A Lamentation against the House of Israel and the House of Judah; Jacob’s Trouble!

By: Admin, SB.
Date: 03/08/2015
From: The Word of the LORD

A Lamentation against the House of Israel and the House of Judah; Jacob’s Trouble!

Israel, Oh Israel what has thou become! People of the Most High why have you forgotten your God!

Listen Oh Jacob and hear Oh Israel! The time is at hand, it will not be long now but a few days, a week or two at most! Oh Jacob, our troubles have come. Prepare for battle Oh Zion, for the LORD is about to shake HIS Fist and Roar from Zion and put on HIS armour of war, and pick up HIS battle axe and HIS spear and prepare His bow and fill HIS quiver with arrows and cause the Earth to tremble when HE sends HIS Thunder forth in shouts of war, WAR prepare MY chariot and strong steeds to ride, for the Earth is ripe and the grapes of wrath ready for the harvest!

Therefore Oh Israel Do you think it strange that evil surrounds you; and you Judah, do you rely on your righteousness for justification for your sins and the evil you do and my commands you reject in favour of your traditions to save you?! Does the House of Israel and the House of Judah believe That God is blind and deaf or too far to hear and see all the evil and sins and activities of kings, Nations and men high or low? Hear Oh Israel, is anything beyond the reach of GOD!? Is anything too complicated or too difficult or too hard or too small or too big for your God who created the Heavens and the Earth and ALL things? And do you think Oh Israel whose head is Ephraim and Manasseh that by your strength and wisdom you gained your power and wealth above all the nations of the world? Manasseh believes that his wealth came from paper that is worthless and perishes and Ephraim believes that his wealth came from his wisdom and cunning controlling the bank and the power of the sea. Foolishness has gripped Israel, stupor has gained control of Ephraim and Manasseh! For who but God lifts up nations and brings them down.

A den of Jackals and hyenas, a house of thieves and robbers, the Mountain of inequity has has brought a curse on the land of Israel; the promised birthright land of far and wide filled with milk and honey, grain and fruit with rain from above, wells from the deep and rivers to water all, cattle and sheep with plains and valleys and mountains high, a land far from sister Judah; behold Oh Israel! Abundance is no more and scarcity will soon fill the land of promise with blood and death’s grave that will cause the Earth to reel, rumble and convulse due to afflictions imposed upon it by demons and man alike.

Ephraim is accursed with the Angel of Death stalking your house, knocking on the door, God being far removed from your presence and your thoughts, causing the land to be filled with pagan foreign gods with their detestable idols, shrines and temples of demons and doom, where Hope, Faith, Love and Salvation from the Holy One of Israel the Almighty has no place to dwell. Instead of prophets you have dreamers of dreams and soothsayers; instead of Godly priests you have witches and warlocks, instead of Godly fear and reverence you have arrogance and repulsion of your God; instead of feeding the poor and the needy and looking after the orphans and the widows you insult your GOD by taking what little they have to give to kings, princes and the rich and nobles of the land; and instead of wise and prudent men of God you have fools, astrologers and seers for council, instead of true justice and righteous judgment you take bribes and pervert justice, corrupt truth and falsely condemn the innocent and favour the evil man; instead of righteousness and Holiness you have sin, harlotry, debauchery and abominations filling the land, and instead of Holy service and worship to your GOD the ONLY GOD, you worship demons and idols by sacrificing your children as your forefathers did to Moloch the god of the Canaanites in the land of pagans and foul spirits.
For all these things and more Oh Ephraim and upon your daughters will I take vengeance upon you and the land upon which you dwell, till the land vomit you out because you have become a disease upon it and the land is filled with darkness and festering boils; this will I do to you Oh rebellious house till you confess your sins, your rebellion, your abominations and your wickedness and return to ME your GOD, your only GOD! Then the land will except you back and I will restore the fortunes of Ephraim and once again you will become a mountain of the Lord.

And Woe unto you Manasseh, did you think I have forgotten you! Your sins overshadow your brothers and your sister Judah, not even the highest mountain can cover your sins as they are exposed above every mountain, reaching even to the heavens above and the deepest ravines and even to the deepest part of the oceans below. To add to the sins of your brother Ephraim, as though they were not enough, instead of men of peace your land is filled with men of war! Instead of protecting your brethren you murder them, instead of outgoing concern for your people you have hate for them and abhor them. You loathe, detest and despise your little ones whom you sacrifice to Moloch and sell their part for profit, you despise the poor in spirit who are but lost children; you steal and rob from your own brethren; the land rest and Jubilee you have cast out so as to rob and steal and enslave the poor and needy among you Oh idol worshiper Manasseh! Who bows to Baal and prostrates himself before Satan and Mammon!

Oh Mountains and Hills of Manasseh your quilt is everywhere over the land and the hills and the valleys! You kill and murder your own citizens whom you have made to stumble and have therefore become your enemies for no reason; you go forth to war with lies upon lies on the pretense of salvation unto other nations but leave only devastation, darkness and death behind you when you leave; don’t you know the earth is mine and all are my children and I have pity on them all? Though I will pass judgment onĀ  all the nations, I will have pity and will show mercy on Earth, unlike you Oh Mountains of Israel. Besides all this, I the Lord your God did not give you a mandate to go forth and destroy, kill, steal and rob and bring shame to MY NAME! And make me a reproach and a byword to all nations and peoples of the Earth! Was not what I gave you according to the promises given to Abraham my faithful servant and your father enough that you had to steal and rob from other nations, as well as destroy them, as well as the poor among you!? Woe unto you Manasseh! Shall I look the other way while you disgrace MY NAME the LORD of Hosts and the GOD of Israel?

For this I the Lord will greatly punish you through war, famine and disease according to the words of my servant Moses with whom I spoke face to face, as well as all the prophets of old, for your sins, and multiply your plaques over and over until only a remnant remains and to captivity you go; and there remember ME and turn and understand and repent of your great sins, abominations and rebellion that caused your demise! There you will be ashamed and not look up but down and pound your fists on your chest and cry out to ME whom you have rejected; and I the Lord will hear this remnant and turn to them and have pity and compassion on them, and will then restore the house of Israel, and I will place King David MY servant over the house of Israel and Judah in that Great Day when I will judge the nations when I gather them against Jerusalem in the terrible day of the Lord’s coming!

Alas the day has come, Israel has laid the corner stone for the house of sin; Israel has said, “I will do as I please in the sight of GOD, I will destroy kingdoms, I will sacrifice my children to Moloch, I will fill the land with idols and pagans and join them in worship, I will commit sodomy and every foul sin and make it law in the land, I will turn righteousness to sin and make sin righteousness, therefore I will steal from the poor, imprison the innocent, commit murder in broad daylight of the helpless, pervert justice, bribe the judge, steal children, abuse the widow and the fatherless, steal the land and the home from the rightful owners, and I will also pervert and devour the family and make it abhorrent in the nostrils of GOD. I will do all this and more and prosper in the sight of God who is powerless to act, for we have done all this and He has not punished us!

And your sister Judah, shall she escape, who is the lionesses cub, and surrounded by her enemies, yet behaves like a roaring lion, not knowing what befalls her in that day of the Lord. Abomination has reached your land Oh Judah, men of foul stench parade your streets, yet you attack those who fear the Lord. Justice left you long ago, truth and the fear of the Lord you pervert and use as a shield for your acts of violence and with your many spears and arrows you feel secure against your enemies; relying on your own strength and denying your God! Have you not read what My prophets of old have said in regards to Judah and Jerusalem in the last days? You did not prevail then, nor will you prevail now Oh Judah for the reason of your many sins, for this to is from the LORD GOD of Israel whose name you call, but deny His presence and His WORD of old.

My Sabbaths you corrupt as you flatter Me with your lips, and your heart is far removed from ME says the Lord; yet you want to sacrifice to ME as though you are a righteous nation walking in the ways of the Lord and in the fear of your GOD! Is animal sacrifice what I desire? Is that what you really think? Have you not read nor heard what My prophet Isaiah and Jeremiah have said and written for your posterity? Will you expect me to accept such things Oh Judah! When you make a covenant with the heathen and cry peace, peace and make sacrifice on the rock, polluted by foreign temples, will you expect ME to accept this Oh treacherous Judah? I will not accept it and your covenant it will not stand, for I the Lord will stand against you and bring many nations against you and scatter your people, and there will be no help from Ephraim and Manasseh to whom you look, for I will break their bond with you and remove their power and break their pride and reduce them to a remnant people in foreign lands because of their great sins against ME the Lord their GOD! Until you call on the name of the Lord in true repentance and humility and sincerity of heart shall deliverance come, and come it will on the house of Israel and the house of Judah when MY people turn to me and call on the name of the Lord while they are in captivity where I will send them for their sins says the LORD. In that day they will cry out to ME and I shall hear them, when they confess their sins and know that it was I who punished them because of their inequities and be ashamed. I will turn MY heart to them and have pity on them, and I will deal with their enemies harshly, for they dealt harshly with MY people more than I had intended for them. And I the Lord their GOD will restore the house of Israel and Judah in that day, and they will be the head of all nations that are left after I vent my fury upon the earth! After which I will have mercy on the gentiles and offer salvation unto all flesh that walk on the Earth. Oh Lord speed that day! For salvation comes only from the Lord GOD of Israel! Blessed be the GOD of Israel! To whom belongs ALL thanksgiving, and praises and power and glory and Honour and riches and wisdom and worship in heaven above, the earth below and the oceans deep! Amen.

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