shepherds and Prophets and Dreamers of Dreams shall Arise in the Last Days!

To the foolish watchman and dreamers of dreams:

Wrong you foolish watchmen, prophets and shepherds of deception! As you are about Gog!. Do you not know and you yet not understand? Gog will not attack Manasseh(US) or Ephraim(Britain); the testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophesy does not support the words of your mouth, for your heart deceives you and your tongue betrays you. If you knew who the players were in the ancient world of the ancient times and know who their counterparts are today, it becomes clear that Gog will not attack America or the Anglo-saxon peoples, and if you understand the duality principle in God’s prophetic Word, the wild Beast of Revelation/revived Babylon(Basically a unified power block in Europe headed by Assyria(the rod of God’s anger against Israel))/king of the north in Dan 11:41, will attack and invade Manasseh/Ephraim after God Himself brings them down through political, economic, financial and social collapse compounded by severe plaques of famine and disease because of the reasons clearly spoken to you in the writings of the true prophets of GOD foolish and blind guides; who say, “Thus says the Lord”, when HE has not sent you. I bring to your attention that which is, but which you completely ignored but continue your babble.

And the Lords Cries out, ” where are MY shepherds and my watchmen who shepherd and watch for My sheep , my little ones, since My servant fell asleep. They are nowhere to be found, yet all pursue to feed on my flock, so I along will search them out and stretch out my arm and gather my flock and shepherd them into My pen! For My sheep know My voice! And I the Lord most High, will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth. These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. And if any man attempts to hurt them, fire shall proceed out of their mouth, and devoure their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed.
I shall give them power says the Lord, to shut heaven so that no rain falls in the days of their prophecy: and shall have power to turn waters into blood, and to punish the earth with all manner of plagues, as often as they will.

And do you still contend Oh foolish ones, children of  lies, that God has sent you?

Foolish watchers of the dark one, God Himself is the author of Israel’s collapse and corrective punishment through invasion and captivity; the WORD of God proclaims it if you truly hear and understand the Holy scriptures which all you foolish obviously do not understand. However, modern Gog and the hordes will attack this modern daughter of Babylon’s homeland and destroy it(this also from God). As happened in ancient times, it will happen again as the dual principle that God’s prophetic Word foretell will come into play again, due to backsliding Israel and abominations of mystery Babylon the mother of all darkness the bride of Satan; as the strong hand from above rules in the kingdoms of Men!

Behold foolish ones, in the very last days, the final battle comes when the armies of Gog and the hordes come charging down to meet the armies of the wild Beast and his cohorts ravaging the ME,  as in the words of Daniel the prophet My servant, having attacked and invaded Judah with desolation according to My Word. The armies will as the WORD foretells, gather at Megiddo north of Jerusalem for the final battle that would destroy all flesh; this shall happen just prior to Christ’s return(On, ‘The Day Of The Lord’, God’s wrath over sinful gentile nation and to exact vengeance for His saints for the evil done to them because they did not deny Christ and His WORD and obeyed the commandments of GOD; for the Lord shall remember Babylon and give her, her just reward), and at His return these armies shall gather together to confront the Lord Almighty who is  Christ and Lord of ALL, in the valley of Jehoshaphat(valley of Judgment) near the Mount of Olives where Christ and the armies of the Lord of Host(angles) and the saints of God will have descended upon; and the Mount shall cleave in two, and a valley prepared for them. The Lord shall pass judgment and destroys the armies of the nations.

And the Lord shall restore the house of Israel and Judah. Oh foolish ones, who rely on gold and silver to save you, it is God who is in charge and dictates prophesy and brings it to pass, and it’s because of Israel’s, Judah’s and humanity’s at large rejection and rebellion against the Most High, the only GOD! Because of your sins and abomination and lawless ways, having rejected all the laws, commandments, statutes and ordinances of the Only law giver and creator of all, the Lord God shall do this. Do you now see foolish ones, God is the greatest enemy of Israel, Judah and the gentiles nations and His Will stands, as His Hand is bringing all things spoken through His prophets of old to pass using His instruments of wrath and punishment, whether men or nations or angles at times. To blame anyone for your precious countries demise, blame God but not Gog whom God brought down from the north by a fishhook in his mouth, for reluctant he was. All are tools in God’s Hand, even Satan is used before he is put away. Then again you foolish ones, blame your god fearing fellow Anglo-Saxons Israelites who are responsible for their own demise, which includes all who claim to worship God, yet not obey HIM the way HE Commands; for you obey not His Sabbath (weekly and annually) nor statutes etc. God tells us,” You honour Me with your lips but your heart is far from me, and you obey the doctrines and precepts of men rather than obey Me, and you make a mockery of My Son’s death for you, as you follow your own ways but rely on My Grace to save you”. Fear the Lord and turn and believe God and not men or your dreams you wicked rebellious generation, it may save your life.

Wrong are the foolish watchers, all have been led astray about why all these things are coming on the whole world, and the signs of the times; as you point fingers here and there and everywhere, except to oneself. End of the era devastation is among us and most of humanity will perish, and Syria is just the beginning of sorrows and to Jacob’s trouble. But alas, think not that the the mountains of the nations shall escape, they indeed shall pay the biggest price of all, for such the wrath of GOD is kindled. But out of the ashes shall arise the wonderful Kingdom of God to be established on Earth, when salvation and God’s spirit will then be offered to all peoples of the Earth, as God proclaims through the mouth of Joel the prophet of God.


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