Brazil, mega-city of 20 million, to run out of water in one month

by: J. D. Heyes
Friday, January 23, 2015

(NaturalNews) The Western United States is not the only region of the world that is currently suffering under chronic drought conditions. The largest country in South America — Brazil — is also experiencing drought, and its biggest city is two months away from running out of water entirely.

As reported by Reuters, the Brazilian mega-city of Sao read more

Russia and China ‘Furiously’ Buying Up Gold As “a Global Currency Crisis – Albeit Unstated – is Underway”

BY: Mac Slavo
January 21, 2015

Are you prepared? Is anyone? Brace yourself…

A larger global currency shift is underway…

And it may be happening much more quickly than anyone has realized.

Things are definitely in motion. Call it a game of musical chairs, or an exercise in rearranging chairs on the Titanic, or just that a tilting balance of power. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking this is all routine.

As Michael Snyder just reported:

The read more

Northern Israel goes on alert after Iran threat of ‘ruinous thunderbolts’

Date: 01/20/2015 20:46

Israeli security official: Our policy has been and remains aimed at thwarting every attempted terror attack.

Northern Israel was on high alert Tuesday night for potential fallout from an air strike that killed senior Hezbollah and Iranian officials on Sunday, as Iran warned Israel to expect “ruinous thunderbolts.”

In light of the security evaluation, the IDF shut a section of road along the Lebanese border between Avivim read more

Central bank prophet fears QE warfare pushing world financial system out of control

By ,
in Davos
Date: 20 Jan 2015; 6:48PM GMT

Former BIS chief economist warns that QE in Europe is doomed to failure and may draw the region into deeper difficulties

The economic prophet who foresaw the Lehman crisis with uncanny accuracy is even more worried about the world’s financial system going into 2015.

Beggar-thy-neighbour devaluations are spreading to every region. All the major central banks are stoking asset bubbles deliberately read more

In Historic Shift, NATO-Member Poland Is Moving Thousands Of Troops To Its Eastern Border

By Tyler Durden
Date: 10/27/2014 13:53 -0400

We anticipate that Russian retaliation this time will be roughly along the abovementioned, nuclear lines.

In the first sign that, just in time for winter, the tentative European jawboning alliance against Russia is collapsing (since the “costs”, sanctions and other economic means inflicted upon the Kremlin ended up backfiring and pushing Europe into a triple-dip recession instead), earlier today Poland announced that it read more