The Winds of Hatred and War are Blowing at Hurricane Speeds! The End of this World Approaches, and a New World is to be ushered In Under Christ!

By: SB Admin
Date: 01/09/2012

Greetings Dear Scattered Brethren of the Philadelphian dispersion (formerly of the wwcog)

Hope your Sabbath is peaceful and restful in the fellowship of like minded brethren under God’s grace and love. As the world continues to deteriorate and the threat of more wars increase with nation against nation and kingdom against kingdom,  truth suffers want and God’s people should be ever more vigilant; for the time is at hand and this world as men know it is coming to an abrupt end. The winds of hatred and war are blowing at hurricane speeds and the swirling vortex of the demonic gates absorbing the souls of men with the portals of wrath are opening wide, and the love of many is waxing cold.

This is a time like never before brethren, where new technologies is rolled out on a daily basis and the means to destroy ALL in a massive glow is in the hands of a few men who are mad and drunk with power from the abyss, the Well of  Evil.  Frighting and close is the time of destruction and men and women alike know that times are evil and inexplicable as to why it is so, as the works of men are demonically controlled. Satan is enraged and his demons are running rampant to infuse evil and hatred in the hearts of men. War is inevitable and Israel’s prophetic punishment assured as they will not repent from all their abominable sins and rebellion against the supreme God who gave them the blessings of the Patriarch Abraham and who also is now removing them.

The early chapters of the prophet Ezekiel reminds us of the ordeal that Israel is to be put through so that the remnant will finally come to know the Lord their God. The prince, prophets, elders, soothsayers and shepherds of Israel have sowed the fertile ground with seeds of destruction and have raised fields of death for the  day of harvest, which is the Great Tribulation. Oh arrogant Israel who apposes their God, you truly are a stiff necked people, stubborn to the end, even to your destruction. Even when you are humbled your arrogance against your God is astounding! Issiah 9:8-10.

8 The Lord sent a word into Jacob, and it hath lighted upon Israel.
9 And all the people shall know, even Ephraim and the inhabitant of Samaria, that say in the pride and stoutness of heart,
10 The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycomores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars.

Brethren, again I strongly warn against being deceived by false teachers, ministers and prophets in and out of the church who preach a different doctrine than the one we have received, as well as a different Gospel, no matter how convincing they sound and appear, Matth 24:4, 11, 24. Let no man take our crown! As Satan knows how to weave truth and error together so that if possible even the Elect could be deceived if they take their eyes of Christ.

And there are many ready and willing to be servants of Satan whether knowingly or unknowingly, for as the scriptures reveal, the whole world is deceived by him. The global ruling elite are his servants (and he their god under various names like Abaddon, Moloch, Rah and  Apollyon),   who come as wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, and as deliverers and angels of light, but in reality are hungry lions seeking to devour all in their path, destroying angels of darkness. Worldly governments throughout history have always been the greatest source of terror and fear as they serve their evil master. The first (civil government) and second Beast (religious government) of Revelation 13 being a perfect example of tyrannical governments under Satan the great red dragon of Revelation 12. As Satan is the ruler of this world, God’s saints (and Satan’s adversaries) have always been persecuted and murdered since Christ’s first coming by mainly worldly government and their agencies like the secrete police, and will be till Christ second coming; the last two martyrs being the two witnesses of Revelation 11.

Tyranny has always come from governments, as far back as Nimrod more than 4000 years ago, even to the present time. The same spirit that ruled then is the same spirit that rules now; the same MO (worldly governments have always wanted to rule and control every aspect of human life and the world’s resources, and make humanity dependent on them, as well as murder their political opponents or any adversary) that was used then is used now, as there is nothing new under the sun. Satan the great deceiver and original liar who was the god of this world back then as well as today, together with his demons, has been deceiving the whole world throughout history; and will continue to deceive until Jesus the Christ our God, the only begotten Son of the Living supreme God and Father of ALL, returns to restore the KOG on Earth and cast Satan into the bottomless pit, chained for 1000 years.

Therefore Brethren, hope everyone is watching and praying as there are only a few pieces of the puzzle to be put in place that will signal the beginning of the end of this world. The prophetic Word of God will not return to Him unfulfilled/empty; all that was spoken will happen upon Israel and the world as all men everywhere will be put through the ring of fire. God does not/cannot lie and no Word that comes from His mouth is in vain or idle. This also means His promises to us His saints is faithful and true and will be done as spoken; for the Philadelphians, promises of safety and protection and finally salvation to those who endure and overcome to the end; unfortunately for many of the Laodiceans the Beast will be allowed to make war against them and prevail for a time; and for those who will be victorious through Christ shed blood salvation will follow at Christ return.

Beloved brethren, never forget that we are the Saints of God and the Faithful Bride of Christ and mount Zion from above if we endure to the end, remembering we are truly spiritual brethren in Christ which will be eternal, even closer than physical brothers and sisters which is temporary; remember also that God deeply loves His Saints and therefore also remember our blessed calling and what it truly means for the destiny of man, to be members of God’s Divine Family. And again, the promises of our creator God of protection and deliverance, so as not to be fearful as those without hope are, and the wonderfully inspiring truth of God that the prophets longed to know but was revealed at the right time to His Church.

Dear Brethren, continue to love, serve and pray for one another, enduring and overcoming to the very end; growing in the knowledge and Grace of our Lord and Savior in total Faith, hope, trust and obedience to our Great Eternal Creator God and Father of all. As always remembering our brethren who are sick and ill and need our love and prayers for God’s direct and immediate healing as His Will is to heal us as He promised. Remember also that the power of the Holy people has been/or soon will be completely shattered and that we are scattered, and so our reliance on God and praying for each other is vital.

Meanwhile there is much to watch for as many are predicting a collapse in Manasseh between October and next March/April. Whether it does in this period is not certain as it depends on God’s timetable and not man’s, that’s why we look to God’s sign posts in the prophetic timetable. Yet we know that Christ said in Matth 24:4-8 that there will be much pain/sorrow before the actual birth pangs/great sorrows/GT begin. Therefore, it would be wise to take some basic steps to cope with what may come in the next six or more months. Its great to see more brethren send relevant information for others to be informed of events in Israel and the world.

Until next time  brethren.

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